A Message from Nate Dennison
CHS Head of School
Dear Concord Hill Families,
Tomorrow we graduate 16 Concord Hill Cubs who are ready to leave the den and explore a new part of the forest. I want to congratulate Soliyana Belda, Jason Davis, Jacob Don, Kenneth George, Max Hoffman, Ryder Lenkin, Calyse Madar, William Miller, Quinn Muller, Joey Reiss, Emily Claire Remillard, Lanie Schultz, Gray Schwartz, Ruby Sclafani, Gavin Siegel, and Jane Sobota for your kindness, hard work, perseverance, and joy that you have demonstrated and shared with us over the years. On behalf of the entire Concord Hill community, I want to say what an absolute honor and privilege it has been to know each of you and to be a part of your growth and development. You have reminded us every day what is most important in this world, and our lives have been enriched immensely by knowing you.
This year our graduates will attend the following schools:

·     Holton-Arms School
·     Landon School
·     Maret School
·     Montgomery County Public Schools
·     National Cathedral School
·     St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
·     Woods Academy
Please find the program  here  for tomorrow’s Closing Meeting and Graduation. Also, please note that all CHS families are invited to gather at Norwood Park for the CHS Graduation Parade at 11:30 AM, rain or shine! Please come out to line the street in your cars, bring your signs (which you can make today as part of Thoughtfulness Thursday) and cheer on our graduates as they parade through the park.
I want to thank everyone who has participated in CHS Strong Week. Today is Thoughtfulness Thursday with many activities providing the opportunity to reflect and express gratitude. Thinking beyond ourselves can be challenging for many adults, let alone our youngest learners. However, developing the ability to reflect, listen, empathize, acknowledge our connectedness, and express gratitude are essential skills to the character and respect we seek to foster in our community. 
As we continue to reflect, listen, and act in response to the racial injustice in our country, we want to reiterate that we are here to help and support you and your children. We hope you found the resources in Tuesday’s communication helpful. We also wanted to share another resource/opportunity: Sesame Street and CNN are hosting a Town Hall for kids and families entitled  Standing Up to Racism  on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. 
Typically, summer time is a quiet time for everyone to go their separate directions, travel, attend camps, and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of school. While I know we are all hopeful for a change of pace, we believe this summer needs to be different. Maintaining a strong connection is more important than ever during these challenging times. At Concord Hill, we are planning a variety of community activities to stay connected, including lunch bunches, family game nights, dance parties, and more. We will also be keeping you updated on our plans for the fall as they become clearer. You can plan to receive Thursday Messages every two to three weeks, so please keep reading them to stay informed and connected.
Lastly, I want to say what a pleasure it has been to be Concord Hill’s Head of School this past year. It’s been quite a first year to say the least! The strength and resilience demonstrated by the CHS community has been remarkable. I want to thank our talented faculty and staff for their dedication, flexibility, and support. I want to thank our incredible families, current and alumni, who have been so welcoming, generous, and encouraging. Finally, I want to thank our Board of Trustees who go above and beyond in so many ways to support our small school. It is a distinct privilege to be able to serve Concord Hill as Head of School, and I am eager to lead our school through these turbulent times and into a brighter future. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this special community, and thank you for making us CHS Strong!
I wish you all a safe, healthy, and restorative summer. Please remember my Zoom office is always open, and I am happy to connect with you throughout the summer if I can support you and your family in any way! Thank you again for an incredible year!
All the Best,

PS: Please "plant" your pinwheels in front of CHS tomorrow morning between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM (thunderstorm forecast tonight)! Please practice social distancing and we'll see you tomorrow!

Friday Morning Meeting & 3rd Grade Graduation
Friday, June 5, 9:00 AM
Meeting ID: 853 0942 5787
Password: 041758

Collecting & Returning Student Materials
Wed–Fri | June 10–12 | 9am–11am

Families are invited to visit CHS to collect student work—including art portfolios for each student from Mrs. Bennett—as well as to return all CHS library books. 

All materials will be exchanged safely outside of the school building (weather permitting) next Wednesday, June 10, beginning at 9:00 AM. 
Seesaw Access
Through July 15

We hope that you have enjoyed using Seesaw to see your child’s work and to hear their reflections this year. While your child is at Concord Hill, you can access all items from year to year in your child’s Seesaw account with your Seesaw login.  If your child is attending another school next year, you can save individual projects and/or your entire Seesaw profile until JULY 15.    To do this, please choose from the following options:

  1. To download an individual entry, login to your Seesaw account, then save using the three-dots found at the bottom of right of the entry.
  2. To download your entire Seesaw profile, please follow these instructions.
Please contact  Karen Opdahl  with any questions. Have a wonderful summer!
Registration Starts Tomorrow !

CHS Virtual Summer Sessions
Mon–Fri | July 6–31 | One- & Two-Week Sessions
For Primary–4th Grade Students

CHS Faculty, Active Play, and Imagination Stage are offering virtual summer sessions beginning July 6! Register below, tomorrow, Friday, June 5, beginning at 10:00 AM.
CHS Summer Reading Challenge
Enjoy Books All Summer!
Complete goals by September 1, 2020
Mr. Mease's All-Sports Camp
AUG 10–14 | 9:00 AM–1:00 PM
$295 per week

Led by Concord Hill School's very own P.E. Teacher Kert Mease, the Golden Goal All-Sports Camp provides opportunities for children to learn team-building skills while improving technique, building confidence, and having fun!
For the safety of CHS students, faculty, and staff,
all visitors are required to sign in at the Front Desk.