Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church did a sermon a few weeks ago where he said, "You don't know who you really are until a crisis hits." He used the story of Peter and his betrayal of Christ as the example.
Ever since I listened to this sermon, I've been pondering on what this pandemic would further uncover about Americans. And so far, it's been quite disturbing...
We have a governor who stated that it wasn't God nor Faith that brought their new case numbers down, but human will....
We have another governor that stated abortion is a medical necessity during the time of COVID-19 and must be protected (this while surgeries for things like cancer, and organ transplants have been put on hold).
By the way, abortions are up 30% in this country since the lockdown started. I heard a report of an abortion clinic in a small town in Texas that had a line wrapped around the building.
State officials are fighting with each other, and states are locking people out from other states, while competing for medical supplies that's given to the highest bidder.
Divorce lawyers have become a hot commodity during lock down as divorce rates are skyrocketing (because people realized they didn't really take time to get to know their spouse in between work, friends, school, and kids).
During a protest (to open back up), dozens of women held signs that read; "Mothers suck at teaching" (because we have been brainwashed into letting media and the government raise our children, instead of the ones who brought them into the world).
While several other countries (i.e. Panama, South Africa, Zambia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Columbia, to name a few) have come together with their nation's leaders to fast, pray, and cry out to God for mercy during this pandemic, here, in America, there's a group of several thousand that encourage going outside at 8pm local time to howl at the sky, to bring out their "inner wolf".
Church leaders have defied stay-at-home orders over the recent weeks, which has lead to protests, arrests, and fines; and most claimed that the virus had no authority over them....all while 22 pastors have died within 4 weeks along with dozens of members (and that's only the ones that made the news).
BUT!!! I have to come back around and say that while places of worship were required to close, liquor stores and cannabis (weed) shops were deemed "essential".
Suicide and murder-suicide are on the rise throughout the states as some Americans aren't able to cope with fear of the unknown and loneliness.
Tons of misinformation and conspiracy theories are running rampant on social media in the conservative communities and it's invoking fear, anger, and pretty much setting them up to be detained (because we didn't learn how to BE STILL and hear the voice of the Lord for ourselves)....and that's exactly what "they" want.
So who are we really? Better yet, how does God view us? Is there hope? Yes...but our Hope must be in the Lord and in understanding that the things unfolding were written before time began, therefore it must come to past. Salvation will NOT manifest in saving a country, but in saving souls.
This is happening to prove that it profits one NOTHING to gain the world, but in the end, to loose their very soul. All of this is passing away, but that which is in Christ, will NEVER fade away.
So reach for Him...because He's still waiting.
Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries