Thriving in the Vine: Daily Reflections for Lent
This year the Diocese will be offering daily reflections during Lent, written by both clergy and laity throughout the Diocese. Monday through Friday will be reflections on the Daily Office Readings. Saturday reflections will be focused on a spiritual practice that you may be able to incorporate into your personal routine. On Sundays the reflections will be based on different pieces and experiences of music. These reflections may be used as a resource for your congregation or as a personal guide through Lent.

The reflections start with on Ash Wednesday and carry through to Easter Sunday. These reflections continue with the theme for this past November's Diocesan Convention: "Thriving in the Vine." Jesus gave this image of himself as the vine and us as the branches to his followers on the night before he died, as he knew they would face tremendous hardships and he wanted them to see how 
life-giving connection to him is for each of us.

The Diocese of Georgia's social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) will post a piece of each day's reflection, along with a link to the PDF with the full reflection. 

To view and download the reflections, click here.