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Trinity Tidings
5th August 2018
St. Stephen's Welcomes You!

Contemplative Eucharist

Holy Eucharist
St Stephen's Choir returns 26th August
Pick-up Choir rehearses at 9a on Sundays

Summer Stretch
PreK - 5th grades
Drop off begins at 9:45a

Childcare  is provided 
 from 9:45 to 11:30a for infants 
through age 3

Confessions are heard by appointment with the Rector. 
Holy Trinity

This Sunday -
5th August
Team 2
    Ginny Preston

Next Sunday -
12th August
Team 3


Healing Prayers
The Healing 
Every Sunday, intercessors at the Mary Corner await those who desire anointing. After receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion, if you desire healing prayers for yourself or for a loved one, make your request known to a healing minister in the Mary Corner (near the entrance to the sanctuary.)Your request is kept confidential unless you indicate that it needn't be.


The Daily Office
Morning and Evening Prayers
Morning & Evening Prayer will resume on 11th & 13th September



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Wanted: Videographer/Photographer
Volunteer your special videography and photography skills to vlog special events and talks throughout the year. Basic video shooting and editing skills are all that is required. 

Interested, please contact  david@ststephenschurch.org.
Michael Painter

Celtic Cross
Mike Painter, a member of St Stephen's for many years, died Friday, 29th June at home. The husband of Sue - in January they would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary - Mike was well-known and loved by all who knew him. A city planner and urban designer, you benefit from his good work, on the Presidio Parkway, nearly every time you drive into San Francisco. He loved St Stephen's Church. We loved him back.

San Francisco Chronicle - click for article
Funeral plans have been made for 25th August at 3p. Please remember Mike and the Painter family in your prayers.
May his Soul, 
and the Souls of 
All the Faithful Departed,
       By the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen.
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Year's Mind
Celtic Cross
P lease help Father Ellsworth compile the names and dates of the death of family members whom you would like to be remembered in prayers at the altar on, or close to, the anniversary of their death.This is an old custom, even if new to St. Stephen's.  Email Elizabeth in the office with this click-through.
Food Bank Barrel
for the Homeless

Hunger never takes a break!

 St Stephen's keeps a Marin/SF Food Bank barrel in the Kimball Hall lobby and on the classroom level all through the year. Please consider feeding those less fortunate by donating your non-perishable food items any time during the year.
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Volunteers Always Needed
Especially this Summer!

Volunteer at the Tiburon Thrift Shop and help St Stephen's! Our Parish receives a monthly check from the shop thanks to those who volunteer on St Stephen's behalf.  

Volunteers are needed on Thursdays and 5th Saturdays. 10am to 1pm and/or 1pm to 4pm. 

It is not a huge commitment but it makes a huge difference. To learn more, please contact: June Campbell 415.797.6142 or Jennifer Henerlau 415.608.3239.
From the Rector
I t's entirely right to ask people to pray for you. And it helps to ask people to pray who don't think of themselves as expert prayers or even very devout people. You can say, You know you might have a role here, you might have something to give. You may think you have nothing but actually that could be important.
      Jesus warns us about the idea that prayer is as it were forcing God's arm. He says, in the 'sermon on the mount', people think they'll be heard because of the number of words they say. He's warning us a bit about quantifying this too much. He certainly is saying keep at it, be persistent, be boring, just carry on, but not in a way that leads you to think, Well, if I shout loud enough God will have to do something. So, yes, the more people are opening themselves to God's vision of the world the better, the more likely it is that something will shift. But even there don't suppose that it's like a huge rally at City Hall pressuring the Government to do something. 
Welcome to St Stephen's.
                     See you in church!
                     Father Ellsworth

The flowers at the altar are given by
Linda Berg
to the glory of God and
loving memory  of 
Bruce Berg.
Note Update   |   5th August, both services
Fr Ellsworth interviews Mr Stanley Chagala

This Sunday, 5th August, Father Ellsworth will interview Mr Stanley Chagala at both services. Stanley comes from the Maragoli people of Western Kenya, and is currently a graduate student of Divinity at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, where he is training as a clinical chaplain at Marin General Hospital. All those 
who would like to help Stanley with his expenses may place a check in the offering plate with the memo line "Stanley Chagala" or may speak to Fr Ellsworth, or Deacon Alberta, or may send gifts to the church office.
Stanley is a 4th-generation Quaker who was also raised with traditional Maragoli cultural rites of passage and healing practices. As an adult, Stanley had a series of dreams telling him to work with dying people. He received a seminary scholarship, and sold his four oxen to pay for his plane ticket to California.
Stanley brings a unique mystical perspective to his work with the sick and dying, incorporating shamanic practices and pre-colonial African theologies as he walks with those who face major life passages.

