Dear Gloria,

Are you ready to catapult your 2024 fundraising banquet to unprecedented success, shattering all your fundraising goals and maximizing the impact of your life-saving mission?

Then you’re invited to attend an exclusive FREE online training this Thursday, February 15, at 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific) where America’s top 10 pro-life fundraising speakers will reveal revolutionary strategies to transform your fundraising events, engage your audience, boost your income, and expand your life-saving impact.

Here are your participation details:

  • Event: Supercharge Your 2024 Fundraising Banquet Success FREE online training
  • Date: This Thursday, February 15
  • Time: 1 PM Eastern (12 Noon Central, 11 AN Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)
  • Register to attend:

During the LIVE online training, you’ll discover:

  • CRITICAL ERRORS that hold banquets back from their full potential ... and how to sidestep them for unparalleled success
  • INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES that are revolutionizing fundraising events today – and why outdated approaches may no longer work
  • KEY MESSAGES that inspire pro-life audiences to support your mission even more generously in this post-Roe landscape
  • COMPELLING INSIGHTS leveraged by each speaker for profound connection and engagement with audiences
  • THE #1 TACTIC to attract a larger crowd and significantly boost your fundraising income – an essential revelation for every organizer

Your fundraising instructors:

  • Steventhen Holland, #1 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Kailee Perrin, #2 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker
  • David Bereit, #3 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker
  • Victoria Robinson, #4 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Dr. Tony Levatino, #5 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Bob Reccord, #6 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Marc Newman, #7 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Kirk Walden, #8 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Claire Culwell, #9 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker 
  • Kelly Lester, #10 Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker

WARNING: Seats are filling fast for this exclusive one-time-only opportunity. Register now to secure access to groundbreaking strategies that can redefine your fundraising efforts. Transform your approach, captivate your audience, and significantly increase donations with wisdom from America’s top pro-life fundraising speakers. Act today — your mission’s success cannot wait. Unlock the full potential of your next event. Space is limited ... claim your spot before it’s too late:



Gloria Leyda

Senior Vice President, Ambassador Speakers Bureau

PS- Help spread the word! Invite other pro-life and pregnancy center leaders to join you on this important online fundraising training. They can learn more and register to attend at:

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