REMINDER Ticket Sales Kickoff!! Sunday May 15 beginning at 12pm

Because we sell reserved seating we give everyone the same opportunity to select their seats.

As we announced, this year we will be doing ticket reservations online.  Each dancer was given an instruction sheet at costume pickup, which can also be found on the website under the recital tab. It is strongly suggested you set up your ticket account ahead of time so that you just have to log in that day.  

Once you have reserved your tickets print out your receipt and bring to the studio to pay for and receive tickets.  We will be accepting checks or cash only.

If you are one of the few families that had a note on your show assignment sheet referencing free tickets for the second show, be sure to reserve seats for both shows. 

WARNING: be sure you know what show you are purchasing and how many you need as tickets are not returnable. 

Commonly asked questions..
1. Do I need a seat for my other child?  As long as they can sit on your lap and are under 5 years old-no.  
2. My child is in more than one show do I need a ticket for both shows?  If you choose to watch both, then yes.  Some of you received notes on your recital assignment sheet that we will take care of when you pick up your tickets.  
if you have any other questions please be sure to let us know!


For Directions-Be sure to GPS or Mapquest Stockbridge Theatre in Derry not Pinkerton Academy

Dressing Room Assignments: to make it easier for everyone, we have posted an updated show order on our website under the recital tab.  You will note that the letter next to your dance is the dressing room assignments which are A-F.  Note: there is not one listed for the boys Stomp at this son will be in charge of them and we will announce where they will meet him!

Dress Rehearsal and Recital Procedures
As you all saw on Picture Day, I do everything in my power to stay on time with the posted schedule. If I do not it snowballs and causes much issue.  For Dress rehearsals you can expect the same.  There are times a group needs a bit of extra time or the lighting technician needs time, but overall we tend to be pretty much in line with the schedule.  Please click on this link for a list of assigned dressing rooms for each show.
What to expect at dress rehearsal: Dancers will need to arrive and report to their assigned dressing room and be ready in costume and with hair done 20 minutes prior to assigned time (makeup is optional this day-depends on what you would like for your onstage pictures). ***Be sure to leave plenty of time for traffic and parking.  *** males are not allowed in the dressing rooms so please plan accordingly! Once the group is needed dancers will be brought to the stage to perform their number. In general, dancers will walk through their routine without music first and then with music. If the teacher is satisfied, they will be brought back to the same dressing room for you to pick up. At this time you are done-you can expect us to be within 10-15 minutes of this assigned time-we generally do not run behind unless a group needs extra time...this day is all about the comfort of the dancers. So, please help us to stay on time. ***Don't forget to see your pictures from picture day available in the foyer.
***For those in multiple classes: please take the time at dress rehearsal to be sure class moms know you will either join them after another dance or need to meet another group for a dance after***
*** this is the day to take as many photos and videos as you like as this is not allowed at recital!

What to expect the day of recital:

Please arrive no less than 30 minutes before your show time with your dancer ready in costume, hair done and with makeup (female dancers' only-see below for specifics). Your dancer and one female (best if it is the same person who brought the dancer on dress rehearsal day) will be allowed into the main auditorium area to go to the dressing rooms-the same as they were assigned for dress rehearsal. All other family members may find their seats (will open 45 minutes ahead of show time) or if it is a beautiful day wait outside. Because your dancers' safety is the most important thing, we have a security system in place. Our youngest dancers are housed in Dressing Room A -parents will be given a pick up bracelet when your dancer is dropped off to be shown to the class mom at pick up time. When you arrive at recital there will be signs directing you to where your dancers class will be. Once your dancer is settled, we ask that you also find your seat. This day will be a bit more chaotic than dress rehearsal as all dancers will arrive at the same time and not on a staggered schedule. Therefore, the sooner we can settle the dancers the better.  For our Act I dancers: Once your dancer has done their dance they will remain with their class until intermission at which time you can pick them up. ***any dancer performing only in the first half of the the show should be picked up at intermission. If seats are available they can sit with you or in any available seat.  For those in the second half: Please let class mother know if you are not dropping your dancer off until intermission. Dancers in the second half of the show will be picked up at the conclusion of the show.

Dancers in multiple classes...
***please go to the website recital center to see show orders for each performance
For changing dancers in multiple classes our preference is for a parent to change where possible.  However, we ask that when entering and leaving the auditorium you wait until between dances.  For those with 5 or less dances to change you will be considered a quick change and be changed by our crew backstage.  Therefore, we ask that a half hour before the start of the show that you bring your child's costume labelled and ready to go to our changing crew.   Do not forget to retrieve the costume they changed out of at intermission or conclusion of the show. 

Please be sure you communicate with class mothers...for example if your dancer will report to another class after a dance let them know as well as if your dancer will not report to a group until after another number.  This is so helpful so noone is looking for your dancer!

After Show Happenings!!!
Though our recital is May 28 we will continue classes and special offerings through to our last day June18th.  Please note: that during recital week we will hold class on Monday May 23 as we will be closed Monday May 30.  However, we will be closed the remainder of the week with dress rehearsals and performance at Stockbridge Theatre.

Spirit Week
May 23rd-Monday classes will participate in Spirit -week with crazy hair day!!
Tuesday May 31-Superhero Day
-come dressed as your favorite Superhero!!
Wednesday June 1-Wacky Wednesday
-come dressed as wacky as you wish!!
Thursday June 2-80's Day
-ask your parents for help with this!
Friday June 3-morning classes-Princess Day
-afternoon classes TBA
Saturday June 4-Princess and Prince Day
-dress as your favorite prince or princess
Bring a Friend to Class Week: June 6-11
Try a New Class/es Week: June 13-18 this was by far the favorite!!  We will have a modified schedule of 1/2 classes.  Dancers are invited to take as many as they choose!!  June 18 will be the last day of classes!!  this link below is a listing of classes that week-we do not follow the regular schedule!  And, yes friends are welcome to come back and join us!!

Team Auditions

  Team Auditions will be held on Monday June 13.  The audition will consist of a ballet and a jazz combination.  Auditions will be held for the following age levels
Age 7-9      4:00-5:15
Age 10-12  5:30-7:00
Age 13+     7:00-8:30

We will post results by June 24.  When choosing to audition it is important that everyone is aware that not all dancers are ready for team.