St Stephen's Episcopal Church
Easter Tidings
13th May 2018

Contemplative Eucharist

Festive Choral Eucharist
St Stephen's Choir

Sunday School
PreK - 12th grades
Drop off begins at 9:45a

Childcare  is provided 
 from 9:45 to 11:30a for infants 
through age 3

Confessions are heard by appointment with the Rector. The next Baptism day is Pentecost Sunday, 20th May. Please contact the Rector if you wish to be baptised.

This Sunday -
13th May
Youth Sunday
Mother's Day
Team 11  

Next Sunday -
Hugo Little Baptism
20th May
Team 6


Healing Prayers
The Healing 
Every Sunday, intercessors at the Mary Corner await those who desire anointing. After receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion, if you desire healing prayers for yourself or for a loved one, make your request known to a healing minister in the Mary Corner (near the entrance to the sanctuary.)Your request is kept confidential unless you indicate that it needn't be.


Morning and Evening Prayers  
The Daily Office.
Morning Prayer is said in the church Tuesdays,
and Thursdays at 9:30a
Please note: On 15th May, 
Morning Prayer is cancelled.
Evening Prayer is said in the church Tuesdays  
and Thursdays at 5:30p.

Please note: Morning & Evening Prayer will take a break in June/July.



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Sunday School
on regular Sundays
drop off begins at 9:45 AM

Sunday School Classes 

(from 10:00 to the Passing of the Peace at the 10:00a Eucharist, 
or approximately10:35a)

Spring Sunday School term will be coming to a close on Pentecost Sunday and Summer Stretch for grades PreK - 5th will begin 
3rd June
Godly Play
 PreK -  1st Grade

Bible in Life by David C. Cook
for 2nd through 3rd Grade

Bible in Life by David C. Cook
for 4th through 5th Grade

Youth Fall Sunday Class
6th - 12th Grades 
Student Ministry
Group discussion with scripture based original curriculum

Youth Small Group
6:15p - 7p
10th May will conclude the Spring group sessions. Watch for information about summer meetups.

All students  and older children are encouraged to serve as acolytes, ushers, and scripture readers at the 10 o'clock service. To volunteer yourself or your child for duties in any of these roles, 
please contact David david@ststephenschurch.org .
(for infants through age 3)
9:30 - 11:30a



Wanted: Videographer/Photographer
Volunteer your special videography and photography skills to vlog special events and talks throughout the year. Basic video shooting and editing skills are all that is required. 

Interested, please contact david@ststephenschurch.org .
St Stephen's Online Directory

Does the office have your current information?
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
St Stephen's Directory is now available online and is for the exclusive use of St Stephen's parishioners.

Email the office at office@ststephenschurch.org to learn how to access the directory and check your information.

All pictures taken Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday 2018 by Miles Woodlief, Philip Norris and Bob McCaskill are now in the Directory.
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Volunteers Needed

Volunteer at the Tiburon Thrift Shop and help St Stephen's! Our Parish receives a monthly check from the shop thanks to those who volunteer on St Stephen's behalf.  

Volunteers are needed on Thursdays and 5th Saturdays. 10am to 1pm and/or 1pm to 4pm. 

It is not a huge commitment but it makes a huge difference. To learn more, please contact: June Campbell 415.797.6142 or Jennifer Henerlau 415.608.3239.
Food Bank Barrel
for the Homeless

Hunger never takes a break!

 St Stephen's keeps a Marin/SF Food Bank barrel in the Kimball Hall lobby and on the classroom level all through the year. Please consider feeding those less fortunate by donating your non-perishable food items.
Year's Mind
Celtic Cross
P lease help Father Ellsworth compile the names and dates of the death of family members whom you would like to be remembered in prayers at the altar on, or close to, the anniversary of their death.This is an old custom, even if new to St. Stephen's.  Email Elizabeth in the office with this click-through.
Gratitude Prayers

