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Tony Evans
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The Bible teaches us that our salvation is by faith on Jesus alone, not by “works” or what “we do.” However, our eternal reward is by our works and what we as believers do with our lives.
Jesus said in Matthew 6:20, “…lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” How do we do that? Jesus’ greatest commandment was to LOVE everyone (John 13:34). We also are to help those in need as an expression of that love. We also are to share the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. When we get to heaven, we will be judged for reward. I Corinthians 3:8 (NKJV) says, “…each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor (work).” Verse 14 further says “If anyone’s work which has been built on (Jesus’ foundation) endures (the test of fire), he will receive a reward.”
Many people have the mistaken idea that “heaven is my reward.” No, that is our destination, or our “home” so to speak. All true believers on Jesus shall reach the destination. Rewards are determined after arrival at the “Bema Seat” judgment where your “works” are judged. The “rewards” may vary greatly.
In Revelation 22:12, Jesus said, (NKJV), “and, behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to everyone according to his work.” 
There are many levels of reward according to our works that are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. The highest rewards are crowns. This is befitting for the faithful who shall reign as kings and priests (priestly kings) in the future earthly kingdom of Christ. I call them the “Victor’s Crown.”
We shall continue tomorrow looking at each crown spoken of in the Bible. There are five of them in particular. --Stay tuned

Will you pledge to witness to someone at least once a week to bring in an end time harvest?
Today we will end 2020, and tomorrow we come into a New Year. Over the years I have seen many people make a resolution to do something different in the New Year. They may decide to lose weight or start an exercise program. Some resolve to read their Bibles and others may join an organization or decide to go back to school. There are many resolutions made.
None of these things are bad things, but so often New Year’s Resolutions don’t last more than a few days or a few weeks. The reason is simple, the ones that make them aren’t resolved to change. It takes effort. 
Our ministry used to have a thrift shop, and we would get a lot of “very little used” exercise equipment, crafts, games, and so much more. Some of it was still new in the box. Why? People had good intentions when they bought these things but never followed through in using them. 
Discipline is not something any of us like, yet we cannot be a follower of Jesus Christ and be a “disciple” without discipline. Change does not start in the mind. It must come from the spirit. When we decide in our spirit to change, then the mind comes under obedience to the spirit. We are made up of three parts, Spirit, soul, and body.  The three parts of us struggle to see who will be in control. Whichever part we feed the most will win. 
If we feed our body the wrong things, it will become out of shape. This holds true for our soul also. Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions. If we feed our mind the wrong things, then it will get out of shape too. Ask anybody that is an emotional wreck, and you will find out it started with words, which become thoughts, which become deeds. We must tell our soul NO, just like we must tell our body NO. 
If we truly resolve to be a disciple of Christ, we must crucify our flesh daily. It takes more than just a “New Year’s Resolution” to do this. It is a daily task. We must feed our spirit with the word of God and preaching that builds us up. In this way, it becomes stronger than the soul and the body. When we resolve to do this, change happens. Our spirit is control, and not the soul or flesh. It does not happen overnight, just like we don’t get out of shape overnight. It takes time. 
So, my friends if you genuinely want something different in 2021 you must do something different. You cannot do the same old things and get new results. Determine that this coming year will be different. Resolve to read the bible more. Resolve to grow your faith and become strong in the Lord. Resolve to be the best disciple you can possibly be. It starts with the first step which is repenting for not doing this sooner. Then you train yourself daily to do what is right. New Year’s Resolutions? No, just an everyday resolve. Happy New Year!

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Prophetic Word
Eye of the Storm
This word was given out earlier this summer but I believe it is relevant for today


When the enemy comes in like a Flood
How does a person get born again?

What President wrote his own epitaph never mentioning that he served as President?
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
John Adams
Abraham Lincoln
William Henry Harrison

What President installed the first bathtub and kitchen stove in the White House?

