September 1, 2020
From In The Loop Ministry Group: “B-more Human: A Dialogue About the Legacy of Racial Injustice”
DIS-able. DIS-mantle. DIS-avow. DIS-band. DIS-…You fill it in. It’s time. Time to DISS injustice. Actually, way past time. It is time to SPEAK, LISTEN, THINK, and then SPEAK some more, and take action.

Get started here, and join us in the ongoing series called, “B-More Human: A Dialogue About the Legacy of Racial Injustice.” Through this discourse we will seek to know others and to be enlightened about ourselves as we discover our shared humanity. The 1619 Project, a literary exposition developed by the New York Times in August 2019, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the introduction of African chattel slavery at Jamestown, Virginia, will serve as our platform. We will consider the impact of 400 years of slavery, reconstruction, and segregation, on race power and politics, wealth, health care, and culture in the United States, to enable us to clarify our own world view in the light of the truth of our varied lived experiences.
You can read this article by Nikole Hannah-Jones (you may need to subscribe) or listen to the podcast (no cost).

On September 16 (REGISTER), tune in to a Zoom interview with a panel of pastors from the Presbytery of Baltimore, who will share their perspectives on the way race intersects with power and politics in our communities and in the church. On September 19 (REGISTER), a Zoom town hall followed by small group discussions will allow us to explore the intersection of power and politics with one another.

Other ‘1619’ talks are scheduled for October 16 and 19, and November 16 and 19. In December, share in learning more about Kwanzaa and how it is rooted in traditions of valuing God, family and community.

Have a topic you would like discussed? A book you think we should read? Someone we should hear from that would help us SPEAK, SEE, and HEAR each other better? Let us know. We are all ears. Contact us at
"Grieving the loss that makes way for something new"
The Center's Director Kate Foster Conners is featured in today's Faith & Leadership with an article that re-explores how community engagement can manifest during the pandemic, as in-person mission weeks evolved toward a different way of equipping churches to engage with their communities. Read the article.
Farewell Celebration for Rev. Michael L. Moore
Rev. Moore visits Presbytery office
Rev. Michael Moore will be leaving as pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church to accept a call to the Presbyterian Mission Agency in Louisville as the African American Intercultural Associate. The members of Knox are pleased that he will use his expertise and skills to assist the Presbyterian Church (USA) in addressing the needs of African American Congregations, but they are, of course, sorry to see him leave.

Due to the current pandemic, a modified farewell celebration has been planned. A Caravan of Love event on Saturday, September 19, 2020 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm where Knox members, family, friends, colleagues, and all who wish to participate may do a drive-by to give farewell greetings to Rev. Moore. If you would like to join the caravan, please check the Knox Presbyterian Church Facebook page for assembly location and other information. Rev. Moore’s final worship service will be the following day, September 20th at 11:00 am. There are plans to also honor him during this service. Those who would like to join can connect on Knox Presbyterian Church’s Facebook page.
Fall 2020 Pathways Online Courses at Union Presbyterian Seminary
Two courses, Biblical Interpretation and Polity & Administration, begin this September 2020. Two more courses, Reformed Theology/Church History and Teaching the Bible, begin this October 2020. Courses are open to all, including Commissioned Ruling Elder candidates or any individual seeking further knowledge & edification. Each course meets weekly for five weeks, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. More information
Upcoming Events
Community Engagement Conversations
Now on the first Thursday of the month at 10 am: Center staff gather on Zoom to facilitate a conversation about your congregation’s efforts to engage with the local community. Bring success stories, frustrations, questions, or places you are stuck, and we will brainstorm together. Register
888th Gathering of the Presbytery of Baltimore
We will be meeting on Zoom once again. The meeting will include worship with communion, the installation of our new moderator and vice-moderator, reports from our General Assembly Commissioners, re-election of our General Presbyter, and much more. Registration is now open!
1619 Project Dialogue on Zoom
“Power, Politics, and Race: What Do WE Need to Talk About?” Zoom interview with In The Loop Pastors from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. For more information, visit our website or call 410-566-2926
1619 Project Zoom Town Hall
“Power, Politics, and Race: What Do WE Need to Talk About?” continues on September 19, 2020, with a Zoom town hall and small group discussions from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. For more information, visit our website or call 410-566-2926

Rev. Michael Moore Farewell Celebration - Join the Caravan of Love event on Saturday, September 19, 2020 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Facebook info
Stewardship Kaleidoscope Virtual Conference
Tuesdays, September 22nd, September 29th, and October 6th: The conference opens this year with Eric D. Barreto: Weyerhaeuser, Associate Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary and an ordained Baptist minister. Eric will be exploring the relevance of the Acts of the Apostles for a 21st-century audience, asking us to imagine what our call as stewards of the gospel looks like today, and how we can be a relevant, impactful church in the midst of crisis. Register here.

Help Wanted
Director of Music Ministry
Maryland Presbyterian Church is seeking a collaborative, invocative, talented, and diversely skilled musician to lead their Music Ministry. The Minister of Music will work closely with their direct supervisor, the Pastor. They will lead the choir, supervise a soprano section leader, and arrange for occasional instrumental ensembles for special occasions such as Christmas Eve. Special consideration will be given to candidates with relationships to potential guest musicians in the area. They are seeking an individual who is a skilled pianist who is also comfortable singing, teaching congregational singing/being a cantor, and leading the choir, and ideally could play guitar, percussion, brass or a stringed instrument, along with participating as a vocalist as needed. Specific desired skills because of COVID-19 precautions include the ability or willingness to learn how to pre-record Sunday hymns and songs, or knowledge of other technologies that allow for mixing music for worship, and skill or ability to learn how to set up and manage outdoor worship music and sound to be broadcast on an FM transmitter for “Drive-in” worship experiences. This position is 10 hours/week, at a competitive rate. Vacation and paid study leave are included and required to grow in skills and knowledge of our growing music ministry. For more info, or to apply, contact
The Presbytery offices are closed for visits or appointments until further notice, but staff and commissions continue to meet regularly online.

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