September 30, 2021
Throwing a Flag on the Adults

Our friends at USA Hockey produced a great Public Service Announcement a few years back in which they implored parents to act like adults at their kids’ games and stop yelling at them from the stands. And their counterparts in Canada had a similar campaign. The spots perfectly capture the embarrassing and damaging behavior we see too often on the sidelines across youth sports.

While there are far more examples of good sports parenting, the vocal minority is getting louder and more abusive.

Last week one of our leagues had to take the dramatic and unfortunate step... [Read more...]
Pop Warner Remains a Leader in Player Safety
Sports Illustrated featured Pop Warner as a leader in a player safety trend advancing through high school and college into the NFL in its recent article "For the Three- and Four-Point Stance: Is This the End of the Line?". The story looks at football’s move away from the three-point stance. Pop Warner was the first to implement the change for its youngest players in 2019 with the goal of lessening head impacts between offensive and defensive linemen. Corey Simon, a former NFL standout and current president of Big Bend Pop Warner in Florida, thinks the move makes sense.

“Though Simon takes pride in having played through pain himself, he applauds the effort to make football safer than it was when he played and knew little of the risks.” You can access the full story here.

Also this month, Pop Warner used National Concussion Awareness Day to advance the conversation about player safety, pointing to its game-leading rules, coaching education and partnering with organizations like TechAids that promote concussion awareness. Read about the specific safety measures Pop Warner has instilled to create a safe and better game here
Esports Kicks Off With Fall Slate
As part of Pop Warner's new relationship with gaming partner Rival, we'll be offering our first Fall Series for Pop Warner Esports. Open to Pop Warner youth and their friends, kids can join virtual tournaments throughout the next two months in Madden NFL 22 and Rocket League. These events are available on both Xbox and PlayStation.

The first two tournaments on the schedule:

  • Sunday, October 10th: Rocket League
  • Sunday, October 17th: Madden NFL 22

Both event start at 5:00pm ET.
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Watts Rams Pop Warner on the Big Screen
In an effort to create athletic opportunity and mentorship for young people in one of the most gang-affiliated areas of South Central Los Angeles, members of the LAPD launched Watts Rams Pop Warner in 2013. Over the last several years, the Watts program and LA Rams have had each other's backs on and off the field. The LA Rams have served as mentors to the youth community, inviting Watts Rams players to training camp, providing academic supplies and even helping send some kids to better schools.

This year, that special bond was cast on the big screen in a commercial for the 2021 NFL season kick off. As the Watt Rams huddle up on the field after a hard practice, one player reminds his teammates that as long as they have each other, nothing else matters. When he asks which one of them has his back, his call is answered by LA Rams star Aaron Donald who leads the team into a frenzy as they show their support for each other. Watch the video titled “We Run as One” here.
Challenger Program Benefits Athletes with Disabilities
This summer, we witnessed some of the most inspiring athletes compete at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo where a total of 69 World and 124 Paralympic records were broken. It's a reminder that greatness has no limitations, and sports at all levels should provide athletes with opportunities to reach their potential. 

Chicagoland Pop Warner is a prime example of that. This season, they started Algonquin Argonauts Challenger Cheer, a program that provides an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. The Argos practice once a week, learning new cheers and dances, and on the weekends bring their moves to the field, helping to cheer on their local football teams and performing at halftime! The Argos are excited to also exhibit at this year's local and regional competition showcase! 

Cheer and dance associations interested in starting a Challenger program can learn more here. For football, click here.
Question of the Month

Q: “My kid wants to play multiple sports. Is that a good idea or should they just focus on Pop Warner?

A: There was once a time where each season had a sport or two. Kids cheered or played football or soccer in the fall, basketball or hockey in the winter, and maybe softball, baseball, field hockey or lacrosse in the spring. Those days seem like a distant memory. Kids – and parents – are often told they need to devote more time to their sport if they want to excel, eventually make the high school team, earn a college scholarship or maybe cash a paycheck playing it some day. First of all, playing a sport as a kid should never be about making it to the pros. It should be about having fun, getting physical activity, competing and being with your friends. Along the way, you will develop skills to progress in that sport. There will come a day as a child gets older where they may focus more of their time on a single sport but the data has shown us that younger athletes are better off playing multiple sports. Sports specialization – when you focus solely on one sport year round – can possibly lead to repetitive stress injuries and burnout. Anecdotally, college coaches often tell us that they would rather have an athlete who has played multiple sports. So, do yourself a favor, mix it up and play different sports over the course of the year.  
Pop Warner in the News
Pop Warner Around the NFL and NCAA
  • Former Forestview Pop Warner player Mac Jones made his NFL debut with the New England Patriots
  • WR Jayden Reed and QB Payton Thorne reunited as teammates at Michigan State, using their Naperville Pop Warner connection to start the season 4-0
  • While he’s currently dealing with a rib injury, Tua Tagovailoa, who played for EWA Beach Pop Warner, is back in action as the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins
  • In Week 2 of the NFL, Pompano Beach Pop Warner alum Lamar Jackson led the Baltimore Ravens to a triumphant win over last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs 
  • The St. Brown brothers of Canyon Hills Pop Warner partook in the ultimate jersey swap after the Packers-Lions game in Week 2
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Clean Up Your Routine
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B. Lungs