Are you thankful for a blessing or something special?  Let the office know and we can add it to the prayers.  Deadline is Tuesday afternoon as Sunday bulletins are printed early Thursday mornings. Let us know and we can add it to the Sunday prayers of thanksgiving.  
Email Elizabeth Gravely at office@ststephenschurch.org
From the Rector
What kind of experiences Mary had raising Jesus we can only guess at. The gospels give us but one glimpse into his childhood, the story of how Mary and Joseph left Jerusalem and had traveled some distance before realizing Jesus wasn't with them. When they went back looking for the boy, they came upon him at last in the Temple. "Behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing," Mary said, and you get the sense that it was her fate to seek him sorrowing ever afterwards.
     When you consider the way Jesus speaks to his mother, you can understand why Mary is called the Mater Dolorosa, the "mother of sorrows." The words might not be as harsh in Aramaic as they sound in English, but it's hard to believe they didn't cause her some measure of sorrow. "Woman, what have I to do with thee?" when she came to him at Cana about the wine. "Who is my mother?" when he was told that she was outside waiting for him.
     "Whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my mother." We might be tempted to paper this over. But that wouldn't be honest. Welcome to St Stephen's!
     See you in church!
     Father Ellsworth
American Bach Soloists
Friday  |  11th May 2018   |   8:00p
American Bach Soloists in concert at St Stephen's present Bach's Orchestral Suites. These four suites not only celebrate the dance, but also the phenomenal technical abilities of his musicians.

Youth Sunday   |   Mother's Day
Sunday  |  13th May 2018   |   10:00 o'clock
Installation Acolytes
The St Stephen's youth will participate as part of the 10:00 o'clock service and in celebration of Mother's Day. Aiden Hall and Matthew Fisher will present the Homily. Additionally, Acolytes, Sunday School Teachers, and graduating Seniors will be recognized during the service. Please come support St Stephen's youth, their Mothers, and all Mothers on this special day.
Bible Study   |   Paul's Letter to the Romans
Sunday  |  13th May 2018   |   11:30a
Please join us for a discussion led by Mike Peters and Joe Jennings on St Paul's Letter to the Romans. This Sunday we are discussing Romans Chapter 3 in the Becker Conference Room. The study guide for the class is Timothy Keller's "Romans 1-7 For You" which is available at Amazon. For further information contact Joe Jennings. Summer classes will be Sundays: 24th June, 29th July, and 26th August.
Pentecost Sunday   |   Volunteers needed for speaking in tongues on Pentecost Sunday
Would you like to speak in tongues on Pentecost Sunday, 20th May? Contact John Hirten at johnkhirten@ststephenschurch.org if you would like to read Acts 2 in a foreign language and participate with the group of those speaking simultaneously "in tongues." Translations are available via this link.

Please note: Sunday School will participate in the Procession and then proceed to Sunday School through the sanctuary.
Pentecost Sunday |  RSVP today please for Tacos!
20th May 2018 | 10 o'clock coffee hour
Join St Stephen's in celebration of the birthday of the church with burritos, tacos or quesadillas from Abel's Taco Truck. The taco donation amount to be collected in the wait line is $13 for adults and $6.50 for children. Cash with correct change would be helpful, or checks are also accepted. Plan to join the fun and  camaraderie. 

Tacos Please RSVP asap to Elizabeth@ststephenschurch.org 
regarding how many adults and children plan to purchase tacos (or burritos, or quesadillas) on Pentecost  so that enough servings will be prepared. Abel is requesting our numbers. Thanks in advance for your quick response.

There will also be a baptism for Hugo Little on this day during the 10a service. Please come share your support.
Pentecost Sunday   |   Organ Recital   |   4p
Skinner Organ
Please join St Stephen's for a recital featuring three outstanding young Bay Area organists here at St Stephen's on Sunday, 20th May, at 4 PM, sponsored by the American Guild of Organists. 

