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8th Grade Parent Meeting
Date: January 12
Time: 5:30 - 6:30
Location: Virtual meeting; link will be sent via Infinite Campus

No School in Observance of Martin Luther King Jr.
Date: January 18

Full Day - No Early Release
Date: January 20
Note: This Wednesday will be a full day of school

District-Wide Spelling Bee
Date: January 21

No School
Date: January 22

Start of Second Semester
Date: January 25

Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences
Date: March 16
Time: 4-7 p.m.
Place: TBD

Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences
Date: March 17
Time: 1:30-4 p.m.
Place: TBD

Spring Break - No School
Date: March 29 - April 2

Memorial Day - No School
Date: May 31

Last Day of School
Date: June 7
Note: This will be a full day of school


To nominate a student for the Baraboo High School Senior Spotlight, email a brief write-up with the student's first and last name and an explanation of why you are nominating the senior to  Holly Henderson.

Submissions must include at least one photograph.

Please enter "SENIOR SPOTLIGHT" in the subject field of the email.

The mission of Hope House is to prevent abuse and provide support to victims of domestic and sexual violence.
Toll-free 24-Hour Confidential Helpline:
Street Address:
720 Ash Street
Baraboo, WI 53913
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 4:30PM

The Baraboo Public Library offers a safe and welcoming environment, providing area residents and visitors with confidential access to cutting edge, high quality resources.   

Riptide is a summer swim program for ages 5 to 18. 

Online registration. Ages 6-18. Certified, trained coaches. Spring and Fall seasons. Email BarabooSoccerClub@gmail.
com with questions.

Baraboo School District E-Newsletter
January 7, 2021
No School for MLK Jr. Day
As a reminder, there will be no school on Monday, January 18, 2021, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

There will be a full day of school with no early release on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, followed by no school on Friday, January 22 for staff inservice.

NHS Students Make Blankets for Hope House
Members of the Baraboo High School National Honor Society, under the direction of language arts teacher Ms. Biehl, made 20 tie fleece blankets to donate to Hope House of South Central Wisconsin.

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories, which consists of many chapters in high schools across all 50 states. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

8th Grade Parent Meeting Set for Jan. 12
Attention 8th grade families: 

It's hard to believe, but the time has come to start thinking about your student's transition to high school! You are invited to join a virtual meeting regarding high school course registration with the BHS School Counselors on Tuesday, January 12th, from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Come learn about the high school courses offered to freshmen students, how to access the course description book, using the Course Selector function in Xello, BHS graduation requirements, additional opportunities at the high school level, and have your questions answered. 

The session will be recorded and shared, so if you can't make it, you can still access it. The BHS School Counselors will then be meeting with students the following week to assist with their course selection choices, giving you some time to review this information with your student before they make their selections. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Stacey Endicott, BHS School Counselor at We look forward to seeing you there!

Link to google meet:
Virtual Students Study World Holidays
Before winter break, second grade virtual students in Ms. Egli's class at East Elementary were studying holidays around the world. They read, wrote, and learned about several holidays. One holiday was Diwali, which is a festival of lights and one of the major festivals celebrated by HindusJains and Sikhs. Diwali usually lasts five days and is celebrated between mid-October and mid-November.

Together, the class learned how to draw rangoli, a type of folk art made during celebrations like Diwali. 

NF Participates in Skype-A-Scientist
Mrs. Shafer's 5th graders at North Freedom Elementary are fortunate to be a part of an amazing opportunity through a program called Skype-a-Scientist. 

A biologist, currently in Belgium, named Maud Quinzin met with the class for 45 minutes to talk about her work with conservation biology and gene-editing technology to save natural ecosystems. They learned about her work with sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands, invasive rats in New Zealand, and her current project in Hawaii. She also allowed the students to ask questions and showed them some pictures and graphs related to her work. It was SO interesting!

Important Kid Stop Information
If your family participated in Kid Stop during summer and/or fall of 2020 and you would like a statement showing the total amount paid for Kid Stop services during 2020 to use toward a flex plan or for tax purposes, please contact District Kid Stop Coordinator Pat Gavin at pgavin@barabooschools.netOnce you contact Ms. Gavin, you will receive a reply with the statement.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Gavin at (608) 355-3925, ext. 7150 or at

East Students Build Gingerbread Houses Virtually
First grade students at East Elementary were able to participate in our annual gingerbread house making activity virtually this year. 

Each family picked up a gingerbread house "kit" and the classes constructed the houses together over Google Meet. 

A big thank you to the East Parent Support Group for donating the supplies, and for families for sending pictures of their students' finished products!

What's Happening at the Indoor Pool?

For more information on the Baraboo Indoor Pool, including COVID-19 protocols, please visit our website here.


Friday Folders Are Going Virtual
The School District of Baraboo's Friday Folders are going virtual for the 2020-21 school year!

Information from non-district entities, like club sports, library programming, parks and rec information, etc., can now be accessed in a digital Friday Folder by clicking here. Friday Folder submissions from previous weeks will be archived in this folder as well, so if you want to reference it you can go to that week's folder and view it again!

This is a safety measure for in-person students to limit the number of papers received from outside sources, and will allow students who are attending school via the Virtual Learning Model to access to the information. 

