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Thunder and Rain Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Third Studio Album 'Passing in the Night'
Acoustic quartet Thunder and Rain are thrilled to announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for their third studio album, Passing in the Night, slated for release in the winter of 2019. After six years of touring and transforming, the group is digging deeper into their roots as an acoustic band - and they're looking for support from their fans to launch their next album without the pressure of joining a record label or conforming to mainstream expectations.

Support from fans has been at the heart of Thunder and Rain's success ever since the band was formed in 2013. That was when vocalist/guitarist Erinn Peet-Lukes met bassist Ian Haegele at a bluegrass jam in Denver, Colorado. In 2014, the band recorded their first studio album, Holler Out, and never looked back. 

Listeners immediately connected with Peet-Lukes' strength and vulnerability as she told of journeys of the heart set over a vibrant layer of sound that masterfully merges country and bluegrass, folk and pop. The band toured across the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the UK, making fans of all ages.

Over the years, the band has experimented with various lineups and styles; however, Passing in the Night hails a recommitment to their acoustic sound. Peet-Lukes returns with her extraordinary vocals (with stylings that bring to mind a mix of Alison Krauss and Natalie Maines) while Haegele puts his talent behind the bass on full display. Vocalist/mandolin player Dylan McCarthy is excited to have joined the band in time to work on their next release, and Allen Cooke (winner of the 2014 Rockygrass Dobro Championship) sounds off on dobro. The band is pleased to have two more fabulous musicians join them on the album: Natalie Padilla on fiddle and Chris Herbst on dobro. 

Recorded at the Swingfingers Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, Passing in the Night features twelve original songs about transformation, heartbreak, and hope. In order to bring the album to life, Thunder and Rain are appealing to their fans to raise $23,069 via Kickstarter. In exchange for pledging to back the album, Kickstarter supporters will receive rewards that range from special edition prints and stickers to happy hour with the band and even an intimate acoustic house concert. 

For Thunder and Rain, the past few years has been a voyage full of ups and downs. As they move forward and release this next album, they'll do it just as they've done everything else since the band's inception - on their own terms and with the grassroots support of their dedicated fans. 

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