November 16, 2023---
From the Rector

Before the main event . . . I offer just a brief reminder that the Trinity Bells will play this Sunday at the 10:30 a.m. service! They are really outdoing themselves this year, with beautiful music and great musicianship. We are so grateful for their presence, and for their enthusiastic and generous offering of time and talent. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY on Sunday, so as not to miss a minute of their Prelude!
Is this our Mast Year?

Rooted in Abundance. Trees by a river. Healthy forests of trees. Most of you have by now received my stewardship letter that offered the tree and the forest as a metaphor about our church and its resources. Trinity Church is like a mighty forest with trees young and old, contributing their gift—we might rather say fruits—called from them.

We are rooted in a faith that undergirds our nurturing and protecting, our creating of webs of friendship and generosity. And we are rooted so that we may bear fruit.

Acorns are the fruit of the oak tree. In 2019, oak trees in our area went through a season of masting. I was completely unaware of masting, but I learned what it was that year for sure! When oak trees are masting, they are creating a massive crop of acorns—far more than they usually do. This happens randomly, occasionally, and unpredictably. It just happens, and when it does, it’s rather amazing. I know this, because I had to pay my mowing company a massive amount of money to rake up the acorns on my rather long driveway. That’s not something one forgets!

Scientists have several credible theories about why masting occurs, mostly having to do with long-term survival of the species. So if we use the tree as a metaphor, perhaps this year we should attempt a masting year—producing the fruit of our work, wisdom, and wealth in a massive way—so as to pave the way for the long-time survival of Trinity Church.
In my letter, I encouraged Trinity members to 1) pledge for the first time, if you have never pledged before; or 2) if you are already pledging, increase your pledge at perhaps .05 or 1% more than it was last year.

I also challenged you to help us increase the number of pledges from 54 (2023) to 60. That’s an increase of 6, which is very do-able. So if you are a regular giver, but have not yet pledged, make this the year you pledge for the first time. It will help us in so many ways, in terms of our long-term viability as a parish, and in our spiritual growth, as well. Generosity is good for the heart and soul. Let’s have a mast year at Trinity! 

More on Stewardship
The more you know . . . About Trinity's recent history of giving
A church's financial situation reflects its spiritual health. With that in mind, look at the box above, which is a graphic expression of the total number of pledges made by Trinity parishioners per year since 2006.

As you can see, with the exception of 2007, pledges have steadily decreased in the years since. It's discouraging, but it's not the only information we can glean from these charts.

Look at the chart to the right, the specific number of pledges per year, and the total amount pledged. This offers more insight.

The year 2007 was the highest number of pledges in the past 17 years. After that year, there was a decline of 16 pledges. Yet, look at the amount pledged. It was over $23,000 more than 2007. A smaller number of pledges produced more income than the year before. That's rather amazing. Despite the decline in pledges, the church seems to have been very healthy the following year.

Now compare the average amount of pledge from 2007 ($1,843) and 2023 ($3,378). That's a rather impressive increase on average per pledge, despite inflation. We now have fewer pledges, but on average, those who pledge are more generous than in 2007.

Yet, if Trinity Church is going to continue long-term into the future, we must increase our patterns of giving. We need to increase the number of pledges, and the amount of pledges.
Our financial situation reflects our spiritual health. You can't avoid that truth. A generous, joyful, trusting church will embrace every opportunity to give more to love God's church and God's world.

We are part-way there, already. Our individual pledges tend to be larger than they were in the past. That's good. But we can do better. God calls us to do better, to increase the number of pledges and to increase the amount we give. I'm going to do that, and I hope you will too.

We cannot control the future. So many people think the church is dying, that congregations will soon vanish. But as long as we celebrate the resurrection, I cannot agree that our future is so grim.

We do have some choice. Let's go forward with joy and generosity, giving a little or a lot more than we have before, and see what God can do with that commitment!
A minute for stewardship

The Pledge 
by Chris Martocchio

A pledge is the way we let our parish know what we plan to give, so that the finance committee can estimate the funds that will be available for our ministry. Wouldn’t it be tragic if we missed an opportunity to do something great because we didn’t think there would be enough money? Although the pledge should be a good faith intention, it is not a contract. You can adjust your pledge whenever necessary.
We expect all members to make a pledge of support with your wealth, works, and wisdom. You can make a pledge online on Realm or by filling out a pledge card. 
You can fulfill your pledge by putting your contributions into the offering plate or by giving online.
Please Note: Loose cash in the offering plate cannot be associated with a specific donor, so it can’t be counted as pledged giving. Please be sure to use your envelopes for cash!

Events to Remember

You are invited! Please consider joining the Bethlehem Interfaith Group (B.I.G.) for a pre-Thanksgiving service! It is a great opportunity to meet people from other congregations and faith communities around Bethlehem.Pam+
Twelfth Annual
Trinity Wreath Sale!

Many thanks to Gary Becker for coordinating our Trinity Wreath Sale for
the 12th year!

