Thursday Update
May 7, 2020
Watching Deer
Pastor Liz Faith @Home: Watching Deer
God as (Grand)Mother

As Mother’s Day approaches on Sunday, I am thinking about the image of God as mother. During a particularly painful part of my spiritual path, I rejected much of my childhood version of Christianity. I rejected the images of God that I had been told were the only acceptable images, such as the Old Sky Daddy. Part of my climb out of the dark and painful pit that looked like atheism, but was really just healing, was opening myself to the image of God as mother, and more specifically, as Grandmother. I pictured God as an elderly woman, with long, grey hair flowing over her shoulders and down her body. She wore a comfortable sun dress. Her body was soft and plump. She was clearly at home in Her own skin. She sat on a comfortable, cozy rocking chair and invited me to rest in Her lap. She stroked my hair and whispered lovingly in my ear. Sometimes She sang a sweet lullaby. Her presence was soothing, gentle, and nourishing, and also powerful. She could be fierce when She needed to protect her children. This was a god I wanted to be with, a god I needed to be with.

Is there a danger of creating god in our own image and likeness? Yes, there is. But when an image comes to us spontaneously, when an image brings us peace, joy, comfort, healing, and other gifts of the Holy Spirit, then we can trust this as a gift from God. When an image brings us judgment, criticism, self-righteousness, then not so much.

God is so humble and so full of longing to be in loving relationship with us that God reveals God-self to us in the ways that we need, in ways we can catch. For me, this was God the GrandMother. What is it for you? Not what images have you been taught, but what images have you caught? How is the Spirit working in your imagination to reveal who and what God is and to bring you what you need?

Reverend Sonya
In-Person Worship Update
As our state moves toward stage two of our public health response to COVID-19, we are beginning to see hope for stage three when public church services will begin to return. It's exciting to think of in-person worshiping at Faith Church again, and we are taking very seriously the steps needed to do so safely.

It will be very different from what we've been accustomed to as we balance our need for communal worship with our need for wise adjustments in full compliance with  g uidelines from the State of California .

Some of our safety measures will include:
  • limited capacity in order to maintain the recommended 6' distance
  • possible multiple service times to accommodate those joining in person
  • worshipers will need to wear masks so we can all protect each other
  • communion in one kind only, shared by carefully dropping each piece of bread in your hands
  • live streaming the service for those who choose to stay home or who are still advised to remain at home

This will be  gradual , and we will continue to worship from home at least through May 31st. We'll share more information in the days ahead.

For now, be sure you have a face mask to wear . We are looking for a team of people to make masks that are available at church each week. S ue Davis is coordinating this effort and you can reach her at

Again, this is a preparation for WHEN that day comes. No date has been set.

Bishop Megan and the Diocesan staff are providing weekly updates and tools for us and Bishop Megan will lay out clear guidelines that Faith Church will be complying with. Pastor Liz is also forming a Faith Church task force for regathering.
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Mission Team Update
Padre Franscico in Honduras provided an update on how he is using a $2000 grant that was provided by our Mission fund in April.

Padre Francisco serves several Episcopal Churches in Honduras and had been providing food and supplies to those most in need. He shared that he must travel with the police for safety. His recent trip was to help 30 families in a town called El Paraiso. Each family was provided with approximately 30 pounds of food and supplies such as matches and soap.

Landscape Cleanup this Saturday
The church "yard" need some loving care! The landscape ministry team is gathering this Saturday morning (staying 6 feet apart of course) and everyone is welcome to join in. Pick a spot and make it weed free. Weedwhackers needed so bring one if you have it.
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Patty Bicycling
Patty - Bicycling on the Folsom Trail and watching Faith Church Live!
Watching Faith Live

Faith Youth Zoom Call
Faith Youth on a Zoom Call!
Mango the Cat
Mango the cat sings with Pastor Liz
Day by Day & Upper Room Booklets
The Day by Day and The Upper Room devotional guides for May/June are here. Normally you can pick them up in the rotunda. We have large and small print versions of the Upper Room and small print for the Day by Day.

If you would like us to mail you one, please contact Lynne Thomas at

You can also find these online at

Blessings and stay safe!
Lynne Thomas
Other Information
Online resources for people in recovery

Isolation is perilous for people in recovery. We learn that our sobriety depends upon keeping connected to sober people, being accountable to others, being of service to others.  The Rev. Anne McKeever, Diocesan Recovery Facilitator has compiled resources that are still available during the "shut-down".

There are no established office hours during this time when the church is closed due to COVID-19 precautions. If you have any questions, please email the church at

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please email prayer requests to .

Pastor Liz Armstrong and Rev. Sonya are both available by email and phone to support you, but cannot make in-person visits at this time.

Liz Armstrong
(916) 201-3319

Sonya Reichel

Please email and contact information changes to the office at .

The SHARE Food Closet is temporarily closed. Those in need can be directed to the El Dorado County Food Bank.