If you would like to know more about the context from which Stanley comes to us, there will be a free showing of the movie "Queen of Katwe" on Thursday, August 23rd at 6:30 pm at Christ Church Sausalito. Queen of Katwe is the story of a girl from Kenya's neighbor, Uganda, where life is similar to where Stanley was born and raised. Please RSVP to deacon.alberta@ststephenschurch.org by 10th August if you plan to attend the screening. Pizza and movie snacks to be served.
Earth and Altar Garden Weekly Harvest
Every Sunday after the 10:00 AM Service

AE2019SummerHarvest Please join us to help harvest the Earth and Altar Garden's beans and tomatoes. We will be doing weekly harvests after the 10 AM service to provide fresh food for the needy in Marin. Meet right after the service in the garden behind the Parish Hall next to the back parking lot to pick beans and tomatoes for 10-15 minutes, and then cool off upstairs with the Coffee Connection. All parishioners welcome, children to adults.
Camp Create 2018!
Thanks to Anne Hammer for some great photos.
The Blessing of the Backpacks and the Commissioning of the Sunday School Teachers
26th August

backpack-sm.jpg Invite your friends, neighbors, and their children to attend the opening of Sunday School on 26th August, so they can have their backpacks and an item inside, blessed during the 10 o'clock service. Those who plan or would like to teach Sunday School this Fall are invited to receive their "commissioning" also during this service.

Love and Kisses from Camp Create 2018

This year we opened our arms wider; with 80 campers, 18 teen counselors, 7 teachers, and more than 60 volunteers during the week. Camp Create 2018 was a very full house. 

The camp ran smoothly and safely, campers laughed and learned, about 200 attended a delightful, and delicious Friday night celebration.

With your help Camp Create 2018 was more inclusive and safer than ever before, with
* 40% more campers than last year
* Expanded security and safety measures, planned in collaboration with the Belvedere Police Department
* Volunteers from St Stephen's, Christ Church in Sausalito, and the community at large - many working multiple shifts, some working all week
* All written materials in English and Spanish
* Full scholarships to 94% of our campers
* A Camp Create website and Parents Guide, focused on attracting campers from our community
* Invitations to our members, neighbors, and donors to observe the camp in action

Very special thanks to
...our institutional donors, who provided 60% of the budgeted revenue; without them, Camp Create could not continue: Kimball Foundation, Belvedere Community Foundation, and Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund.
...our volunteers - again a record number, who made the camp hum. They worked in the kitchen and courtyard, escorted children to the bathrooms, bandaged skinned knees, translated documents into Spanish, created our graphic designs, put on a glorious dinner on Friday for the families of our campers, and a hundred other things needed for the camp to run in an efficient, welcoming, and professional way. 

...to our individual donors whose gifts, large and small, filled the gap between institutional support and what is needed to feed 130+ people each day, as well as pay our teacher/artists and counselors a fair wage.

...to the staff of St Stephen's who worked behind the scenes, printing, accounting, monitoring supplies, and being overall guardian angels to all aspects of the camp - and always with a smile.

...to Helen Sandeman who created the beautiful design used to express this year's theme, 'A Journey', on our printed and electronic materials, and on our camp tees.

...in-kind donor ExtraFood for large deliveries of good, nutritious food at no cost.
From our hearts, thank you for your prayers, time, and financial support; these made all the difference in making 2018 Camp Create an extraordinary experience for our campers.

The Camp Create Organizing Committee:
The Rev'd Deacon Alberta Brown Buller, Chris Simpson Brent, Anne Brown, Olive DePonte, Victoria Ellsworth, 
Jo Ann Haseltine, David Hirsch, Pam Martori and 
Teri Pollitt
A Note from Virginia Ginny Doyle
Holiday Fair 2018   |    Last Call for Artists

WreathHoliday2016 Hello St Stephen's parishioners,

It is hard to think of the holidays in the middle of a lovely summer here, but a small group of us are working on our upcoming Holiday Gift Fair which will take place on Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 11th this year. 

This is the show we have when we are not having an Art Angels Fair, and it will feature parish and community artists who make their own work. Many artists have contacted me and we only have a few spaces available. If you would like to show your work at the fair, or if you have questions about participating in it, please call me at 415-435-6540. Thank you! -  Ginny Doyle
The John K. Hirten Recital Last Sunday 

The 18 St Stephen's people there stuck out their chests with pride and enjoyed a tunefully good time.
Episcopal News Service 
Link to Convention News

Gratefully Episcopalian To access information about the Episcopal Convention and Episcopal Church News click this link. You will have an opportunity to subscribe.

Lost and Found 

A ring was found in the church. Please call the office and describe it to claim this ring. Elizabeth Gravely, 415.435.4501



Healing Prayers Every Sunday - 8 & 10a  
    (During the service, after Communion) 
Call for artists for November Holiday Faire,
      contact Ginny Doyle  (her name is an active email link.)
Earth & Altar Harvesting after the 10a service for 10 minutes

JULY 2018
1, 8, 15, 22, 29

30 Tentative Recording all day
     Next Vestry Meeting is in August

5, 12, 19, 26

 5 Mr Stanley Chagal interviewed by Fr Ellsworth
10 Last chance to RSVP for Christ Church 8.26 movie
23 "Queen of Katwe" at Christ Church, 6:30p RSVP
25 Michael Painter Memorial, 3p
26 Sunday School, and the Blessing of the Backpacks,           Commissioning of Sunday School Teachers, 10a             service
26 St Stephen's Choir partial return
26 Adult Bible Education, 11:30a
28 Vestry Meeting - 7p
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