The Young Adult Webinar Series returns this October with all new content! Topics include planning for the future (including employment issues), exercise and physical activity, and communicating with important people in your life.

Individuals with MS and their support partners will learn the strategies and resources needed to face their MS head-on.  Register once for the whole series!
Getting There: Problem-Solving Mobility Challenges
Mobility and movement, like nearly every aspect of multiple sclerosis, are individualized for each person with MS and support partner. Nonetheless, some common mobility themes are consistent for many living with the disease: challenges related to walking, transferring, and “wheeling” (use of wheeled mobility).

In this article, learn strategies for overcoming these challenges so you can get where  you  want to go and participate in activities  you  want to do. 
Register for a JUMPSTART ® Program Near You
Join us for a free, one-day program to learn strategies to improve your quality of life, meet others in your community living with MS, and find local resources. 
Seattle, WA - October 19
Phoenix, AZ - October 26
Albuquerque, NM - October 26
Baltimore, MD - November 2
MS Path 2 Care Wellness Webinar Series
MS Path 2 Care empowers people to proactively manage the effects MS can have on daily life. This three-part webinar series focuses on how MS can impact different aspects of life and explore resources and solutions to overcome barriers. 
Step Up to MS : A Program for Newly Diagnosed
Grey Matter: A Strong Indicator of MS Progression
Evolving research shows that the brain’s grey matter can play a key role in the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS). For years, white matter was the focus when it came to MS, but researchers now know that changes in grey matter can be associated with a decline in physical and cognitive abilities—and can even help predict long-term disability.

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Upcoming Webinars
Getting There: MS and Mobility
*MONDAY, October 7, 2019
8-9:15 pm EST

Join us for a conversation about how MS symptoms impact walking, transferring, and wheeled mobility. We'll problem-solve common challenges using therapy, medication, adaptive equipment, and exercise strategies.
*Please note this webinar is on a Monday in observance of Yom Kippur.
Communication With Family
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
8-9:15 pm EST

Just in time for the holidays, this webinar explores strategies for communicating with your family about MS. We'll be joined by a psychologist and a person living with MS as we explore resources for holding successful conversations about sensitive subjects.
Ask the Can Do Team
"Do you have any suggestions if your legs are too weak to stand up to dress after using the toilet?"

Read the response from Christine Hampton, MOT, OTR/L & Rebecca Shivers, OTR/L, CLT.
Join Us in Chicago for the 2019 MS Summit!
On November 9, the annual MS Summit is coming to Chicagoland. This day-long event includes an interactive expo and informative workshops for families living with MS. Register today to access all parts of the MS Summit. Attendance (including breakfast, lunch, and parking) is free-of-charge!
Can Do MS Podcast: Giving Voice to MS
What's Top of Mind for People With MS?
new survey of people living with MS   highlights a community that faces the unpredictability of the disease, concerns about disease progression, financial planning anxiety, and the impact that MS has on their employment.
The survey provides an analysis of the experience of a community living with a disease that is not always well understood by the general population. 
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