Wake-Up With St. Peter's!
A Short Publication for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Fred Palmer Petrucelli
Fred Petrucelli's Memorial Service will be on Monday, September 10, 2018, here at St. Peter's. His ashes will be interned in the Columbarium after the Eucharist.
Rally Day
Ministry Fair
Want to know more about what goes on with all of our ministries? St. Peter's Ministry Fair is this Sunday in the Lobby! This is a great way for you to find out where you can find your place or places to volunteer.
Ministry Team for September 9, 2018
Lector: Douglas Young
Lector: Donna Bowman
Ushers: Judy Helm, Mathilda Hatfield
Greeters: Tom and Melissa Courtway
Lectors: Chris Odom NT, Marianne Black OT
Ushers: Donna and Eric Hutchinson
Greeters: Carolyn Scott, Marilyn Larson
Sign-Up for Small Groups
Do you seek community?
Do you seek a life centered on Jesus? 
Do you seek to explore and live his Way of Love?
Join a St. Peter's Small Group and grow in the loving, liberating, life-giving way of Jesus - a way that has the power to change your life, our church, and the world! Small Groups typically meet twice a month in a home, include a meal, a time of fellowship, and follow an outline of discussion around a topic or book. This year we will be talking about The Jesus Movement: Walking the Way of Love: Practices for a Jesus-centered life from The Episcopal Church Center.
Small groups are a wonderful way to know and be known in the community of St. Peter's.

Sign-Up for a Small Group using this link or look for the forms in church on Sunday! 

Lobby ArtWork
You may have noticed the artwork has changed in the church foyer. The new paintings are the work of Sheila Parsons, a well-known Conway artist and a good friend of St. Peter’s. Sheila has received many awards and recognition for her many contributions to the art community as a painter and educator.
If you are interested in seeing more of Sheila’s work, visit the local gallery Art on the Green located on Bob Courtway.
Suzanne is also a member of the Arkansas Artist Registry supported by the Arkansas Arts Council.  www.arkansasarts.org  where more information and images can be
Birthday Celebration
for Ann and Douglas!
On Tuesday, September 4, 2018, a rowdy group of St. Peter's family gathered at Mike's Place to celebrate the birthdays of Douglas Young and Ann Drake. Have a special celebration with your St. Peter's family? Send me your pics and stories to John Churchwell .
Pantry Musings
Recently we had a reading from Deuteronomy 4.1-2, 7-10 in which Moses gave instructions to the twelve ragged tribes, Israel, concerning their covenant with God which Moses said would demonstrate that they were a wise and worthy people. They had wandered forty year across the desert from Egypt to Canaan, the Promised Land, and were tired and here is Moses advising them concerning their behavior in this new land. I wonder what new immigrants coming here are advised: Watch out someone will take your children and you may never see them again! You had better get an immigration lawyer or you will be deported to the same old political and criminal conditions that you fled. It is even worse for some citizens who speak Spanish and have a passport. It seems that they are being questioned. Who are we? We will not believe that people flee home for fear of their lives, and we send them back to face the situation they fled after they have wandered their ‘forty years’. We say that valid passports are not acceptable because their holders are of Hispanic descent even though they are citizens. What are our values?! What happened to honesty and compassion? What happened to justice? If you are trying to appeal to the values of this country don’t you have a right to a hearing? If you are appealing to a Christian don’t we love our neighbor? What do we do about people we are citizens who are denied their rights? Where is our guidance as a country that will give people hope, wisdom, and discernment that looks beyond outward appearances to our own compassion for those fleeing poverty and war, starvation and rape, and crime. Our Christian values look beyond the outward appearances. Let us brush them off and use them. –Ann Drake