WAV Group Newsletter July 2020

Nicole Jensen, one of the brightest lights in the MLS industry is setting off to a new adventure as Chief Executive Officer of realMLS and Metro Market Trends in Northeast Florida.

by Marilyn Wilson

The Counselors of Real Estate hosts one of my favorite annual press announcements. CRE is a 1,000 “by invitation” membership organization comprised of industry veterans representing investors, financiers, developers, corporate real estate professionals, appraisers, consultants, attorneys, brokers, and other industry professionals.

by Kevin Hawkins

As part of my business, I provide a partner selection service to assist brokerages in vetting products. A Product Team's role is to deliver the product's vision to the customer. An area that the team puts a lot of effort into during the development process is to ensure their product is usable by the customer.

by David Gumpper

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