November 10, 2020
“What Kind of Christianity?”
Guest Speaker Dr. William Yoo takes a closer look at the History of Slavery and Anti-Black Racism in American Presbyterianism
Katie Geneva Cannon, a Black theologian and the first African American woman to be ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1974, once asked, “What kind of Christianity allowed white Christians to deny basic human rights and simple dignity to Blacks?” in her study of slavery and segregation. At Saturday’s Gathering, guest speaker Dr. William Yoo will look closely at Presbyterian history to explain how and why white Presbyterians in the northern and southern states participated in, supported, and condoned enslavement and anti-Black racism. In assessing the legacies of the Presbyterian past, this session also provides insights and questions to ask in our ongoing pursuit of racial justice in congregational ministries today.         
William Yoo is Associate Professor of American Religious and Cultural History and Director of the Master of Divinity Program at Columbia Theological Seminary. He is the author of two books, American Missionaries, Korean Protestants, and the Changing Shape of World Christianity and The Presbyterian Experience in the United States: A Sourcebook, and is currently working on a book project that traces the history of Presbyterians, race, and racism in the United States.
Boy Scouts bankruptcy protection
The Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year. The bankruptcy is largely in response to the large number of sexual abuse claims made against the organization. If your congregation has ever hosted a Boy Scout troop, by charter or otherwise, it is possible that if a claim of sexual abuse is made against the Boy Scouts by a former scout in that troop, your congregation may also be named in the lawsuit. Some states have allowed claims to be filed decades after the time of the abuse. To avoid this, your congregation might consider filing a general proof of claim prior to the November 16, 2020 deadline for filing with the bankruptcy court.
PCUSA General Counsel Mike Kirk has provided this Q&A for congregations that have been involved with the Boy Scouts. Visit our website for more information.
Presbytery Lights: An Advent Luminaria Devotional
While awaiting the blessed arrival of Christ during the Advent Season, the Christian Educators of the Baltimore Presbytery invite every household in the Presbytery to take part in our Advent Luminaria Devotional. We ask that churches provide each family in your congregation with a copy of the devotional, a paper lunch bag, and a small battery-powered candle.
Starting on November 29 and then every Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Day, gather your household, light your battery powered candle, place it in your decorated luminaria bag and meditate together on the lesson of the week—Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Christ. Learn more...
A not so silent night for Christmas Eve
Margaret McGillivray, the director of music at Ark & Dove Presbyterian has been inspired to collaborate with other churches in our presbytery to create a virtual choir rendition of Dan Forrest's arrangement of Silent Night for Christmas celebrations. The idea being that churches that would like to participate would contribute singers' recordings to a mass choir, which would then mixed and the video ready for sharing on Christmas Eve. Participating churches would receive the video to use as they would like for during the Christmas season.

Ark & Dove would like to invite their sister churches from the Presbytery of Baltimore to join them in this adventure. If interested, please contact Margaret before November 15th and for more information, visit our website.
Health and the legacy of enslavement
Disparities in health outcomes have been observed through the centuries, but are heightened in the more than a century since the end of slavery, considering the great advancements in health sciences. In spite of those advancements, not all people have benefitted from them equally. The gap between health outcomes for white and non-white people persists. Read More...
Intersection of Change
Introducing Intersection of Change, a community-based nonprofit focused on neighborhood development in west Baltimore. The Martha’s Place, Jubilee Arts, and Strength to Love II programs work to enrich the economic, social and spiritual lives of those dealing with poverty related issues in the Sandtown-Winchester, Upton and surrounding communities.
Their work to date has also resulted in significant neighborhood revitalization of the 1900 and 2000 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue through the full renovation of six previously vacant and dilapidated buildings, transformation of 18 vacant lots into community green spaces and meditative gardens, creation of three dozen neighborhood murals, and conversion of 1.5 acres of vacant lots into an urban farm. To get involved, or for more information, visit their website.
Upcoming Events
889th Gathering of the Presbytery of Baltimore - We are pleased to be hosting guest speaker Dr. William Yoo, online worship and plenty of business and discernment to conduct. See you this Saturday! More information and registration
B’More Human Presentations - November 16th, 6:30 pm
The 1619 Project dialogue continues with “Health and the Legacy of Enslavement” Among the speakers scheduled:
Dr. Corey Henderson discusses race-based health disparities. Mudia Uzzi will speak about his Baltimore mask program, and Stacey Stephens will discuss B’More Healthy Babies. Info and registration
Strength to Love II: Virtual Fundraiser, at 5:30pm. Join Intersection of Change online via Zoom for a remote tour of their farm, to meet the team who keep their produce growing, a cooking demonstration, and insight into their young adult workforce development programming. Free to attend. View flyer with more fall fundraisers.
B’More Human Discussions - November 19th, 6:30 pm
Small groups will break-out to discuss this month’s topic: “Health and the Legacy of Slavery.” Organized by In The Loop ministry group but open to all. More info and registration
Dem Muscles, Dem Joints, Dem Dry Bones, Now Hear the Word of the Lord! - The Health Ministry of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church is sponsoring a Zoom program on November 21 at 3pm. Dr. Adrienne Flowers will talk about muscles, bones and joints, focusing on muscle cramping, a condition common to many people. We would love to invite other churches to join us at this event. Flyer with more information
Help Wanted
Organist/Assistant Music Director
Catonsville Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) located in Catonsville, Maryland is searching for someone who will demonstrate outstanding musicianship on organ, piano, in choral conducting and accompanying soloists. Excellent sight-reading is required. The candidate will work with the Pastoral Staff and Director of Music in offering music for weekly and special worship services. The Organist/Assistant Director of Music will be an integral member of the staff. Because music is an essential element in the life of the church, we expect this person to share and help embody CPC’s vision, mission, and ministry. Full job description
The Presbytery offices are closed for visits or appointments until further notice, but staff and commissions continue to meet regularly online.

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