The Decibels Foundation

Thursday, April 8th

Wave Maker of the Day

Warren Snipe

Warren goes by the stage name WAWA. He is a deaf writer, rapper and performer. He completed an album called "Deaf: So What”. He graduated from Gallaudet in 1994 where he became a brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. WAWA is also a founding member of the Wild Zappers, an all-male deaf dance company. He has worked with The National Deaf Dance Company and has been featured on television and in music videos as a dancer. He has labeled his genre as "Dip Hop," which means Hip Hop through deaf eyes. In 2021, Snipe performed the American National Anthem in American Sign Language (ASL) at Super Bowl LV. Videos of his performance went viral all over social media. 

Facts of the Day

There are five different approaches to provide language to babies and children who are deaf and hard of hearing

Natural Gestures, Listening, Speech (Lip)Reading, Spoken Speech

Listening, Spoken Speech

American Sign Language and English

Cued Speech
Cueing, Speech (Lip) Reading

Total Communication
 Conceptually Accurate Signed English    
 (CASE), Signing Exact English (SEE),   
 Finger Spelling, Listening, Manually Coded 
 English (MCE), Natural Gestures, Speech   
 (Lip) Reading, Spoken Speech

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