Tidbits for Business
Stay Home, Stay Safe

The Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order from Governor Lamont's office can be read here. He also distributed a guidance which can be read here.

Takeaways for Businesses
According to the guidance, non-essential businesses that accept remote ordering (phone, online, etc.) and can deliver via curbside pickup, delivery or shipping are eligible to stay open. Again, the rules regarding a maximum of 10 people in a public space, social distancing, etc. should be observed.
How You Can Help: Yale New Haven Health needs Protective Gear

While the Yale New Haven Health System does not normally accept donations of supplies and equipment, the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has restricted the quantities of protective equipment our caregivers use to deliver care to patients. Under these constraints associated with this COVID-19 outbreak, donations from organizations, companies, groups, and individuals to Yale New Haven Health, that meet quality and safety standards, can be donated for YNHHS hospitals to use.
Yale New Haven Health is in need of the following resources:
·     Disposable Head Covers/Caps
·     Disposable Gowns
·     Disposable Gloves
·     N95 Respirator Face Masks
·     Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)
·     Disposable Face Masks
·     Face-shields/Goggles
·     Coveralls/Scrubs
·     Shoe-covers
·     Disinfection Wipes & Liquids
·     General Purpose Hand Cleansers
All items should be in original unopened packaging.   
HOW DO I DONATE? Donors should submit donation offers to the Yale New Haven Health System at DonationsPPE@ynhh.org along with complete contact information. All submissions will be answered within three business days.

A Little Help from Our Friends

The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce is providing access to its recorded presentation of HR Council presented by Carmody: Your HR Questions During the Crisis to all businesses regardless of membership status. Click here to view the video. Follow @gnhcc on Facebook for upcoming event information.

Connecticut Insurance Department informs small and medium-sized businesses that the IRS will provide immediate and full reimbursement for Covid-19 medical leave costs. Connecticut Insurance Department Commissioner Andrew Mais would like businesses to be aware of recent IRS guidance on novel coronavirus COVID-19 – related employee medical leave and new payroll tax credits. The cost of not just the leave but also of health insurance during the leave will be covered. portal.ct.gov
Buy Local

Restaurants are among the hardest hit industries to date. If you want to support our local restaurants , here's how to find who is open, who delivers and who is offering gift certificates.

If you are a restaurant in Greater New Haven and would like to participate, click here .
This newsletter is produced in collaboration with the South Central Regional Council of Governments. www.scrcog.org