January 13, 2023---

From the Rector

Tidings from Trinity is a great resource for staying aware of what is happening at church and for your daily faith journey. For instance . . .

  • To enrich your prayer life and connect more closely to our Trinity family, scroll below to the Prayer and Pastoral Care section. Click on the link in the left column of that section to be taken to our weekly Prayer List. There you can find the names of people who have requested prayer for illness or other challenges in their lives or the lives of people they love. Pick a name and pray specifically for that one person and the needs they have. The Prayer List is also printed in the weekly worship bulletin.

  • To stay aware of everything coming up on the Trinity schedule, scroll down to the Trinity Monthly Calendar and click on the link. You will be taken to a Google calendar that lists all our services and everything else that will be coming up in the weeks and months ahead. You can also access this through our website.

  • Want to know upcoming birthdays and anniversaries? Scroll down to the last section in Tidings and there you will see these significant monthly dates.

These opportunities and more are a good reason to always read Tidings from Trinity and to scroll down through the entire newsletter. There is always some repetition, of course, but frequently there are new things to be seen “below the fold,” as it were. Check them out and keep current!

Bulletin Board Magic! Help Kay Mackewicz, our Church Administrator, spruce up the Bulletin Board outside her office for February—a month associated with love. Send or bring her photographs of whatever represents love in your life: wedding photos, photos of grandchildren, animal companions, anything with the "Awwww" factor. Email your photos at churchadmin@trinitybeth.org or bring them by the office.
Important Events and Reminders
Trinity's Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 29, 2022
Please join us after the 10:30 service for our annual meeting where we gather to:
  • enjoy each other's company and a meal
  • take stock of the previous year at Trinity
  • approve the yearly budget
  • approve new Vestry and Convention Delegates
  • pray for the Spirit to draw us into God's future

One service only that weekend: Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.
Pledge Online through Realm!
It's NEVER too late!
Realm is Trinity’s online database that keeps track of membership, finances, and so much more. If you have established your profile in Realm, you can actually turn in your pledge that way! It’s very simple.

  • For instructions on how to pledge online, click here.

We need more volunteers to help with providing and preparing snacks for our hospitality hour after the 10:30 service. Text or email Sister Ruth at (484.707.2304 or studycindy20@gmail.com) if you would like to take a shift!
If you rearrange your date(s) of service as reader, intercessor, usher, Altar Guild, or hospitality person, please inform Kay Mackewicz so she can change names in the worship bulletin.

Kay can be reached at (610) 867-4741 or by email at churchadmin@trinitybeth.org.
Livestreaming at Trinity

The Baptism of Jesus

Holy Eucharist
January 15, 2023
10:30 a.m.

  • To read the announcement about live-streaming to Facebook (in addition to Vimeo and to the webpage), please use this link.
Prayer and Pastoral Care
To add a name to our prayer list, inform us through our email account created especially for this purpose.

If you tell me (Pam) in person, I am likely to forget, so using our email is the best way to make sure we pray for you in the Prayers of the People. Email: prayerlist@trinitybeth.org

To view the coming week's prayer list, click here.
For Pastoral Care Emergencies, please call the church at (610) 867-4741, x 325. You may leave a message after hours and that message will be sent directly to Pam’s personal cell phone. Pams personal cell phone number is also in the church directory and may be found in Realm. Please be assured that we want to be present to you at times of pastoral need and will offer assistance and support in any way possible.
Important Things
Events to Remember
(save the dates)
  • January 29—The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany AND Annual Meeting!
  • February 22—Ash Wednesday (time of services to be determined)
  • February 19—First Sunday of Lent
  • February 22—Ash Wednesday
  • April 2—Holy Week begins
Trinity protocol for public worship
January 15, 2023

  • Masks are optional during worship.
  • We still encourage social distancing of six feet in worship. Family and friends who are within each others' circles may sit together.
  • Shaking hands and hugging are still discouraged. Bowing and peace signs are encouraged.
  • Congregational singing is allowed.
Information and Communication

Listen to last Sunday's Sermon! All sermons are now recorded and available on the website.
Trinity Monthly Calendar

Keep up with church activities more easily. Click here.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

Laura Johnson, January 3
Patti Pasda, January 3
Margaret McIntosh, January 4
Aram Basmadjian, January 5
JoAnne Hornyak, January 5
Barry Smith, January 12
Monica Lawrence, January 14
Joel Krieger, January 14
Sophia Krieger, January 25
Saul Marcial, January 27
Landon Marcial, January 28
Gerald Stover, January 28
Jessica Thompkins-Moyer, January 29
Joyce Meinke, January 30
Lylah Hoff, January 31
Jesse Lewis, January 31


Dawn and Bill Winterburn, January 30

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