October 29, 2019
Presbytery/CEDEPCA partnership returns from Guatemala
A delegation from churches throughout the Baltimore Presbytery recently returned from Guatemala for a week-long excursion focused on “The Migrant Crisis: Root Causes and Christian Responses.” Instead of presenting a dismal and hopeless picture of despair, they described an extremely enlightening trip to this beautiful country. In the words of one participant:

What we saw were the most positive and optimistic programs partnered with CEDEPCA and ranged from job training for young adults, a total revitalization of a community outside Xela, incredible outreach from one church in Xela covering everything from prison and hospital outreach to programs in nutrition and health care to not only migrants but those who might be considered the lost and the least Jesus asked us to care for. We also visited two different migrant houses that provide food and shelter on a short-term basis for those traveling on and those who have been deported back from the border.

The efficiency and compassion exhibited by those working in these facilities was nothing less than awesome. The one house in Guatemala City, which typically serves up to 60 at a time, was dealing with over 8,000 at the height of the caravans coming through.
CEDEPCA (The Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America) was started for Biblical and theological studies, and since its origin 30 years ago, has expanded programs into Disaster Relief, Women’s Ministry, and Intercultural Encounters. The Encounters are centered on a particular theme but focused on specific regions.

For those interested in arranging speakers, supporting CEDEPCA, or participating in future trip s, email Rev. Andy Gathman .
Keynote Speaker Dr. Jonathan Walton
At our November 16 th Presbytery Gathering at First Presbyterian of Annapolis, we will have the privilege of hearing from the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Walton, the recently named Dean of Wake Forest Divinity School, Presidential Chair in Religion and Society, and Dean of Wait Chapel. He is an outspoken advocate for social justice and civil rights.

Dr. Walton’s presentation will draw from his latest book, A Lens of Love: Reading the Bible in Its World for Our World , which “explores the bible from the perspective of the most vulnerable characters toward developing a Christian social ethic of radical inclusion and human affirmation.”

In the opening chapter of his book, Dr. Walton describes a dinner party of young urban adults who wanted to know how it was possible to navigate the challenges of modern life as people of faith. The Bible study that grew out of that conversation became the basis for Dr. Walton’s book. The focus of the book is two-fold: to offer a way to study and understand the Bible in it’s own context in order to understand what it has to say to our context, and to live lives that are consistent with the love and grace of the God we meet in the Bible.

Dr. Walton will deliver a keynote address followed by time for questions. His books will be on sale and he will be available for a book signing. If you would like to reserve a copy of his book, contact our office .
Also joining us, Fern Cloud
Baltimore Dakota Learning Camps Steering Committee is happy to announce that Fern Cloud from the Pejuhutazizi Presbyterian Church of the Upper Sioux Community and Chair of the BDLC Committee for the Dakota Presbytery, will be joining us at our Gathering on November 16 th

Fern will be available for conversation during lunch and the BDLC open space. In addition, The Baltimore American Indian Center is holding their annual Pow Wow at the Timonium Fairgrounds on the 16 th from 11 am until 7pm. Grand Entry times are 12 pm and 4 pm. Fern is planning on participating at the Pow Wow in the Traditional Dance section. The admission fee for the Pow Wow is $10. Please come out to support our Native friends.
You have not because you ask not
 Fun fact: This is actually a popular paraphrase from James 4:2a “You do not have because you do not ask God. “ (NIV)

Well, your presbytery is doing a lot of asking right through here. We are asking you to please pay your per capita for 2019. We are asking you to spread the wealth by paying your Shared Ministry dollars. We are asking you to contribute to the 224 Fund, which contributes to the Presbytery’s ability to host General Assembly in 2020. Soon we’ll ask on behalf of the Center.

On top of that, some of you are being asked to serve in committees and commissions. We hope that what we ask for, we can return to you in time and talent and yes…with Enduring Witness…money. Whatever you say “yes” to, is going to help us serve you! Say yes!

— Jackie
Upcoming Events
The West Side Pumpkin Patch
Hunting Ridge Presbyterian is now open daily from 11 am – 6 pm until the end of the month for your seasonal enjoyment. Stop by and pick up a pumpkin or some pumpkin bread! Special family events will be happening on Saturday Oct. 26 from 4 - 8 pm. 4640 Edmondson Ave.
Bystander Intervention Training
On Sunday, community partners will offer a free Bystander Intervention Training at Catonsville Presbyterian Church . This comprehensive training, facilitated by trainers from the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, provides a grounding in the principles of nonviolence and de-escalation, followed by interactive scenarios to practice new skills. More information
“Sacred Grounds” workshop
Join Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake at a workshop to learn how your congregation can beautify your place of worship and reduce your environmental footprint! Workshop begins at 6:00 PM at Gwynn Oak United Methodist Church. Specifically for congregations in Gwynns Falls but open to all who are interested. More information
2019 Dunning Lecture by Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson
St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute will host Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson for a lecture titled "Interpreting the Gospel of John: Writing a Commentary in Good Company." Dr. Thompson, is a George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament and former School of Theology dean. More Information
The 885th Gathering of the Presbytery of Baltimore
Mark your calendars! We will be convening on Saturday, November 16th at Annapolis Presbyterian Church for our next Gathering. The event will feature keynote speaker Dr. Jonathan Walton , Dean of the Divinity School, Wake Forest University. More information
In Search of
The Center is Seeking Summer Housing!
Need summer house-sitters? Each summer The Center hires interns to assist in running our summer programming. We are seeking furnished housing for 2-3 people inside the beltway from late May through mid-August. Do you know anyone who could help? Email othomas@baltimoreprebytery.org
Help Wanted

Williamsport Church is seeking a person with experience and the ability to play a pipe organ who will fit into a team approach to ministry, and play for two traditional Sunday morning services, one mid week rehearsal and occasional special events. Send resume by November 18 to: Search Committee, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 10813 Donelson Drive, Williamsport, MD 21795
General Assembly Commissioners
Baltimore Presbytery will send two ruling elders, two teaching elders and one youth advisory delegate as our commissioners to the 224th General Assembly, June 20-27, 2020. We will also choose one ruling elder and one teaching elder as alternates to step up in the case of a commissioner being unable to serve. The Nominating Committee is open to suggestions - nominate yourself, nominate a fellow church member or a pastor you think would be a suitable commissioner. Please send your suggestions and a short statement about why you are suggesting this person to dmceachran@hrpc.comcastbiz.net or call Rev. Deborah McEachran at (410) 566-2926.
General Assembly Volunteers
The Committee on Local Arrangements (COLA) is seeing creative and energetic individuals to lead a team or be part of a workgroup for June’s General Assembly in Baltimore. Available roles include: Fundraising Co-Chair, Media & Communications Chair, and Welcome Reception Volunteers. For additional information, contact Sonce.Reese@pcusa.org or (410) 433-2012.
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