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December 23, 2015
Season's Greetings to You and Your Family!
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"Building a Just Society"

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Legal Aid Kauai AmeriCorps members volunteer for Family Court's CASA program

Sonia Song and Jessica Irani AmeriCorps Advocates from the Legal Aid Kauai office were sworn in to serve as Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). The  Family Court program is comprised of trained volunteers who are appointed by the court to represent the best interest of a child in a child abuse or neglect case in and out of court. Volunteers serve 4-25 hours a month as fact-finders, advocates, and monitors for children in need.  

AmeriCorps Advocates Jessica Irani and Sonia Song with Judge Edmund Acoba (photo credit: Donna Chu)
Legal Aid now on YouTube

The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii has launched its own YouTube Channel. More legal information videos, resources,  and vintage recordings coming soon!

Family Unit Managing Attorney, Daniel Pollard on Talking Points
Family Unit Managing Attorney, Daniel Pollard on Talking Points

Legal Aid AmeriCorps members provide outreach for homeless awareness

Heather Basham  and Madeline Taomia, AmeriCorps members in the Legal Aid Kona office joined with over 25 service providers to help raise awareness of homeless issues at the West Hawai'i Homeless Prevention Outreach Luncheon. The luncheon provided a turkey dinner, massage and haircuts, manicures/pedicures, dog food, cat food, clothing distribution, and even free watches to help those struggling with homelessness. 

AmeriCorps Advocates Heather Basham and Madeline Taomia provide information about Legal Aid at the 
West Hawai'i Homeless Prevention Outreach Luncheon (photo credit: Paula Boyer)
"I was stuck and didn't know exactly how to proceed with my divorce. I was in an abusive situation that was gettign worse and it was affecting me in every way possible. With Legal Aid's help, I am now divorced . . . moving on and improving my situation faster. 
Without Legal Aid, I would still be in an abusive situation with my children. I am grateful beyond words for the help and guidance I received from Legal Aid."
-Jackie was helped by Charles McCreary (Legal Aid Kona office staff attorney) with her divorce.
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Thank you to the law firm of Yamamoto Caliboso and Marr Jones & Wang for staffing the Honolulu District Court Access to Justice Room for the month of December.



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