Jason Blumer on Protecting Client Privacy
If you are using a portal or file sharing software, you may be missing a key ingredient for client relationships:  communication.
Trusted advisors need a safe way to engage in confidential dialog with clients.  Sure, file sharing is part of the story - but only part.  
Jason Blumer
"Client relationships are the foundation of accounting." 
- Jason Blumer, CPA
Blumer & Associates
Thriveal CPA Network
Join Jason Blumer, CPA Blumer & Associates Chief Innovation Officer and founder of the Thriveal CPA Network to learn:
Live Webcast
May 2, 2013  |  1:00 pm Eastern
  • Communicate:  safely engage in confidential dialog
  • Client-focused:  make it simple and valuable for clients
  • Convenience:  easy to access and use 

Plus see a live demo of Ziptr, an elegantly simple solution for secure communication.






Caralyn Quigley Stern

Caralyn Quigley Stern


Safer, Smarter Encrypted Communication

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