"Rules matter. That's why I voted YES to fix the punitive ticket, fine, and fee rules that suspend drivers licenses and force tens of thousands of Chicagoans into bankruptcy.

Starting Nov. 15th, the city of Chicago will wipe out some, if not all, debt from unpaid City Sticker tickets for motorists who come clean by purchasing a City Sticker by October 31st.

This amnesty program has the potential to benefit an estimated 500,000 motorists and lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in debt forgiveness.

We Aldermen passed this City Sticker Amnesty Program last month. But for it to be effective, we need every Chicagoan to learn these new rules and spread the word . Please be part of the change by telling every person you know about these new rules."

Roberto Maldonado, Alderman, 26th Ward
Rule #1
Purchase a City Sticker*
Deadline: Oct. 31st
To qualify for the Amnesty Program, vehicle owners must come clean by purchasing a 2019 City Sticker by Halloween.

If owners don't have enough money for a full-year sticker, there is a 4-month sticker available called a Reduced Term City Sticker.

There are 3 ways to accomplish this.

1. Monday through Friday, walk-in with your Illinois vehicle registration and a photo ID to:
Office of the City Clerk:  
City Hall, 121 N LaSalle (8am-5pm)
North Side Office: 5430 W Gale St (9am-5pm)
South Side Office: 5674 S Archer Ave (9am-5pm)
Department of Finance:
South West Payment Center: 4770 S Kedzie (8am-6:30pm)
North West Payment Center: 4445 N Pulaski (8am-6:30pm)
South East Payment Center: 2006 E 95 th  (8am-6:30pm)
Central Payment Center: 400 W Superior(8am-4:30pm)

2. Saturday, walk-in with your Illinois vehicle registration and a photo ID to:
Dept. of Finance, every Saturday, 400 W Superior (8am-3:30pm)
Foster Park, 1440 W. 84 th St. Sat., one day only October 19th (10am-2pm)
Douglas Park, 1401 S. Thompson Dr. Sat., one day only October 26th 10am-2:00pm
3. On-line , with a scanned copy of your Illinois vehicle registration and photo ID.
  • Call 312-744-6770 first, before creating an account.
  • They will tell you to send them your IL registration and photo ID to ezbuy@cityofchicago.org.
  • Once they confirm your documents, they will reply to your email with a code to purchase without late fees.

*Don't go to a Currency Exchange for this City Sticker Amnesty Program. This program is only be available at the City Clerk, the Department of Finance, Pop-up One Day Only events, and online .  
Rule #2
Apply to have 3 (or more) City Sticker Tickets Forgiven
Applications taken between Nov. 15 and Dec. 15
Three unpaid City Sticker tickets, combined with late fees, could rack up $1,464.

If you own a car but didn't follow Rule #1, you cannot have any City Sticker tickets forgiven.

If you no longer own a car or moved away from Chicago, you can have your outstanding City Sticker tickets forgiven without purchasing a 2019 City Sticker.
Failure to buy a sticker can lead to some of the costliest citations in the city. Unpaid city sticker tickets are the largest source of outstanding ticket debt and represent one in four parking tickets tied to Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

At $200, city sticker tickets could rise to $488 with late penalties and collection fees. Chicago City Council voted to slash the late penalties . Aldermen also reinstated a 15-day grace period for lapsed stickers and banned consecutive and same-day ticketing .

Those who are low-income can also have all their sticker ticket debt erased. Sign-up after buying your 2019 City Sticker.