July 22, 2022---
From the Rector

Summers are supposed to be hot, but my friends, this is ridiculous. Yes, temperatures in the 90s are not unheard of, in July and August, though they are much more rare here in Pennsylvania, than in, say, Alabama.

Even now, as I write, the U.S. is experiencing a fierce heat wave stretching over much of the country. It is 112 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona. It's so bad in Texas, folks are worrying their vulnerable power grid might not hold. Right now in Bethlehem, it's 92 degrees, but this Sunday it may get as high as 98.
But wait, there's more! Europe is experiencing its worst heat wave in history. Some folks try to argue that 1976 was the historic high there, but check out this comparative chart to the left. It shows the temperature ranges in the scorching summer of 1976 (top image) compared to the global temperature ranges just last month (lower image).

There have been wildfires in France—yes, France! In Spain and Portugal, too, and over 1,700 people have perished there because of the heat wave.
The roads are buckling in England, where they are having their hottest summer ever experienced. They are not used to such temperatures, and do not have a lot of air-conditioning. So these temps can be much more deadly to those who cannot escape into cooler buildings. The same is true here, though, because people who can't afford air-conditioning are at risk for heat stroke.

The chart to the right shows the problem in Europe, and the high temperature for July 19 was 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It never used to get that hot in England. It was always lovely and cool, even in the warmest of summers. Not any more.

It's not good news and it's hard to remain hopeful when faced with the reality that scientists have been warning us about for more than 40 years. But remain hopeful we must, and let that hope spur us to further action on behalf of God's amazing temperate and liveable climate into which we came to be.

So, dear friends, I invite you to read the Bishop's "Mind of the House" closing statement at the recent General Convention: Expressing the Mind of the House on Climate and Our Vocation in Christ. The bishops say, "As people of faith, we are not without hope, but the sustainability of God’s creation demands our action. Confronting climate change and environmental degradation has never been more urgent. As members of The Episcopal Church, we are committed in baptism to resist evil, seek God’s will, treat all people with dignity, and strive for justice and peace."

Remember: we must not be without hope. But hope won't save the world. Action, sustained and empowered by hope, will give us the will and the courage to do what must be done—for our children and grandchildren—and for the sake of the world itself, God's own beloved.

Now—follow that link above and READ. Then be prepared to act.


Trinity Memorial Garden and the Care of Creation

Come join the team!
Two years ago, we sought out Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery to help us develop a native garden at Trinity. At Edge of the Woods they specialize in designing gardens that bring back native plants to support the ecosystems of the area. We wanted Trinity's Memorial Garden to be a place of respite for endangered creatures like butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.
Native flora and fauna evolved together and sustain each other. When non-native species are introduced into an area, the native fauna are not able to subsist off them. Bradford pear trees are an example. Brought over from China, they are inedible to native caterpillars and other creatures, and cannot become part of the symbiotic relationships so necessary to life.
Edge of the Woods Nursery is so busy they are not always able to tend our garden as frequently as the rain requires. Would you like to join a Garden Team at Trinity? We need people to help keep true "weeds" in check and appropriately prune back our beautiful native plants when they get a little exuberant in their growth. If you are interested, see Pam or Sara Klingner to become part of this project.
Purple coneflowers above (also called Echinacea purpurea) are hardy and provide delicious nectar to bees and butterflies!

The lovely silver flowers in the photo (above right, top of the article) are called Hoary Mountain Mint. They are especially tasty to bees and other buzzing creatures.
These are "volunteer" cherry tomatoes. They were not planted, but grew out of seeds that somehow made their way to the garden. Maybe from a stray tomato or in the mulch.

The beautiful pink blooms (second photo in the article above) are Garden Phlox, and are a glorious contrast to the other blooms.
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July 22, 2022

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