Thursday Newsletter 11-18-2021

With the first trimester coming to an end, we wanted to highlight Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty as outlined in our handbook.
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Academic integrity is necessary for true learning and academic success. Students who blatantly show a disregard for academic integrity sabotage their own acquisition of knowledge and will also face academic and disciplinary consequences. Students who have academic integrity are students who
 ● Do their own work and do their own work without using aids that cut short the learning process.
 ● Use legitimate academic resources and carefully cite work that is not their own, such as lines, passages, or quotes from legitimate reference material.
ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty can not be tolerated. Teachers have the right to confiscate unapproved aids. Examples of academic dishonesty are (but not limited to)
1. Plagiarism - claiming as one’s own, the work of another person, whether single line of text, an entire passage, a paraphrased sequence of ideas, a recording, a visual representation, or any other form of expression. Any form of expression by another person that is not properly cited is considered plagiarism.
* 2. Copying another student’s work. A person who allows someone to copy her work is equally as guilty of plagiarism as the person copying.
3. Using previously submitted work from another class.
4. Cheating on an assessment.
5. Providing an unfair advantage to students taking an assessment at a later time, such as discussing test questions with students who will take the same test later.
6. Any violation of assessment rules established by the teacher,
 *Plagiarism can range from failing to cite an author for ideas incorporated into a student's paper to copying and pasting paragraphs from different websites or resources to handing in a paper downloaded from the internet. All are plagiarism. Many students make the mistake of thinking that if they simply rewrite information from a source in their own words, they are not plagiarizing. Plagiarism is not just about stealing someone else's words, but also about stealing ideas. It includes: • using a published author's work,
● copying directly from a book, magazine, newspaper, song, or Internet without using quotation marks and/or without providing the author's name and a bibliography
● paraphrasing: putting the text in your own words, and not providing the author's name and a bibliographic citation.
● Summarizing - using keywords, phrases, or ideas from the text, and not providing the author's name and a bibliographic citation
● using statistical data or copying maps, charts or graphs from a book, magazine, newspaper, song, or Internet without providing the author's name and a bibliographic citation
● Using a friend's work, or having him tell you the answer or part of the answer or copying homework
● Cheating on a test. or using notes when not allowed or using a textbook when not allowed or looking at someone else's test.  A person who allows someone to copy her work is equally as guilty of plagiarism as the person copying.
Teachers will discuss this plagiarism policy in every class at the beginning of a course and discuss academic and ethical reasons for not using the work of other people without proper attribution. Teachers will make it clear that they will be vigilant about looking for plagiarism and will explain the consequences and penalties. In any specific case, if you are unsure about what is acceptable and what is not, the best thing is to ask your teacher. 
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Monday, November 22nd!

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