Please note: Important school-related information directly from the School District of Baraboo will still come home in Friday Folders, and virtual teachers will provide this information directly to their students.
College Readiness Days for Native Students
Baraboo Public Library
Park and Rec Winter Guide
A Message from Hope House: No Name Calling Week
The week of January 18-22 is No Name Calling Week. This is a week organized by K-12 educators and students to end name calling and bullying in schools. In an effort to promote healthy friendships and healthy conflict resolution, Hope House would like to share some tips for teenagers regarding name calling and healthy communication. 
  • You don't have to be friends, but you don't have to be enemies either: Not everyone is meant to be best friends; however, this doesn't mean that we should be rude or mean to others. If you have someone you don't get along with try to spend more time surrounded by those that make you happy and you feel comfortable with.
  • If another person has called you a name or is verbally abusive you can try telling this person that what they are saying is not okay and ask them to stop. If this doesn't work, think of those you feel safe talking to and reach out to one of them. This could be a friend or a trusted adult, like a teacher, school counselor or parent/guardian. 
  • Some things just aren't funny. Name calling is one of them. As much as we hear it on TV, movies, songs or on social media, making fun of someone else for their looks, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religious affiliation, disability etc is not okay. There are other ways to be funny, while also treating people with respect. 
  • Sometimes friends might think they are being funny by picking on each other and it can be hard to tell our friends that what they are saying isn't okay with us. Some might even laugh along with it but that doesn't mean they are comfortable. If you aren't sure if what you are saying is okay with a friend, check in with them and if they say they aren't okay with what is being said, try to be respectful of their answer. A friend should respect our boundaries and want us to feel comfortable. 
  • If someone is calling you names, please remember that it isn't okay and you don't deserve it. You have a right to feel safe and respected by others.
The bullet points above are just some examples of talking points you can have with youth who are struggling with name calling and/or conflict with peers. Check out the website GLSEN, an organization that believes all students have the right to feel safe and respected, for more information on No Name Calling Week. They provide K-12 lessons, activities and ways adults can participate and support No Name Calling Week. Also, remember that Hope House is here for you and the youth in your life.  If you have concerns about your relationship or about a loved one's relationship, you can contact Hope House at our 24/7 confidential helpline: 1-800-584-6790. You can learn more about our free services at or on Facebook and Instagram @hopehousescw. 

Healthy Relationships Trait: Communication
At Hope House we often talk to students about what it means to be in a healthy relationship, whether with a friend, family member or dating relationship. Each month we will be sharing one trait of a healthy relationship with you and for January we chose healthy communication.  

In a relationship whether, friend, classmate, sibling, dating, etc it is important that we are able to communicate with those in our life in a healthy way. It's okay to not agree with someone. It's okay to not always want to be someone's friend but it's not okay to say hurtful things. If we are feeling bad about something we have a right to express ourselves, but how we do it is key. Sometimes using "I" statements can be helpful. This puts the topic onto you and helps make it so the other person feels less defensive. Rather than say, "You said XYZ and I think you were wrong for that", you could say instead, "Those comments really hurt me. I don't like it when people say hurtful things and so that wasn't okay with me." Sometimes in disagreements it can be hard to pay attention to what the other person is saying because we are already prepared for what we want to say. Do your best to listen to pay attention, rather than listen to respond. Also, when thinking of a healthy relationship we might also think of keeping a calm tone. When someone raises their voice it can be really scary for the other person and hard for them to listen because they are focused on the way the other person is yelling, rather than what they are saying. It's okay to also not feel comfortable talking to someone and if that is the case, maybe think about why that is. Do you not feel safe with the person? Or are you not sure what to say and are nervous? If you are nervous you can try writing down your thoughts first or maybe even giving it to them in a letter. You could also talk it out with a trusted adult or someone else who you feel might help you think of a healthy way to communicate. If you don't feel safe, it is absolutely okay to not talk to the person and to find someone you feel safe with and tell them about your concerns. 

 Hope House wants you to know that everyone deserves to be respected and valued in their relationships. If you have concerns about your relationship or about a loved one's relationship, you can contact Hope House at our 24/7 confidential helpline: 1-800-584-6790. You can learn more about our free services at or on Facebook and Instagram @hopehousescw.
Free Weekly COVID-19 Testing

New Medical Service Being offered at Baraboo School District
The School District of Baraboo is partnering with Karen Ailsworth, MD, who is a board-certified pediatrician who has a special interest in pediatric mental health.

Dr. Ailsworth will be offering clinic visits both in person and virtually at Baraboo High School and Jack Young Middle School every week (hours to be determined) for students who are needing assistance with issues such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety. This allows students to attend appointments without having to leave school. 

Dr. Ailsworth has a holistic approach; she believes environment, school and family all have a role in maximizing the mental and emotional well-being of children and youth. "I am excited about working in the Baraboo High School because of the proximity of school staff, which will make communication with school staff and students easier," Ailsworth said. "I work in the same part of the building as student services, so we really can work as a team."

Parents/Guardians will need to attend the first appointment with their student in person or virtually to sign paperwork and consent forms. Visits will include a medical evaluation and possible prescription assistance. Dr. Ailsworth's clinical model is based on Direct Primary Care.  She strives to make her health care affordable. While she does not accept insurance, parents/guardians can ask about sliding scale payments. 

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Dr. Ailsworth directly at 608-477-2834 or one of the school nurses.

The School District of Baraboo is currently hiring for a variety of different positions, including Educational Paraprofessionals, Food Preparers, Custodians, Guest (Substitute) Teachers, and more. If you know of qualified candidates please encourage them to apply! 

Detailed job descriptions and application instructions for current job opportunities can be found at

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