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Thumball News: #3 Nov/2010

A fun and exciting month for Thumball! Meeting dedicated educators at NJEA and exhibiting twenty Thumball designs in the convention hall was an honor. Our trip home was topped off with Thumball winning an awesome award from Fat Brain Toys! Feels like the holidays have started early at Answers In Motion.

NJEA 2010
NJEA2010 Educators Gather in AC
40,000 educators from every county in New Jersey attended the NJEA convention in Atlantic City to learn best practices in teaching.

Answers In Motion joined in the experience offering Thumballs to eager attendees looking for fun and effective teaching tools. Teachers from Pre-K through High School found the perfect Thumballs for their classrooms to improve student's expressive language skills.

Developing reading comprehension with "Parts Of A Story", reinforcing pro-social skills with"Who Are You" and expanding character education with "Virtues & Values" were just a few of the educator's plans for Thumball.

We are celebrating with a twenty percent discount on all online orders at the Thumball store See coupon below.

Fat Brain Toys Chooses Thumball as A Winner!

FAtBrainbadge Thumball has been chosen as a winner in the 2010 Fat Brain Toy Awards which means that visitors to Fat Brain Toys have chosen it as the best-of-the-best in specialty toys, games, and gifts. Top notch educational toy retailer Fat Brain offers a diverse and award winning line of toys for learning and family fun and we are thrilled to be part of their family of products.

Using smart toys like Thumball at home and in school help students develop focused attention, problem solving, social skills and healthy life styles. One catch starts a conversation.
We appreciate the wonderful ideas shared by teachers, therapists, parents and children for new designs and will keep you informed as new Thumballs become available. Thank you for your loyalty and support!

Gregg and Mary Pembleton
Thumball by Answers In Motion
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