May 2020

Suddenly everything got more complicated!

Here are tips to streamline your operations and keep customers comfortable in this unprecedented season.

Safety first . People are home and are going to be watching everything that goes on in their neighborhoods. Put your customers' nerves at ease by letting them know your safety procedures and be sure your employees follow them. 

Communicate proactively . Contact customers directly to let them know your services, hours and plans to meet their needs.  Make use of email, text and phone calls to connect. Postcards can physically remind customers to call you.

Refocus frazzled customers . Sometimes they need to be reminded that their yard needs to be properly cared for - and that they should carry forward with services to avoid disappointment later.

Pre-sell summer services .  Maximize customer satisfaction - and your sales opportunities - by selling your full menu of services to every client. Develop "leave behinds" to promote additional services and add-ons to book summer work. Ask us if you need help with this.

Be a bright spot in each customer's day . Now more than ever, having a relationship with a trusted local professional is really valued.  In this time of isolation, make an extra effort to connect. Be friendly, go the extra mile to serve and say "thank you" as often as you can.  

In what ways can we support you right now?
The Team at North South Supply

How Contractors Can Survive the COVID-19 Crisis
And Come Out Ahead in the Recovery!    
How can you continue to thrive with a whole new set of challenges facing your business.   
It's time to make a plan for the future!

W e're excited to share with you a free guidebook that presents 9 practical ways you can strengthen your business now for an inevitable recovery from the COVID-19 downturn.
Get focused. Take decisive action. Rally your team. 

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Commercial Stormwater Solutions Available at North South 
NDS provides comprehensive solutions for onsite surface and subsurface drainage and stormwater infiltration, and is the preferred choice of contractors, civil engineers, and landscape architects. They offer products engineered for performance, problem-solving tools and calculators, and expert support to help you get the job done right.
High-capacity, load-rated structures with a 100-year life expectancy, they collect, retain, and discharge stormwater close to the source to reduce downstream impact, provide groundwater recharge, and can be stacked for deeper installation.
Combining the features of a stable concrete channel with the strength, durability, and environmental-friendliness of high-strength pervious concrete (HSPC), they capture and convey heavy stormwater flows and handle a high-load capacity.
Dura Slope is a pre-sloped and neutral trench drain system which features lightweight modular sections, and a built-in bottom outlet which connects to 3 in., 4 in., 6 in., and 8 in. drain pipe.
An alternative to traditional impervious paving methods, permeable pavers (available in both paneled and rolled) create a strong grass or gravel surface that can support heavy vehicles and minimize surface water runoff.
Consult with our team of civil engineers, expert technicians and drafters at DesignWorx™ and Project Development (PDS) to help you at any step of your project.
PVC Pipe Classifications  

Did you know there's more than one type of PVC pipe?

Chuck Walker of Silver - Line Plastics explains the differences so you can know which pipe would best suit your future projects. 

Watch the video!   
Downlighting: A Mood-Enhancing Option That Makes an Outdoor Spaces Magical
Uplighting trees is dramatic and can create a focal point for the entire landscape lighting design.  
By comparison, downlighting is subtle and can create an inviting outdoor living space.
Uplighting and downlighting can be used together on the same tree for maximum effect, or they can be used separately on different trees. In addition, downlighting can be installed on structures, such as pergolas or gazebos.
Downlighting makes a space inviting and delightful for social gatherings. It creates a special experience without the lighting itself being obvious.
With a tall tree, downlighting can simulate the impression of moonlight and, with a gentle breeze, you will be able to see the shadows of branches and leaves at play on the ground. If you want to wow your customers, try enhancing one of their outdoor living spaces with downlighting.
Identify a large deciduous tree on the property that is a focal point of the landscape or near an outdoor living space. A large, tall tree is best, with branches that start high up, although you can use a smaller tree too.
Place one Small VLO 60° accent light at least four feet above the lowest tier of branches. About 20-25 feet from the ground is ideal. Point the accent light downward, experimenting with the right direction for creating shadows with the branches below.
You can place the light lower or higher, but you want to avoid situations where the light is buried behind too many branches or where the light is visible or blinding from below. Kichler Lighting sells a large variety of cowls that reduce the visibility of the light source.
The Small VLO 60° accent is ideal because you have three lumen levels to choose from, allowing you to get the mood just right. You can also experiment with the beam expander lens that is available as an accessory. A long cowl is another accessory for the Small VLO Accent that helps to prevent the light source from being visible when looking up from the ground.
Use a tree-mount junction box (15609) with standoff screws so the tree has room to grow. Connections and wire nuts go inside the box. Run wire up the non-visible or least-visible side of the trunk and fasten it to the trunk with cable ties and stainless-steel screws, making sure that the wire can still move with the tree. Leave some extra wire at the base of the tree to allow for tree growth.

Ask us about the Prime Patio line of professional-grade outdoor string lighting for outdoor living spaces. Patio or bistro lighting is an easy add-on sale to any landscape project where there is an outdoor gathering space like a patio, deck, pergola, gazebo or courtyard.

Capturing the additional sale - and the increased customer satisfaction - that comes from offering patio lighting is easy. Here are some tips:

Focus on the Benefit of Usability:   Patio lighting makes outdoor spaces usable in the evening and night hours when it would be otherwise too dark to enjoy them.     Because patio lighting can be installed in different patterns and spacing, you can create a variety of moods to match the need - from romantic and relaxing to festive and fun.

Take Advantage of Opportunities on Your Projects:   Many outdoor gathering spaces lend themselves to easy installation of patio lighting. Instead of letting the homeowner install cheap light sets themselves, offer professional patio lighting as an option.   For only a few hundred dollars more, customer gets better product and professional installation.

Tie It Together with Other Landscape Lighting:   Landscape lighting does a great job of highlighting trees and architecture, but it doesn't always do a great job of lighting large open gathering spaces. Now you can connect patio lighting into the same 12-volt system.

Interested in learning more?  Ask us about the Prime Patio line.
Too Much Land to Maintain?  The Answer is Artificial Grass
Customers with lots of land can enjoy the benefits of a time and money saving artificial lawn too! The answer is to concentrate on the areas surrounding the immediate residence.
With so much land, there are plenty of opportunities to create little nooks that are both low-maintenance and water conscious, while at the same time durable, pretty to look at, and fun to use!

With artificial grass as the base, remember to add elements such as fencing to partition different areas; river rocks to break up the space and add some texture; drought-tolerant plants such as Moss Rose, Blanket Flowers, or Lantanas for a touch of color; and gravel or pavers to create functional and beautiful pathways.  

In situations where water is in close proximity, such as a pool, make sure the artificial grass backing is 100% permeable, like EasyTurf's MaxxFlow series. This will allow for water to drain freely through the grass, eliminating potential odors, muddy tracks, or water buildup.  

Want to see MaxxFlow in action? Watch this 3-minute video

To learn more about EasyTurf's artificial grass products, please visit  

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