August 25, 2017
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Attorney Spotlight: Lane Morrison

Lane Morrison of Lightfoot, Franklin & White last week concluded a landlord-tenant dispute in which he successfully argued down his clients' damages from over $14,000 to $964. 

The clients rented a house in April 2016, but quickly discovered the house had serious leaking issues, cracks in the walls, and an infestation of rats. When their landlord failed to take action despite repeated requests, the couple ceased to pay rent. The landlord took them to court and sought over $14,000 in damages, while the couple filed a counterclaim seeking restitution for the money they had spent on repairs and on belongings ruined by the rats. The couple reached out to the Volunteer Lawyers Program and Morrison agreed to take their case.

Early in the trial, Morrison brought to the court's attention the fact that the $14,000 in damages exceeded the jurisdictional limits of the district court in which the case was pending. "The plaintiffs ended up waiving the jurisdictional amount, pretty much capping the damages from the get go at $10,000, which was a good start," he said.

"My main goal going in was trying to get all of our evidence abut the bad conditions of the house and show how they should be entitled to damages from the landlord, at least enough to offset the lost rent that they withheld," Morrison explained. He utilized Stacy's thorough documentation of the house's dilapidated condition, and successfully admitted into evidence a picture of the family of rats living in the house. Ultimately, the judge found that the plaintiffs were entitled to $4,736 and that the clients were entitled to $3,772 on their counterclaim, resulting in the clients' only owing $964 to their former landlords.

1. Please help this working mother take care of her handicapped daughter

This client is seeking an attorney to fight a child support modification case filed by her ex-husband, who is behind $34,000 in support payments. Their child suffered a traumatic brain injury at 16 and requires around-the-clock care. The client pays for all of her daughter's clothing, toiletries, and essentials, while her ex-husband has only seen his child a few times since 2015. Due to his failure to provide support for his handicapped offspring, the client is struggling to pay her mortgage and other living expenses. Please help this mother and child get the financial support they need.


2. Please help this working single mother deal with her mold-infected home

The client moved into her home in 2013, but the owners did not alert her that the house has a flooding problem and that the previous tenant has sabotaged the plumbing, causing the upper floor toilet to flush water directly into the lower levels of the home. Due to the flooding and the damaged plumbing, the walls and carpeting are growing mold and mildew. The client's son has had multiple complications with his asthma, likely due to the living conditions. The home has been passed between realty companies and owners, but none have taken any steps to fix the problems. The client is being evicted for nonpayment of rent, as she refused to pay rent until the issues were resolved. She does not have a signed contract with the company. Help her resolve these issues.


3. Please help this client divorce her incarcerated spouse

This client's spouse is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for federal robbery charges. Please help this woman divorce her incarcerated husband.


4. Please help this disabled victim of domestic violence divorce her husband

This client wants to divorce her husband who is currently in jail for abuse and possession of a controlled substance. Please help her complete her divorce so she can move on with her life.


5. Please help this navy veteran create a living will

This client wants to have a living will drafted to ensure that his wishes are honored in the event of an emergency. He would like to withhold life-sustaining treatment in the event that he is diagnosed with a terminal or irreversible condition and is unable to make his own decisions.


6. Please help this retired client adopt her grand-nephew

This client sees that her grand-nephew's family is struggling financially and wants to adopt the 14-year-old child to provide for him and to ease the financial burden on her niece. The child's father is incarcerated and the mother fully supports the adoption. Please help this family move forward.


HELP DESK ATTORNEYS: Thank you to the following attorneys
Civil Help Desk: 28 clients served
Rae Bolton
Legal Services of Alabama
Kelly Estes
HealthSouth Corporation
Leon Johnson
Sia Newman
Lloyd Gray Whitehead & Monroe
Honza Prchal
Heninger Garrison Davis
Lauren Shine
Shine Law Firm
David Stephenson
HealthSouth Corporation
Abby van Alstyne
Quinn Connor Weaver Davies & Rouco
Wilson Webb
Legal Services of Alabama
Domestic Relations Help Desk: 30 clients served
Patricia Doblar
Charley Drummond
Fish Nelson & Holden
Melinda Guillaume
Leon Johnson
John Milledge
Abby van Alstyne
Quinn Connor Weaver Davies & Rouco
Heather Ward
Maynard Cooper & Gale

Veterans Help Desk: 18 clients served
Judge John Carroll
Cumberland School of Law
Kay Laumer
J. Perry Morgan
Black & Morgan
Lauren Shine
Shine Law Firm
Jon Turner
Kim Vines
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
April Bell
Amy Chiou
Cumberland School of Law
Amorice Law
Huie Fernambucq & Stewart
Lynn Pulido
Kevin Putney
Cumberland School of Law
Charline Whyte
Monica Agee
Janice Ballard
Ballard Law Office
Leslie Barineau
BBA Worker's Compensation Section
Joe Bulgarella
US Bankruptcy Court
Sarah Chamberlain
Starnes Davis & Florie
Preston Neel
Chelsea Phillips
Balch & Bingham
Matthew Swerdlin
Vincent Swiney
Swiney & Bellenger
Abby Van Alstyne
Quinn Conner Weaver Davis & Rouco
Nathan Weinert
Najjar Denaburg
Amber Whillock
Starnes Davis & Florie
Kary Wolfe
Jones Walker

The BBVLP needs your help! Volunteer now to serve at one of our Help Desks.
Monica Agee

Monica helped a woman resolve her outstanding warrants and receive her driver's license.

Clayton Bromberg and Sarah Chamberlain
Starnes Davis & Florie

Clayton and Sarah helped a client resolve his outstanding warrants and regain his driver's license.

Victoria Charles

Victoria helped a client receive back child support.

Benjamin Cohn
Williams Elliott and Cohn

Benjamin helped a woman through her divorce process.
Amber Whillock
Starnes Davis & Florie

Amber helped her client resolve her traffic tickets and renew her driver's license.

Judge John Carroll
Cumberland School of Law

Judge Carroll accepted a predatory lender case.

Whitney Seals
Pate & Cochrun

Whitney accepted a third party creditor case.

Lauren Shine
Shine Law Firm

Lauren accepted an adult guardianship case.

Judge Patricia Stephens
Learn how to volunteer at the Domestic Relations Pro Se Court

The latest BBVLP Pro Se CLE will be held on September 8th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in Judge Patricia Stephens' courtroom at the Domestic Relations Courthouse at 2124 7th Avenue North. Attend presentations from Judge Stephens and Judge Nakita Blocton on best practices for serving pro se clients. Participants will receive one CLE credit and lunch is provided. Attendance is free; sign up by clicking here.

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