August 18, 2020
Presbyterian Week of Action, August 24-30
Communities of faith and people across the nation are joining the movement to confront the sins of racism and white supremacy. We are demanding that Black lives of every age, gender, gender identity and sexuality are no longer ignored, dismissed or pushed to the margins of our society. We are protesting the unlawful and unjust killings of innocent Black individuals.

Join the leaders of our denomination and PC(USA) churches across the nation, from Aug. 24–30 for a week of activities in support of racial equity in our nation and denomination. Events will include a town hall, film screening, a rally and a day of service to our communities. Act now by planning to participate in the daily schedule of events and share the news.

The Presbyterian Week of Action, Aug. 24–30, is a time for public witness. Together, we will explore Black Lives Matter more deeply and why our Presbyterian beliefs and policies support the movement.

In “Responding to the Sin of Racism and a Call to Action,” the 224th General Assembly (2020) declared, “Our country’s most important institutions have been built to sustain white privilege, to protect white lives and white property at the expense of our siblings of color. The church through ignorance, denial, and in some cases deliberate action, has participated in this injustice. We have been slow to face the reality of systemic racism. We have been slow to acknowledge the pain of our fellow Presbyterians, of our fellow Christians, of our fellow citizens, and of those who have come to America for a better life, whose value has been judged by the color of their skin.” The Assembly called the Church to “actively confront and dismantle systemic racism in our church and in society at large, and to work for a more just, merciful, and peaceful country that allows all of God’s children to flourish.”

By joining together with national staff and the greater Church, we hope to provide faithful leadership in the area of justice, love and equality within our denomination and communities.

While we recognize and honor the good work toward justice that has been ongoing in our denomination, we also realize that in this time it is no longer enough. The Presbyterian Week of Action hopes to meet the immediacy of our current context. Yet, it will not be the culmination of our work as a denomination. We still have a long way to go to eradicate systemic racism and white supremacy. Nonetheless, this week will empower us, challenge us and enliven the faith we follow.

–     Guy Moody, Moderator

Tomorrow Night: Reform to Transform
This event is brought to you by the Dismantling Racism Team and will include break out sessions after the service for sharing and discussion.

PC(USA) Investment & Loan Program
With the goal for continuous service as the coronavirus evolves, PC(USA)’s Investment and Loan Program wants to remain connected and update you on how services are implemented and broadened.
They are continuing to offer short-term debt service relief on a case-by-case basis for churches experiencing financial challenges as a result of the virus. Congregations that initially received the PPP loan may only now be starting to feel the impact on church budgets. Churches with extraordinary income, such as daycare revenue or rental income, are particularly vulnerable. 
The Program now offers an operating line of credit. This new revolving operating line of credit provides relief for periods of cash-flow fluctuations or for bridging periods. For more information, email Catherine Lynch.
From the Board of Pensions: 2021 Employer Agreements now available
Each year, Employer Agreements are updated and submitted online through Benefits Connect, the Board of Pensions’ benefits portal. The season for selecting benefits to offer in 2021 began July 20 and ends October 9. Highlights about the 2021 Benefits Plan are detailed on this flyer.
With the opening of Employer Agreement season, The Board of Pensions is scheduling online meetings with personnel committees and other decision-making groups. If your church might like to schedule something like that, or has questions, please email Martha Resiner.

Four Wednesdays of beautiful music
First and Franklin Presbyterian Church is excited to announce the continuance of its The Spire Series, which features music of four, 30-minute concerts each Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. You may experience the concerts through Zoom (one-click link); Meeting ID: 861 1343 9646 or to join by landline, call 301-715-8592, then enter Meeting ID: 861 1343 9646.

Check out the bios and programs of the featured Baltimore artists below. As you’re adding Wednesdays in August at 7 to your calendars, please consider making a donation to The Spire Series so that they may continue supporting our local artists.
Upcoming Events
Reform to Transform Worship Service
You are invited to a Presbytery-wide Worship Service on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. This special service will conclude with a time for small groups facilitated by members of the Dismantling Racism Team. Please plan on joining us and stay tuned for additional details. Register in advance.
888th Gathering of the Presbytery of Baltimore
We will be meeting on Zoom once again. The meeting will include worship with communion, the installation of our new moderator and vice moderator, reports from our General Assembly Commissioners, re-election of our General Presbyter, and much more. Registration is now open!
1619 Project Dialogue on Zoom
Tune in to the Baltimore In the Loop interview with Mr. James Parks, Member of the National Mission Board and Presbytery Loan and Grant Committee, at 7 pm, on Zoom. Mr. Parks will speak about “Discussing Race in the Presbytery USA, 2020 and Beyond.” For more information, visit our website (registration link coming soon) or call 410-566-2629
1619 Project Zoom Town Hall
The ‘Being Human’ session on Race, Power & Politics takes place September 19, 2020, at 7pm. For more information, visit our website (registration link coming soon) or call 410-566-2629
Stewardship Kaleidoscope Virtual Conference
Tuesdays, September 22nd, September 29th, and October 6th: The conference opens this year with Eric D. Barreto: Weyerhaeuser, Associate Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary and an ordained Baptist minister. Eric will be exploring the relevance of the Acts of the Apostles for a 21st-century audience, asking us to imagine what our call as stewards of the gospel looks like today, and how we can be a relevant, impactful church in the midst of crisis. Register here.

Help Wanted
Director of Music Ministry
Maryland Presbyterian Church is seeking a collaborative, invocative, talented, and diversely skilled musician to lead their Music Ministry. The Minister of Music will work closely with their direct supervisor, the Pastor. They will lead the choir, supervise a soprano section leader, and arrange for occasional instrumental ensembles for special occasions such as Christmas Eve. Special consideration will be given to candidates with relationships to potential guest musicians in the area. They are seeking an individual who is a skilled pianist who is also comfortable singing, teaching congregational singing/being a cantor, and leading the choir, and ideally could play guitar, percussion, brass or a stringed instrument, along with participating as a vocalist as needed. Specific desired skills because of COVID-19 precautions include the ability or willingness to learn how to pre-record Sunday hymns and songs, or knowledge of other technologies that allow for mixing music for worship, and skill or ability to learn how to set up and manage outdoor worship music and sound to be broadcast on an FM transmitter for “Drive-in” worship experiences. This position is 10 hours/week, at a competitive rate. Vacation and paid study leave are included and required to grow in skills and knowledge of our growing music ministry. For more info, or to apply, contact
The Presbytery offices are closed for visits or appointments until further notice, but staff and commissions continue to meet regularly online.

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