Thursday Update
May 14, 2020
Faith@Home: David & Lynne Thomas- Walking at Cameron Park Lake
The Church Moving Slowly

The Christian Church has often been criticized for moving too slowly. Indeed, it often takes the Church decades, if not centuries, to respond to cultural shifts. Among the many reasons for this slow pace is being charged with preserving Tradition. It is no simple task to discern what is essential in the teachings of Christ and what is simply a reflection of a particular culture and a particular time.

Given that long history of slow movement, I have been amazed to see the Church so rapidly respond to our current circumstances. Just about every congregation, from the very large to the very small, has moved worship, ministry, fellowship, and education online. Most congregations have been talking for over a decade about increasing their online presence. And in a matter of weeks, that has happened! Thank you to the many at Faith Episcopal Church who are laboring each week to keep us connected to God and each other, and to continue our ministries in the ways that are available to us.

None of us knows exactly what things will look like in the months to come. As we carefully consider how to ease some restrictions, we are wise to move very slowly in order to protect each other’s well-being. Perhaps the Church’s long history of slow movement is a great asset during this time. It is not wise or loving to rush back to our “normal” ways of doing things, no matter what others around us are doing. It is more important to protect each other. In our opening Collect for this Sunday, we will ask the Lord to “pour into our hearts such love” for God and for each other. In our lesson from 1 Peter, we will hear, “Who will harm you if you are eager to do what is good? But even if you do suffer for doing what is right, you are blessed.” Let us not be too eager to do what we want, but instead be eager to do what is good and right, for each other.

My friends, be patient. Be kind. Be good. Know that you are blessed and loved. 

Reverend Sonya
Zoom Coffee Hour
This Sunday we are going to try a virtual coffee hour using Zoom! Check the Sunday Worship Service Guide to get the Zoom link. Watch our normal Facebook Live Worship service and then grab your coffee and cookies and join the Zoom Coffee Hour.

If you have had any trouble joining in a Zoom meeting, you might consider downloading the application to your browser or your phone Download the App or visit your preferred app store on your phone.
Giving Statements & System Improvements
statement photo
Your Giving statements for 1/1/2020 – 4/30/2020 were mailed vis USPS Monday 5/11 and by now you should have received one. If you have any concerns or questions, please email the Treasurer, Lynne Thomas at .
If you are an online giver and we hope that you are – please note that for a few days next week the online giving system will go down.  During this time, you will not see the Giving link on our webpage and you will not have access to our giving system. We are moving to a new platform in our database and will update you when it has been converted. 

If your giving is automatic (recurring) - you do not need to do anything. Your recurring gift will convert and keep on giving. 

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your giving online!!!
Music Ministry Update
Virtual Choir Practice
As we take into consideration what we must do at Faith to regather safely, we will be looking at how to do music again. Singing has been identified by the CDC as a particular concern for spreading the disease. Understanding that music is an important part of our worship, we are continuing to prayerfully do research on alternatives and keep ourselves informed on current safety guidelines to keep our musicians, singers and congregants safe. Our Ministry members continue to meet regularly via Zoom (see photo.)

Rosie Sabado
Music Director
Three Simple Rules
Three Simple Rules - From Pastor Liz

On Sunday I talked about Bishop Rueben P. Job’s book Three Simple Rules. In that book Bishop Job draws from John Wesley’s writings of the Methodist movement in the 1700’s. We are looking into having a multi-week, small group study after our walk through the Gospel of Matthew. This book is available in print and in eBook versions, including Kindle. There are also versions of it specifically geared to youth. You can order the book on Cokesbury or Amazon and through other sources I’m sure. As Bishop Job writes, “The rules are simple, but the way is not easy." For now, let’s keep helping each other practice:

1. Do no harm. 2. Do good. 3. Stay in love with God.

Here are some options for purchasing the book:
Purchase the book from Cokesbury
Honoring Graduates
On Sunday, May 24th we will honor and bless our graduating high school and college students. We have accounted for our high school graduates but could use some help with identifying college graduates. If you are the parent of a graduating college student and would like us to include them in our newsletter and worship service, please send an email to
Sierra Service Project Update
Sierra Service Project (SSP), a summer program for youth, has announced that there will not be an in-person program this summer. SSP will be offering an online option and more details will be available soon. Youth who previously registered for the in-person program will have the option to join the online version if they choose to do so.

The new online program will be open to youth who did not previously register for SSP and we will share more information as it becomes available.

Thank you to our community for supporting our youth for this valuable experience!
Other Information
Online resources for people in recovery

Isolation is perilous for people in recovery. We learn that our sobriety depends upon keeping connected to sober people, being accountable to others, being of service to others.  The Rev. Anne McKeever, Diocesan Recovery Facilitator has compiled resources that are still available during the "shut-down".

There are no established office hours during this time when the church is closed due to COVID-19 precautions. If you have any questions, please email the church at

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please email prayer requests to .

Pastor Liz Armstrong and Rev. Sonya are both available by email and phone to support you, but cannot make in-person visits at this time.

Liz Armstrong
(916) 201-3319

Sonya Reichel

Please email and contact information changes to the office at .

The SHARE Food Closet is temporarily closed. Those in need can be directed to the El Dorado County Food Bank.