Thursday, April 9, 2020 | Issue 2
A Quote to Inspire Us
"Rather than cling to illusions of normalcy and control, let the alternate universe teach you all-new ways to be and do. The world is different. So let’s be different, too. For this strange period in our lives, we have the opportunity to learn entirely new approaches to productivity, knowledge, connection, community, and happiness." 
 Aisha S. Ahmad
Professor at the University of Toronto - Read her article below in the Resources section
Please r eview commonly asked questions regarding COVID-19 and also the added link to Questions for President Ochoa and others at the virtual Labor Council meeting on April 10, 2020. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your employment, job duties, and/or administrative leave, please reach out to us.

 Emails are being reviewed daily, from 8:00AM-5:00PM.
Welcome your new Vice President and
Bargaining Unit Representative 5!
Join us in welcoming our newest CSUEUMB Chapter 322 Executive Board Members:

Jennifer Geertsen , Chapter Vice President and Damian Flores , Bargaining Unit 5 Representative. Below is a link to the entire list of Chapter 322 Stewards and Executive Board Members.
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Poll of the Moment
Which date would work best for you if we were to have a chapter meeting in May?
Friday, May 15
Thursday, May 21
Tuesday, May 26
Any of these dates would work.
I cannot make any of these dates.