Dear Center Friends-
This issue of Thriving Together reveals the many ways our senior scientists and scholars, staff, students, and affiliates contribute to human flourishing -- both inside and outside the classroom. I’m grateful for the small and profound ways they bring our center’s mission to life every day, whether they are going the extra mile to ensure a high-quality learning experience for our students or uncovering new discoveries in their research labs.
This also is the time of year when we often find ourselves reflecting on our own well-being and celebrating the goodness in our lives. It might mean shining a light on those who bring us joy and fulfillment, whether it’s around the Thanksgiving table, an entry in a gratitude journal, a toast at the New Year, or an unspoken remembrance. At a moment in history when our nation feels most divided, our social connections with others couldn’t be more important, yet I hear many commenting on an erosion of relationships over intense political differences in their lives. 

The research is clear about the positive impact social connections have on our well-being. For example, leading scholars found that the social bonds we experience in our lives are major drivers of joy . You’ll hear from the recipients of our Elena Prien Student Well-Being Scholarships on how important their relationships with mentors are to their overall well-being. Many students commented that those relationships were more valuable to them than the financial award they receive from the scholarship. 
As we transition to a New Year and contemplate what matters most to us, I hope we’ll put ‘each other’ at the top of our lists. I wish you well and much joy in 2019 and beyond.

With gratitude,
Nance Lucas, PhD
Executive Director
Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
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Music is energy in the form of sound that can profoundly heal us humans at our core. Students studying music and well-being at Mason are learning about the amazing healing power of music.

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Students in our center’s Mindful Living LLC are using the power of well-being practices to optimize their Mason experience. The education they’re engaged in there is bringing positive change to every part of their college life, they said.

New Scholarship Winners Looking Forward to
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Six Mason students are new winners of the Elena Prien Student Well-Being Scholarships that CWB awards to undergraduates who want to cultivate greater well-being in their lives.

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Coaching program alumna Asya Grigoryan describes how the training she received improved her life. Find out what she is saying about the program here .

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