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As the three men (angels) left Abraham, God said he would “go down” and see how the situation was in Sodom. The men, as God’s messengers, obviously gave Him a report of the evil going on. God took the next step. (Genesis 18:20-22).
God sent two other angels in the form of men to rescue Lot. It was late afternoon (evening) when they arrived at Sodom. (Genesis 19.) Lot sat at the city gate of Sodom. This shows that Lot had already become a man of influence in the city. He was quite wealthy. Only highly regarded men get to sit at the city gate where people and merchants go in and out.
Lot welcomed the two men (angels) and took them into his house and prepared them a feast. Before the evening was done, the men from all quarters of Sodom, both young and old, surrounded Lot’s house. They demanded that Lot give over these two strangers to them so they could “know” them, which meant to forcibly have sex with the two men. The city had been given over to the sinful perversion of homosexuality. (This is where the name “sodomy” comes from). They likely would have ended up killing their two victims. (Nobody yet knew the two men were angels incarnated in human form.)
Lot defended his two guests refusing to turn them over. The hoard accused Lot of judging them (vs. 9). Lot tried to negotiate by offering his two virgin daughters. They rejected his offer because they had no interest in women. As the men of Sodom tried to break down Lot’s door to force their way in, the two angels smote them with blindness and pulled Lot into safety.
The two men (angels) then revealed God’s plan. They told Lot (Gen 19:13 NKJV), “…we will destroy this place, because the outcry against them has grown great before the face of the LORD (YHWH), and the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”
This clearly shows how God feels about homosexuality. It is truly an abominable stench in His nostrils. We shall talk tomorrow about what He did but let us look at our own lands for now.
Most of society now accepts homosexuality as a fully acceptable and normal lifestyle. Even our government has recognized it as legitimate by law and passed laws to give them special protections and rights. Even the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriage to be normalized and legal. 
It is a slippery slope from which the LGBT agenda demands even more “rights” such as adult men to have sex with boys under the age of twelve. They speak of “tolerance”, but they are hypocritically intolerant of anyone who calls it sin or advocates for man-woman marriage as the only acceptable norm. God punished Israel often for allowing it in their land. Are we any less susceptible to judgment?

What has happened to the America I knew?
 As a young person when I was in college two girls were caught in a lesbian situation. The whole college looked down on them, and it was considered a gross sin. You would hear occasionally of someone that was involved in homosexuality, but it was all behind closed doors. In many states the act of sodomy was illegal, and many were arrested and put on trial for this sin. 
In recent years many have “come out of the closet” and have been very blatant in their stand for “sin.” Churches have condoned it and have ordained people into the ministry that practice this “sin.” There are “gay” parades, and the movie industry has put out many movies making this sinful lifestyle glamourous. Many are advocating now that children not determine their sex at birth but decide later what they want to be. 
Many people have lost businesses because they stood for their own Godly principles and stood against gay marriage by refusing to serve these “customers.” People that were decent, Christian businesspeople were forced to either cave-in to the request of these “lifestyle agendas” or go to court. Most lost at the court. Many lost everything they owned over this. 
Sin is celebrated in this nation. Sin is celebrated in the church. I truly believe that God gave us a chance to repent, and we did not. Much like Sodom and Gomorrah, the hammer of justice has fallen, and America is now being judged for its sin. Not just homosexuality, but murder of innocents, (infanticide) pornography, and every other conceivable sin there is. In a large Christian Pastor’s meeting over 90% of the men that were there (several thousand attended) admitted that they watched pornography.
Is it any wonder that God has brought down the hammer? Now we are witnessing an election that has been totally out of control. Ranting and raving, promoting sin, and speaking evil on both sides. Many “proven” prophets have said that Trump would win, and it doesn’t look that way. Many will say that the election was stolen if he doesn’t win. But is that truly the case? Has God given the people of America what they want? Has he lifted his hand of favor off our country and is letting all of this happen? I would have to say yes to that statement. Nothing happens that God doesn’t know about. Even Abraham could not save Sodom and Gomorrah after interceding for “ten” righteous people. 
I see very dark days ahead for our nation. At the same time, the remnant can rise up and bring light to the darkness. Perhaps this is your hour to shine like you have never shown. Are you willing to bring love to those that are in deep sin? Are you willing to put your life on the line (and that might be just what it takes) to bring the gospel even if it becomes illegal? This is what happened in the Church of Acts. They knew that the government was rotten and so was the leadership in the synagogues. They had a form of godliness but were whited sepulchers on the outside with dead men’s bones inside. Their religious attitude was a stench in God’s nostrils. 
I know this will not be a popular message to most, but God has the final word, and he hates sin. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34
Only God can make America great when she comes to her knees in repentance.

