July 22nd
Weekly Newsletter
New Jersey Update
This afternoon, an additional 750 positive COVID-19 cases were reported, bringing the statewide total to 900,128. An additional 4 deaths were announced, increasing the statewide total to 23,846. The rate of transmission is 1.4. There have been 10,647,116 COVID-19 vaccination doses administered to NJ residents, with 5,195,284 fully vaccinated. Vaccinations have slowed in the past few months, about 4 million residents remain unvaccinated.

On Monday, DOH Commissioner Judy Persichilli warned that the Delta Variant, still the most common variant in the US and in NJ, will probably cause an increase in cases among children who can not yet be vaccinated. Persichilli mentioned how case rates per 100,000 in children 4 and under has increased 29%, case rates per 100,000 for children ages 5-10 are up 15%, and case rates per 100,000 for children ages 10-13 are now at a 36% increase.

She also mentioned the NJ Docket app once again, which is a free app made to expand consumer access to immunization records. Individuals who are vaccinated in the state and have an email or phone number on file with New Jersey Immunization Information System can access their COVID-19 vaccination record. Residents can also visit njiis.nj.gov and request a copy of their immunization record. She once again highlighted the importance of vaccination, praising New Jersey's state of progress as a reflection of the success and efficacy of vaccines. More information can be found here.

It was also mentioned that as of now, NJ will not be reinforcing the mask mandate, though it is imperative that residents receive their vaccinations immediately if they have not been vaccinated yet.

The Governor will hold his next press briefing on Monday July 26th at 1 PM.
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