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this January we focus on...

Thyroid Awareness

Why I Should Care About My Thyroid?

Did you know that if your thyroid is not functioning properly it can cause fatigue, depression/anxiety, hair loss, night sweats, constipation, high cholesterol, insomnia, unexplained weight gain, and cold feet?

The thyroid's function is to keep your metabolism on its toes. Without thyroid hormone's influence metabolism, as a whole, gets sluggish!

Three thyroid tid-bits:
  1. Get your levels checked, and not just your TSH. Be sure to add on your Free T3 and T4 levels and check antibodies as well. 
  2. Remember that normal thyroid labs indicates adequate production NOT function. Many a times people have normal values but present with thyroid disease. This is called functional thyroid compromise and treatment is indicated. 
  3. Keep in mind that adrenal and reproductive glands have a play in thyroid function and balance. If your adrenal function is compromised from long term or chronic stress it can be a contributing cause to thyroid dysfunction. Find out if you have other hormone imbalances underlying thyroid dysfunction.

Take the questionnaire to see if your thyroid function is compromised.  If you score 11 or above consider making an appointment with Dr. Neale to evaluate your thyroid function. If you are currently taking thyroid support you may need to adjust your dose, switch up treatment, or address other hormone glands. 

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dr. neale's blog: healthier with age.

Why can't we get healthier and feel better with each passing year? Who says aging has to be a slow depressing process where we accumulate limiting health problems and watch collagen lose its hold? For some time now I've been after health like a dog with a bone. I have been practicing sustained lifestyle habits and my resolve. Resolve is like a religious act, come to find, and self-care is like a religion. It takes continual practice, dedication, and acceptance of oneself. I use failure as my best teacher and I keep on trudging on. I figure, I have the rest of my life to evolve my healthful self-care practices, so I can take it in stride. Each year I try a "small" tweak to my resolve and see how it lands in real time. 

In 2015, I decided to tackle the elusive "regular exercise" dynamic. The me I always knew wasn't an "exerciser." I was the type who would start T-25 or the-like and hit it hard for 38 days and then stop for a year or so. Then something truly magical happened. A Bikram studio opened up in my town that was minutes from my house. My intention was to go and keep going even if that meant taking a week or a month off, but to keep going back after a pause.  It worked. I went. I kept going back. I averaged 2.2 classes per week give or take a month off (August!). I watched my body and soul change as if I was a passenger observing. I found a home for sustainable exercise in my life, and exercise will never be homeless around me again. 

Find out how Dr. Neale's resolutions panned out and how she is healthier now in age than ever before!

nuPatient spotlight: Edee

I was in a lot of pain. Can't sit, can't stand, can't lie down pain. I also had a list of diagnoses, things most doctors consider individual issues. My gut (literally and figuratively) told me they were symptoms of something larger. Every doctor wanted me to make separate appointments, one for each thing on my list, then gave me a hard time for coming in so often.

Dr. Neale was the first doctor I've ever had who saw me as a human. She treated me with dignity and respect. As a result, she discovered some things none of the other doctors ever considered. Not "all in my head" things, life-altering things. Potentially-life-threatening-if-untreated things. She involved me fully in putting together a treatment plan.

A HUGE thank you to Kathy Carlisle for the beautiful portraits. Check her out at and
I'm thoroughly honored and humbled to have your trust and to be on this journey together with you toward your best version of you. I look forward to seeing you very soon. 

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