Hello to our Republican friends,

Happy to report that tickets are now on sale for our Thunder Over the Bay fund-raising event on the afternoon of September 12th! No need to jam in at Pease with thousands of strangers to watch the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds show when you can instead hang with your GOP friends and casually watch from the backyard of Greenland GOP Chair Glenn Page, which sits on Great Bay.

Tickets are $65 per person and available by clicking here.

The Thunderbirds flightpath is expected to go almost directly overhead - close enough to feel the roar and small the jet fuel!

This limited event is open to the first 150 attendees. Tickets are $65 per person and will include lunch and water. Bring your own beverage and seating, be it a lawn chair and/or blanket. Glenn's address is 269 Dearborn Road, Greenland.

We will have Patriotic speeches and a number of Republican luminaries in attendance. Tickets are not yet on sale, but keep an eye out for the ticket-sale launch.

This event is jointly sponsored by Greenland's GOP Committee and Rockingham County Republican Committee.

And onto some other RCRC reminders:


RCRC's 2021 handgun raffle is off and and running, and have you grabbed tickets yet to take a shot at scoring a Sig Sauer P-365, 9 mm? Sales are getting tight. We are almost 4/5 of the way to our target, so please push us over the finish line and get in on the action. Please buy your tickets here before it's too late! The cost is $15 per ticket, or 3 for $35.

This Sig 9mm is a great conceal-carry piece, perfect for your everyday handling. You can learn more about this great firearm from our friends at Sig Sauer by clicking here. Three tickets for $35 is a great deal, and a max of 250 tickets will be sold. Stay tuned for just when we will pick the lucky winner. All rules associated with the raffle are listed on the link.

Thanks to our sponsor, Stateline Guns, Ammo & Archery on Route 125 in Plaistow.


A number of great events are upcoming and in the works, so please mark your calendars and watch for more details:

BEER & CHEER: Celebrate the dog days of summer this Thursday, August 12th with Londonderry GOP. Details here.

POLICY, POLITICS & SODA POP TAILGATE 2021: This annual bash thrown by Rep. Jess Edwards occurs on the afternoon of August 21st at his home in Auburn. Details here.

21st ANNUAL CHILI FEST: Event is August 28th at Prescott Farm in Kingston. You don't want to miss this event thrown by Seacoast Republican Women. Details here.

THUNDERBIRDS AIR SHOW VIEWING PARTY: See above about this event on September 12th. Tickets are available by clicking here.

HOW 'BOUT 'DEM APPLES? Join RCRC to pick apples on October 2nd at the home of Lou Gargiulo in Hampton Falls. Watch for contest and other developing details for this event. Thank you Lou!

Please remember that all money raised by RCRC goes right back into our Republican efforts in 2022 to elect Republicans, primarily in the House, and to Keep Rockingham Red, and make things even more red here at home and in New Hampshire.


We will need your help staffing the Republican booth when the Fair returns in September. Thank you to Pam Skinner, our Deerfield Fair chair, for always stepping up to lead this effort, along with Rep. Doug Thomas. Watch for an upcoming email about how you can help. Deerfield Fair is always a great place to talk Republican ideals with people passing through. And you'll take note of the foot traffic by our booth compared to the loneliness on display at the lefty booth.

We especially are looking for help from declared candidates. This will give you a great chance to meet with an interested public which is coming to you.


Keep an eye out for upcoming events and town GOP meetings by checking out our events page. Another good spot to keep an eye on is the NHGOP events page, which you can find by clicking here.


We are seeking out an individual or individuals who could help us with fund-raising. In addition, the position of Area 2 chair is presently open. If you have been involved with the Party and are interested in working with the town committees that fall in Area 2, and you live in Area 2, please contact me. See which towns are in Area 2 by clicking below on the link for our Town Committees (see the second to last paragraph here).

All donations to RCRC support Republican candidates and ideals here at home and in New Hampshire. Please chip in. Your financial help is much needed and appreciated. Even the value of a few coffees a month is a good jolt. Donations may be made here on our Web site, whether you are signing up as an RCRC member, making a one-time contribution or signing on to give a monthly donation.

Want to get more involved in your town but don't know who to contact? Check out our list of contacts for each of our Town GOP committees.

We appreciate you and your help to make Rockingham County even REDDER in 2022. We look forward to seeing you soon.

On behalf of RCRC's Executive Committee,


Jason B. Grosky
Chair, Rockingham County Republican Committee