Vajra Dakini Nunnery

Tibetan New Year - Losar is February 21st

HH Drikung Chetsang arrives at Jangchubling with a joyful welcome home.

Losar and two weeks following are a time of continuous rituals, retreats and teachings in every monastery. You can join the events of over 60 monasteries thru Gompa Services. We will announce the Drikung Losar online celebration when we get the information.

Two favorite pre-Losar memories: Protector Dances and making momos!

Vajra Dakini is completing an 18 month exploration of Lojong or the 7 Points of Mind Training in Sunday Dharma during this time and invites you to a Sangha Meeting after the Sunday Dharma Class on February 19th 11-12 pm EST to learn about the coming year.

The concluding Lojong Dhama talk will be March 5th and will summarize the text and dedicate the merit of this accomplishment of our Sangha.

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