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Sunday Service

Trusting God will Provide
Wednesay, November 4, 2020
Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers

The Lord says...”My people surely you’re not thinking it strange at the things that are going on around you. Yes, everywhere you turn you are seeing more of the things that My Word has told you would surely happen; As you’re approaching the beginning of the end of things as you have known them to be. Many of these happenings have shocked even a person of the world’s system; But in their ignorance of My Word there’s still been a knowledge of things they’ve heard would come to pass to signal the beginning of the end. My children you know the things that have and are yet still bringing this nation much shame and disgrace. Besides these things there are those who have propagated many things that have worked against Me; All of which have worked towards the taking down of Me, My Name and My values from this nation and out from the nations highest courts; As well as taking Me out of the states, the cities, the schools and yes, even out from the workplace and the homes. Surely you can see this nation is at war; It’s a war of good versus evil...And of the powers of darkness coming against you My people and against My church; Not knowing that it’s only been you carrying My presence that has thus far held back My judgement. It is written in My Word, 'Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord'. Look around you; Do you see a nation fully dedicated to and ran by this Word and it’s principles? No, but rather you are a witness to the little gods being established from the White House to the Courthouse to the Church house and to the houses of My people that I love and have protected. My little ones can’t you see the days that you read about in My Word are now becoming even more frequent? Yes, the time is coming when My presence will be totally stripped out and away from all of your land. For it is clear to see that My Name and My Glory is now all but gone from everything around you. I tell you do not be alarmed when you see these things rapidly begin to escalate as you see morals decline at this hour in your land; Yes, the land and many of its people that I created have already fully indulged in and are led by their ungodly, selfish, immoral and pleasure seeking ways. These ways and their evil decisions have caused your nation to fail and now it is no longer...One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Neither is it still revered by other countries and its leaders as it has always been. My children I tell you of a truth the evil that’s against this your great nation has devised a plot and a plan that’s been put into motion for it’s total demise. This has long since been planned by those who despise all that your nation has stood far; And now because of its great blasphemous sins it is on course to FALL...It is inevitable. Just know that there is no one, regardless of his or her capabilities that can put things back together again now. Besides all of this you know well of the signs of the times that My Word said would all happen in time. You who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to discern know of a certainty that it’s evident that time is now here. For My blessings and My protection are swiftly being stripped away from a nation that has forgotten God. Oh, but My presence, My protection, My promises nor My provisions have not and they will not ever be stripped off and away from you, My blood bought children and My Church who have loved Me and stood with Me. So trust Me and rest in Me. But again,I clearly say to you as a nation of people...That you have now entered into a time when the total exodus of My spirit is becoming more evident; Not from you My people, but from a nation that has cursed Me. But yes, the last bit of My presence and My protection is slowly but surely being lifted from this your nation who forgot Me. My children I remind you of My Words that I have spoken to you times past; As I have encouraged you not to ever be fearful of the things you’re beginning to see take place in this your land. The time has come for you My children to stand and to stay strong. For surely the Antichrist spirit is already at work in the land and the appointed time is soon coming for him to be revealed. Take Me at My Word and know there is no reason for fear to consume those of you My children; Yes, those who are living in Me and not just professing to know Me. For truly those of you who have My blood applied to your heart, your lives and to your homes will be safe in this evil hour. Cry aloud and spare not as you shout out to those about you telling them to, ‘Prepare, yes, prepare for the beginning of the end of all things as you have known things to be...For surely it is coming on the scene; And is even now at your door’. My children you know from being acquainted with My written Word that indeed I have given this nation ample time to repent and to turn from its wicked ways. Therefore, very soon you will see My hands being totally lifted off as judgment hits your nation in an even greater way. Be ready I say, for the time is fastly approaching for the man of sin to be revealed. Prepare your hearts and prepare your homes for the hour that is soon coming says the Lord".
What was the name of the man that was made to carry Jesus' cross?
Nicodemus of Canaan
Lazarus of Galilee
Simon the Cyrene
Joseph of Arimithea

What was the name of Adam and Eve's third son?

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The way of the fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise..
Proverbs 12:15 KJV
What was the man Israel's original name ?

What prophet took a boat to Tarshish instead of going where God told him to go?

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