Our teenaged performers are Dominic Pang, Chase Olson, and Tim Warncke. Dominic will be performing at the American Guild of Organists national convention in Kansas City this summer.  Join us for this free concert!
From the Deacon
Dear Friends, 

As I write this, I'm in the midst of hiring counselors for Camp Create and getting ready for my trip to Israel. Dave and I leave 18th May and return 30th May. I'll do my best to post pictures on the St Stephen's Facebook page. Dave and I have traveled many places around the world but never to Israel. I cannot imagine how it will feel to walk in the steps of Jesus and His disciples. We both feel very blessed and excited to be going. We ask your prayers for safe travel.  
It is my hope, as our mutual ministry journey continues, that Christ Church members will volunteer a few hours at Camp Create and that  St Stephen's members will continue to send clothing for the Sausalito anchor out community that Christ Church helps support. I also hope members from St Stephen's will volunteer at the Friday night Open Door dinners. Mickey from Christ Church and David from 
St Stephen's have been busy coordinating this. 

With the success of The Good Book Club, our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is launching, "Thy Kingdom Come".  For details, see below: 
"Thy Kingdom Come:
Our Presiding Bishop has joined a global campaign calling for prayer, joining the worldwide  Anglican Communion in "Thy Kingdom Come". It's a collaborative with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby calling for prayer by congregations and individuals. This global prayer movement invites Christians from around the world to pray between Ascension Day (10th May) and Pentecost (20th). There is power and comfort knowing that others are praying the same prayers and it is hoped that more people will come to know Jesus. "Jesus taught us to pray 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done'," Presiding Bishop Curry said in a  video message for Thy Kingdom Come. 

Resources and the complete announcement can be found here:
The Rev'd Deacon Alberta Brown Buller
Legacy Society Dinner   |   10th June
Christus Rex
Those who have included St Stephen's in their will or estate plan are invited to a celebratory garden party at the home of Bob McCaskill and Pam Martori on Sunday, 10th June. If you have not yet filled out the response form in the Legacy Society brochure and returned it to the Rector, please do so before 3rd June. We want to set a place for you at the table!
May Artist-In-Residence Gallery | Kimball Hall
Blake C. Ahrens   | First Oils
"I have called myself a writer since I was six years old. The 3rd of October, 2017, was my introduction to painting. Since that day, I have created 26 paintings and counting. Since this gift has made itself manifest, I feel called to the canvas. I am so very grateful to God, my painting teacher Graciela Placak, to my loving and supportive partner Heather Findlay, and to the warm and welcoming community at St Stephen's for this chance to show you my work." - Blake C. Ahrens
Communications Survey   |   Help us help you!
Complete the survey
Please use the link below to let the staff know how best to inform you so that you can be a part of all that goes on here with the St Stephen's Community. If you prefer, you can instead fill out the same questionnaire printed at the back of this week's Sunday bulletins. 

Thanks   |   Anasazi   | Evensong
Special thanks to Lois Cannady, her crew of angels, and to John Hirten for yet another terrific, interesting, and delicious luncheon event.

Blessing OA2017 Thanks also to John K. Hirten and the mellifluous St Stephen's choir for a lovely Evensong presentation of some of John Hirten's arrangements and more. Thanks also to those who attended to support this special service. Your support inspires future Evensong services.
Special Calendar Planning Dates

Summer Adult Bible Education   |   3rd June, 24th June,
     29th July, and 26th August   |   11:30a
Mission Trip   |   17th - 24th June 2018
Camp Create   |   16th - 20th July 2018

Morning Prayer - Tuesday, Thursday - 9:30a
Evening Prayer - Tuesday, Thursday - 5:30p

Healing Prayers Every Sunday - 8 & 10a  
    (During the service, after Communion) 
Youth Small Group on Thursday Nights | 6p 
Call for artists for November Holiday Faire,
      contact Ginny Doyle  (her name is an active email link.)
MAY  2018

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

11  American Bach Soloists Bach Concert - 8p,        
12  Rotary Fundraiser at St Stephen's
13  Mother's Day/ Youth Sunday - 10a
13  Paul's Letter to Romans Bible Study - 11:30a
15 - 17 Recording at St Stephen's
20 PENTECOST - and Taco Truck - 11:30p
20 Organist's Guild concert at St Stephen's - free, 4p
20 Art Angels Musical Evening at Garman/Coats - 4 - 6p
21 Vestry Meeting - 7p
28 - 4th June Recording at St Stephen's
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