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  • 8/26 School Starts (June 11, 2020 last day of school)
  • 8/30 6th Grade WEB Day in 4th period class
  • 9/2 Labor Day- No school
  • 9/5 Minimum Block Day (School out at 1PM)
  • 9/5 Back to School Night 6PM
  • 9/6 Minimum Block Day (School out at 1PM)
  • 9/10 Make up Picture Day
  • 9/17 - 9/20 6th Grade Science Camp
  • 9/27 Thurston PTA Meeting 9AM in library
Morning Drop off and afternoon pickup

In the morning drop off please pull forward as far as possible into the school.

In the afternoon, parents pickup their children in the surrounding streets. Cars are not allowed inside the parking lot at afternoon pickup, due to the many buses in the lot.

6th Graders and new students

Just an FYI that students do not bring their textbooks to school. Those books are for students to keep at home and enjoy a lighter backpack. =)

Thurston PTA’s Alternative Fundraiser ($185.00 raised so far)

This fundraiser is in lieu of having Thurston families participate in an activity-based fundraiser.

It’s a simple,one time donation and 100% goes directly to Thurston PTA to support our students, teachers and school. Thank you to everyone that has already made a donation on the PTA Membership page or via the Alternative Fundraiser.

Our goal is $5,000 - see for more details or click here to download the sign up form.

Seeking family & business sponsors for Thurston PTA's
Kindness Challenge
(Kindness Challenge coming January 2020. Logo designed by Thurston art teacher Ivy Leighton)

StuNews donated $5,000 worth of free advertising for our Kindness Challenge. Sponsors that donate $350+ will get their logo in the StuNews ads twice a week for the entire year!

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Our goal is 375 members. We currently have 183 Thurston PTA members
Thurston PTA helps enrich the education of all Thurston students. 
We support, promote, manage, sponsor, and organize countless programs, including:

Academic Awards, After School Clubs Buses, Teacher Grants, 8th Gr. Museum of Tolerance Field Trip, SMART Card Awards,  Thurston PTA Scholarship, Student Assistance, 6th Grade Million Word Readers,
Oral History Project, Staff Appreciation Week, Smart Drawings & Supplies, 7th & 8th Grade Passion Project Field Trip, 6th – 8th Grade Medals, Smart Assemblies, Coffee Talk, Fin the Shark Mascot, Gold Cards, United in Kindness, Sports Swap, Beach Clean-up, Destination Imagination,  ASB & PALS & Leadership Support, Library Support, 6th Gr. W.E.B. Days, Positive Postcards, Club Registration Fees, PTA Reflections Art Contest,  Wave Rider Day, Kindness Challenge, Campus Culture Signs, Book Swap, Assembly Support, Attendance Certificates,  New Student Support, P.E. Equipment Support, Blue & Gold Awards,  8th Grade Promotion, Angels Family Night
Thank you to our Wave Rider Day Volunteers:
Celine Macmillan, Heather Loughlin, Melissa Vermilya, Sarah Gardner,
Jimmy Azadian, Paula Street, Marie Bammer, Joshua
Seeking 2019 - 2020
Sports Swap co-chairs

We are still seeking 2 co-chairs or 1 chair for Sports Swap that takes place on November 2, 2019.

If we don't find someone, there will be no Sports Swap this year.

You will be fully trained and supported for this position. There are already committee members there to help you. We just need a chair or co-chair.

What is Sports Swap? Individuals donate gently used sports items and 100% of the sale price will go to Thurston PTA or consign your items and receive 50% of the sale price. The Sports Swap takes place in the Thurston Gym on a Saturday.

Please email PTA President Celine Macmillan
at if you're interested in co-chairing or
chairing Sports Swap.
Ball Room Sign Up

A parent volunteer is needed at lunch time each day to check out balls.

The job entails showing up at the specified time, going to the Ball Room, pulling out the sign-out sheet for the balls, monitoring that kids sign the balls out.

After 45 minutes and the end of lunch, the kids will return the balls, the parent volunteer puts the sign-out sheet away and the job is completed.

You can sign up for a weekly, monthly, or one time experience. It takes less than one hour of your time. Questions? Contact Ball Room Chair Leslie Heard HERE

Thurston Teacher and Staff Interviews

Jenny Salberg
Principal, Thurston Middle School

Birthday: May 14th

Tell us a little about yourself:
I have been at Thurston for 16 years, and this year marks my 10th year as Principal of the best middle school ever! I graduated with my Bachelors Degree from University of La Verne and got my Masters in School Administration from Azusa Pacific University. I began my career teaching Algebra and Computers at Covina High School and then moved
down to LBHS where I served as the Assistant Principal there for four years. 

I love everything about being here at Thurston for so many reasons including the staff, parents and students. Having had three kids go through middle school in Irvine and having that first hand experience I completely understand the need to create an environment
where each and every student can be successful academically and social-emotionally. This is truly a time that can make a positive difference in student's lives. At home, I love spending time with my three kids Rylee, Reese, and Ashton and our lab Ricky Bobby.

Best Advice for Students and/or Parents
Take a deep breath and enjoy each and every minute - such an important part of our busy lives.

What’s the best way to start the day?
With a VENTI pike from Starbucks and opening up the car doors and greeting students to school. It honestly is my favorite thing and gets my pumped up each and every day!

What is something that your friends would consider “so you”?
I am able to throw a party, any party together up to 30 people at a moments notice....I'm great at hosting people at my house.

If your childhood had a smell, what would it be?
Fresh cut grass. In spring, my dad would cut the grass and listen to the Dodger game...with only one tv in the house the volume would be so loud that you could hear it from anywhere and while listening to Vin Scully you could smell fresh cut grass.

What challenging thing are you working through these days?
Trying to find a balance....trying to live a balanced life that is mindful not mind full.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?
Shopping....I love going into stores and just shopping around - it was one of my favorite things to do with my mom.....we would shop and have lunch and just talk for hours

Name the last thing that made you laugh.
The people that I work with - everyone has such an amazing sense of humor and patience to help put just about anything into perspective. So grateful for the opportunity to laugh each and every day!

Jenny's 3 children pictured below.
September 17th – September 20th, 2019

Thurston Middle School students will have the opportunity to learn science in an outdoor environment on Catalina Island with experienced TMS staff and Ms. Brackez, including science teacher, Mr. Selin. This year our location will be at White's Landing which boasts the widest sandy beach on the entire island. Each student will get a hands-on educational experience as they snorkel and kayak the beautiful waters, explore the renowned Pennington Marine Science Center, the Plankton Lab, and fish aquariums.
While state law does not allow school districts to charge fees to students for educational activities, this program relies on financial contributions from participating families. Please know that the payment of the fee is not required to participate, and families that choose to contribute may do so at any amount. However, a suggested donation of $525 per student will help sustain our program at its current level. Conversely, insufficient enrollment and/or insufficient funding could result in cancellation of this program.

Science Camp Information and the  Science Camp Packet , that was mailed home, can be downloaded here. Also, print out this  packing list so your student is prepared!
Please watch this  parent information video  that will help answer many of your questions.
NOTE: Any medications that you think your child might need on the trip (aspirin, sea sickness meds, cough meds- REQUIRE A DOCTOR to fill out our   medication form  before the deadline of Friday, September 6. For more information, call the Health Clerk at 949-497-7785. Thank you! 

Visit the  Catalina Science Camp Google Photo Album  to see pictures of camp from 2018.
Thank you to our Kindness Challenge Sponsors!
Thurston School : (949) 497-7765
Durham Bus: (949) 376-0376