Sandy Thurlow
Science Meets Imagination
Watercolor and Acrylic
14" x 11" Framed
8 ½" x ½ Unframed

Sandy Thurlow
Little River, SC

Sandy Thurlow's paintings are a gift of joy from her heart to yours. Each painting is a prayer for humanity to live in harmony, love, acceptance and peace. Many of her landscapes and mandala are inspired by the beauty of our natural world. Her paintings express the simplicity of universal order and the complexity of esoteric symbolism. Sandy Thurlow was a serious student of ballet from the age of six and as a young woman studied at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet on a Ford Foundation scholarship. A self-taught artist and recent emigre to South Carolina from Ojai, California, Sandy Thurlow now lives in Little River with her husband, Ron Thurlow, Ph.D. who is a wise and patient psychotherapist, and their Siamese cat Sebastian.