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Millard Fillmore

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Millard Fillmore

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Thomas Jefferson

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Grover Cleveland

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A little Inspiration

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers

The First 90 Days of 2021

It's a strange old world right now. Who is speaking truth, who isn't? It's like waiting for a time bomb to explode. We know it's ticking but how long before the bang? Politically the world is in unimaginable turmoil. Spiritually, the world is splintered so much. Christians, Buddhist, Moslem, Jew, Hindu - all fighting each other and all claiming truth. Gods heart breaks at the division among His people and among the nations and peoples of the world.

So, what's in store for us in 2021? The Lord just showed me a calendar of the first three months - January, February, and March. He drew my attention to the days - 31, 28, & 31 days respectively. That's 90 days. “These coming 90 days are the most important days for My church, and for your freedoms!”, says the Lord. “Call the intercessors to prayer - sound the shofar - have them armour up and prepare for warfare! Just as in ancient times the watchman sounded the alarm, sound the alarm today for the enemy horde approaches and they are looking for war!” (Ezekiel 33)

“Politically, warfare for the freedoms you have virtually lost. Battle for my will to be done in both UK & America. There will be great division among the people. There will be great civil unrest on both sides of the Atlantic. The media will get ever more hysterical and cause great fear among the people. BUT!”, says the Lord, “If My people, My intercessors, shall wage war against those who would bring evil to your land, then I shall send My angel armies to enforce the victory of Calvary!”

“Likewise”, says the Lord, “My Church shall be divided into Laodiceans and remnant. The shall be war in My church between those who are comfortable with the church they have and those who want the Church Victorious ready for My coming. The comfortable church will continue to roll over and acquiesce to the worlds ever increasing demands and limitations. The Church Victorious, however, will be persecute, prosecuted, and punished. Yet these gates of hell shall not prevail against her and she shall grow exponentially while the comfortable church is just assimilated into the rest of the world. The Church Victorious shall go underground once again, meeting in houses rather than in church buildings. Prison, even internment camps await but even there, the remnant church, the Church Victorious, shall grow exponentially - much to the angst and chagrin of the world.”

I see a whole new world emerging from these first 90 days of 2021. It may take some time, but the seeds will be sown in those first 90 days. It is not unlike the days of Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians, when the ‘church’ of that day, Israel, was taken into captivity in a foreign land. So today, we are about to go through a difficult time but the Lord is with us, His hand is upon us, and His mighty right arm is protecting us.

“Now therefore, arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them—the children of Israel. Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:2-3,9
Would you come apart and be with me today saith the Lord? For I would take the time to have you sit at my feet and just enjoy being in your presence. Yes, I enjoy that as much as you do my child. There are so few that turn the distractions off and come to this place and rest in my presence. For here, in this hour it is more necessary than ever. For I will show you of things to come and warm your heart with my love. Many have grown cold towards me for they think that I have forgotten them when prayers are not answered the way they expected. For those that are truly intimate with me, know that there must be a shedding away of the old, in order for the new to come. Many are hanging on to the old wineskin which cannot hold the new for it would burst. As they do not understand, they have walked away in disappointment. I will not force my presence upon anyone. I would say, it is of the free will to come and be close. 
Yet, it takes more than a yes, I will. It takes a resolve to tune out everything that is a distraction and just sit quietly at my feet. I would say to you that as the old wineskin is removed, that the new will be far better than the old. It will cause your faith to grow and be stretched in the hours ahead. It must happen if the remnant is to rise up in my Spirit and do what I desire them to do. There has to be a shedding and a shredding. Shredding Lord? Yes. Shredding of that which was the old so that there is no place to go back to. Shredding the hopes and dreams that have failed and shredding the disappointments and even the victories. For if you dwell on the what ifs, and the what weres, you can never become the what is. 
So, my child, sit at my feet and let me do the work necessary to bring you to that place of total dependence on me. Not on any others or anything. Totally dependent upon me. I will remove the old and place the new upon you. During this time, it will be painful, for not only am I removing the old things but also removing some people from your life, which is necessary for you to grow into the new wineskin. Oh, what a beautiful wineskin it will be as you yield to me. I have long waited for you to come to me and allow me to do this my child. For the hours ahead will require it more than ever. And, when I am finished, you shall shine like pure gold refined in the furnace, yes, the furnace, but my reflection shall be upon you as you allow this. When others see you, they will see me. For this is your hour to be what I have called you to be saith the Lord.
OCTOBER 14, 2020

