HPE Greenlake for High-Performance Computing
Digital transformation is driving new data-intensive workloads and real-time analytics operating at an unprecedented scale. You need high-performance capabilities to unlock the potential of your data and accelerate innovation. Now you can answer your most challenging questions with HPC for your standard business processes.
More applications today need high-performance computing, and IT departments are struggling to keep up with the necessary skills and manage the increased demand. Companies can gain the agility to scale the environment with ease and empower users with self-service. HPE GreenLake can deliver superior flexibility, scalability, and control of HPC solutions with a cloud service consumption model on-premises.

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Extending our strong GreenLake foundation, we are making HPC more accessible, by including self-service capabilities to standardized hardware and software building blocks, delivering a fully managed solution.
Consume HPC on-premises
Collaborate with HPE experts to help design, build, deploy, and operate your HPC environment to allow for innovation and business growth while reducing operating expenses. HPE GreenLake delivers services for scalable HPC infrastructure, with usage-based payment, no capital outlay, in your data center or at your colocation.
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