My name is Alex and for some reason I was tossed from a car window.  I'm just a baby and not real sure what I did that was wrong.  I took quite a tumble, but thankfully someone picked me up and took me to the doctor.  My injuries are being treated and I'm safe now.  I'm in a wonderful foster home and healing.  

Alex is just one of the 117 cats and kittens currently residing in our foster homes.  A number of these cats/kittens who are placed into our Feline Foster program require extensive medical care above and beyond spay/neuter and vaccinations.  We are committed to help these animals in our care, get the medical attention they need and then place them in wonderful forever homes where they will never know this type of abuse again.  Will you help us?  Please consider donating today to our Emergency Medical Fund to help animals like Alex receive the care that they need to live the lives they deserve.

Our life saving programs are supported by private donors like you--we receive no government funding.  HSWC is a charitable organization 501(c)3, EIN 62-1582278

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