Oh My people, My people I call you to account this day; For I tell you of a truth...It is now decision time. So I ask this of you, how long will you halt betwixt and between two diametrically opposed opinions? If you call Me,Jehovah God your One True God, your Lord and your Savior; Then follow Me and take heed to My Words only and be careful to carry out My Word, My will and My way. But if Baal and the systems of this world be your god and your leader then follow Baal and the evil systems of this world. I strongly admonish you My little ones to be careful of the voices that you not only hear, but that you listen to for it’s them you will soon follow; For truly as I’ve told you in My Word that My children know My voice and another voice they will not follow. Beware for some of you continue to listen to unproven voices and they often bring doubt and confusion to your lives. Hear Me and follow Me and then you will know by your spirit if who you listen to and take heed to their words are lining up with Me, My Word and My will. If Baal is your god and your leader then follow Baal. But if you love Me and I am your God, your faithful Lord and Savior then follow after Me. You have been on the fence long enough and now it is time for a show down; And for My true children to show up and stand up for Me and the truths of My Word. Truly it is time for you My people to pledge your full allegiance and your alliance to the one you will look to for guidance, for instructions, for safe keeping and for protection in this evil hour like never before. My children look around you and you will surely see that perilous times are here and they are consistently knocking on the door of your heart, your home and your country. As I have told you in My Word to take heed; Yes, to be careful, stay alert and to be aware of all things. My children you must do this and remain vigilant so that no one deceives you by any means. For that purpose I have forewarned you of these days and these horrendous happenings that would come on your land at the appointed time according to My time clock. Surely you can see that the days of perils and persecutions are now rapidly increasing; And yes, they are even now beginning to come to your doors...Right up to them and soon right on into your places of abode. The very places that have been a safe haven for you and for those who enter there invited by you. I am again asking of you My people, how sure are you that you will not accept the requests and at times the deceptive means of their demands; And thus end up bowing to the world’s system that is now rapidly escalating as things are even now beginning to close in on you, My little children. I know where you’re walking and I can see that you are finding yourselves in a place that you never thought you’d ever see or become directly involved with; Oh but...It is here and it has arrived much sooner than you had contemplated them happening. Why has things happened this way you may ask? I tell you of a truth...IF you had carefully read and studied My Word you would have not been unaware of these things. I call to your attention in My Word of the many things I spoke with My disciples about and it was penned and brought forth to you My children. Yes, it is there in My written Word the things that would happen pointing you to these days and to the things that are happening even now. Read them and you will see the timeline of things that have happened, are now happening and those things that will ultimately happen in this coming season. Are you ready? Is your house in order? There is no reason for you to fear but rather you My children have only reason to rejoice and be glad for I am with you, leading, guiding and protecting you My little ones. Oh yes, I am here for you and with you My children; Just as sure as I was with My children on their long journey to freedom from Egypt and from Pharaoh’s bondage...And I am with now and I will stand close by your side as you walk through the days that are now coming upon your land; Just as long as you come to Me and seek My face as you too are making yourselves ready for that which is before you. Beware for the spirit of the anti-Christ is loose and at work in the earth today. My dear children let not your hearts be troubled and neither let them be afraid. I am with you and I remain with you just as long as you stay in close communion with Me, your Lord, your Savior, your friend, your guide, your protector, your provider and your soon coming King. Again, I say do not let your heart’s be troubled and never let them be afraid or deceived”.
What man was called out of Ur of the Chaldees to become the Father of the Israelites??

What was the man Israel's name prior to be calling Israel?

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Now the Lord said unto Abram, get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house unto a land that I will show thee: and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing
Genesis 12:1-2 KJV
What is sharper than any two-edged sword?
A person's tongue
The Word of God
A two edged dagger
A diamond

What does the shield symbolize in a Christian's armor?

The correct answer is:

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