Welcome to the Spring 2018 TBird "Flight Status" update, presenting recent company news, information, and fun things we enjoy sharing with our friends, colleagues, and valued clients. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or comments about this month's update. 
Thunderbird Welcomes New Staff Members
Thunderbird is happy to announce the addition of two new members to its professional staff. We are pleased to welcome Ryan McKay and Jean Vossler to the Thunderbird team.
On March 26, Ryan McKay joined the Thunderbird team as a full time Staff Geologist. Ryan holds a bachelor's degree in Geoscience from the University of Connecticut, and he currently lives in Middletown, Connecticut. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing video games, collecting rocks and minerals, and watching sports. His favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox and his favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders. Ryan also likes to travel. He has plans to eventually visit all 7 continents.
Not long after Ryan's arrival, Thunderbird welcomed Jean Vossler. A Connecticut native, Jean now lives with her husband in Westbrook. When she's not hard at work with the Thunderbird team, Jean enjoys her time off by hiking, camping, playing board games, and even attending Comic-Con with family. Jean tries to spend as much time as possible enjoying patio-life or sitting in front of a fire pit with a cold beer in hand (as long as it isn’t an IPA). If you see Ryan or Jean in the field this spring, be sure to say hello.
Ancient Fish Survival in the Balance
The 9 th  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the construction of a new $59 million dam on Montana’s Yellowstone River, including a new fish bypass, can move forward. Opponents of the project are concerned that the proposed fish bypass won’t help the Pallid Sturgeon populations recover and that continuing operation of the Intake diversion dam on the Lower Yellowstone River is illegal and violates the Endangered Species Act. Proponents of the project insist that the fish bypass is the Pallid Sturgeon's only hope for survival. Estimates of the current Pallid Sturgeon population in the Lower Yellowstone River ranges from 200 to 300 adult fish. In 2015, Thunderbird was contracted to administer the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for this project. Stay tuned to see if this dam project finally gets going in 2018.
Thunderbird Therapy
Thunderbird staff members recently participated in a Team Building experience in the 1,902 square mile Grand Canyon National Park. After a few days of hiking together and taking in the magnitude of this amazing place, our team has a renewed sense of how important it is to protect our nation's few remaining natural wonders.
While visiting the National Park Service (NPS) facilities and the Desert View Watchtower at Grand Canyon National Park, Thunderbird staff had a chance to enjoy the beautiful artwork that was painted by Fred Geary in 1932 on the Watchtower ceiling, including the image of a Thunderbird. The paintings are recreations of images from Abo Rockshelter, now part of Salinas National Monument in New Mexico. Thunderbird is currently assisting the NPS with its prospective redevelopment of the historic Colt Firearms foundry in Hartford, CT as a NPS Visitor Center.
Thank you for reading the Spring 2018 TBird Flight Status update.  We hope you enjoyed hearing about all that's been going on with us lately at Thunderbird. We look forward to updating you in the Summer.

 - Darby and the entire TBird Team

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