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Thunderbird Thursday Update
Nov. 3, 2016
JYMS Students Work to Protect River
We were thrilled to see the Jack Young Middle School Science Club featured in the Baraboo News Republic for their efforts to protect the Baraboo River.

Club members have been volunteering to affix signs to city storm drains that read "No dumping: Drains to river," with their end goal being to mark every drain in town with the river-friendly message. 

"If we keep doing this, maybe people will stop harming the environment," sixth-grader Maddy McLaughlin told the News Republic

Students hope the service project will build awareness that anything going down the drain, from grass clippings to chemicals and pollutants, goes straight to the river. 

We are #Barabooproud of these young leaders for their work!

Read the full story on the Baraboo News Republic website HERE.

BHS Students Entering Biomimicry Challenge
Eight students from Baraboo High School will be participating in the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, an annual competition that asks teams of students and professionals to address critical global issues with nature-inspired solutions.

The challenge is hosted by the Biomimicry Institute in partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.
Biomimicry is, essentially, looking to nature for strategies to solve human challenges. This year's challenge is to create a nature-inspired innovation (a product, service, or system) that combats climate change by either:
  • Helping communities adapt to or mitigate climate change impacts (i.e. those forecasted or already in motion), and/or
  • Reversing or slowing climate change itself (e.g. by removing excess greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere).
Karen Olson, high school science teacher, and Jane McMahon, gifted and talented coordinator, will be coaching the team from Baraboo. Stay tuned for updates!  
Registrar at new District Office location
We are excited to announce that you can find District Registrar Kristine Snow at the new Baraboo School District Administration Office at 423 Linn Street, across from Culver's.

Kristine will assist families with registration questions for any grade level, and the new location also offers a private conference room.

To contact Kristine directly to set up an appointment, email or call 355-3950.
Referendum Video Series: Teaching and Learning Spaces
Teaching and learning have changed since Baraboo High School was built in 1961 - and so has our student population, which has grown to nearly 1,000 in a building originally designed for 600.

On Nov. 8 we are going to voters with a referendum question to repair and revitalize the high school. If passed, it will include renovating and expanding classroom spaces in Technology Education, Physical Education, Art, and Family and Consumer Science.

Take a look at THIS VIDEO to get a behind-the-scenes look at these spaces and hear from teachers about what improvements would mean for our students. 

Referendum Video Series: Shared Spaces
The great thing about Baraboo is that we are all Thunderbirds, and every student in our district will eventually go through Baraboo High School.

But the spaces shared by all of our students - the cafeteria, commons, library, and student services - are bursting at the seams. 

On Nov. 8 we are going to voters with a referendum question to repair and revitalize the high school. If passed, it will include renovating and expanding these common spaces to accommodate our student population and foster 21st Century learning. 

Take a look at THIS VIDEO to see what three packed lunch periods look like and find out how our student population has changed over the decades while many of our BHS spaces haven't. 

Referendum Video Series: HVAC and Capital Maintenance
90 degrees in the spring and fall -- and gloves and hats in class in the winter - are realities in some Baraboo High School classrooms. 

On Nov. 8 we are going to voters with a referendum question to repair and revitalize the high school. If passed, it will include updating the boiler system that is original to the 1961 building to one that is more effective and efficient, and adding a sprinkler system for fire safety throughout the school.

  Take a look at THIS VIDEO  to find out more about the capital maintenance needs at the high school. 

Referendum Questions Answered

On the Nov. 8 ballot Baraboo School District voters will be asked to vote on a Phase II Referendum to address the most significant challenges facing Baraboo High School

These include improving educational environments to maximize teaching and learning, providing additional capacity in common spaces such as the cafeteria, and addressing large capital maintenance needs. 
* Renovated Classrooms including Technology Education, Physical Education, Art, and Family and Consumer Science.
* Flexible and Adaptable Learning Spaces.
* Expanded Cafeteria/Student Commons, Relocated Kitchen.
* Remodeled Library and Student Services Offices.
* Mechanical Upgrades including HVAC and Fire Sprinkler System Installation.
* Updated Locker Rooms.
* Basic Improvements to Building.

Be informed when you step into the ballot booth! For detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about this Referendum - including costs, what improvements are included, how the community was involved in the process, and what the needs are at the high school - CLICK HERE. 
Music Support Group Meets Nov. 14
Swim Lessons Start Soon!

Learn to Skate this Fall
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