If you would like to order one, please follow the link for the information/order form. The deadline for ordering is November 30. Pick-up date is December 2. Click here!
Join us for these FUN events!

The Outreach Ministry invites you to:

  • Sunday, December 3Cookies and Cans! Come join us after the 10:30 a.m. service for our first cookie swap on December 3rd. Bring a dozen homemade cookies and take a dozen homemade cookies. Plus bring a can good to donate to the Trinity Kitchen at New Bethany!
  • Sunday, December 10, 3:00 p.m.—Join other Trinity members and friends at Miracle on 34th Street performed by The Pennsylvania Playhouse on Illick's Mill Road. See Rob Baser at church for tickets! Or call him at (610) 905-7739. Number of tickets are limited, so contact him soon!
Save the DATES!

of the NAVE
Saturday, December 2,
1:00 p.m.

Sunday, December 24,
immediately AFTER
Coffee Hour
Please mark you calendars now for these important and necessary preparations to ready the Nave, Chancel, and Sanctuary for the observance of Advent and the celebration of The Nativity. We need every person who can offer us their time and work to make both the room and our hearts ready for this special time of year.

Vestry Nominees Sought for Three-year Terms

This year, four of our members will complete their current service on the Vestry. Therefore, we have four spots to fill in order to have a well-functioning Vestry.
Members of the Vestry are spiritual leaders and legal representatives of the parish. There are specific requirements for service: Vestry members must be communicants in good standing, defined as:
  • being confirmed or received by an Episcopal bishop
  • being regular in attendance
  • being regular contributors in the six months preceding Annual Meeting 2024, and willing to pledge in 2024
Vestry members must also be 18 years of age. They are elected each year at the parish Annual Meeting, held in late January. If you are interested in running for this very important office of service in the life of Trinity parish, please contact Pam or any other Vestry member through email.

If you are interested in self-nominating, or in nominating someone else, please follow this link to the Vestry Nomination Form. Fill it out and mail or email it to
Save the date . . .
  • November 19—Rooted in Abundance Ingathering
  • November 23—Thanksgiving Eucharist 10:30 a.m.
  • November 26—Christ the King Sunday
  • December 3—First Sunday of Advent
Trinity Needs
Trinity's Children's Room is now ready and available for parents who want to give their children a break during our worship service. You may bring your child to the room and remain with them until you are ready to bring them back to worship.

Soon we will be staffing the Children's Room with Trinity members who will engage your preschool children and infants during the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service, offering the opportunity for parents (or guardians, grandparents) to focus on worship while their children are engaged in activities that help acclimate them to the community of faith. If you would like to be part of this ministry, please email Chris Martocchio at, or speak to her at church.
We can always use more volunteers to help with providing and preparing snacks for our hospitality hour after the 10:30 a.m. service. Text or email Sister Ruth at (484.707.2304 or if you would like to take a shift!
If you rearrange your date(s) of service as reader, intercessor, usher, Altar Guild, or hospitality person, please inform Kay Mackewicz so she can change names in the worship bulletin.

Kay can be reached at (610) 867-4741 or by email at
Livestreaming at Trinity

The Twenty-Fifth Sunday
after Pentecost

November 19, 2023

  • To view the service bulletin for Saturday evening, click here.

  • To read the announcement about live-streaming to Facebook (in addition to Vimeo and to the webpage), please use this link.
Prayer and Pastoral Care
To add a name to our prayer list, inform us through our email account created especially for this purpose.

If you tell me (Pam) in person, I am likely to forget, so using our email is the best way to make sure we pray for you in the Prayers of the People. Email:

To view the coming week's prayer list, click here.
For Pastoral Care Emergencies, please call the church at (610) 867-4741, x 325. You may leave a message after hours and that message will be sent directly to Pam’s personal cell phone. Pams personal cell phone number is also in the church directory and may be found in Realm. Please be assured that we want to be present to you at times of pastoral need and will offer assistance and support in any way possible.
Information and Communication
If you tell Pam something on Sunday morning, you can be sure four other people have told Pam something on Sunday morning: people who need to be on the prayer list; events that are about to occur; ideas for the future.

To make sure these events or people are remembered, please EMAIL Pam at the address below. Please COPY Kay Mackewicz to that email so that Kay can help Pam remember, and also make sure that everything that needs to be communicated to the whole parish gets communicated. Anything that is not pastoral or confidential you can copy to Kay.

You can also use the other two emails listed below. Thank you so much in advance for helping us communicate better. (Kay's email, copy her when you email Pam)
Trinity Monthly Calendar

Keep up with church activities more easily. Click here.

Listen to last Sunday's Sermon! All sermons are now recorded and available on the website.
Security at Trinity

Recently we've had some security concerns in our building, so we have a few important requests:

  • If you are present, between or after worship or other meetings, when the doors are locked, and someone you do not know asks to be allowed in the building (by ringing or knocking on any door), please do not open the door. Rather, find the Rector or the Senior Warden, or anyone serving on Vestry and let them address the situation.

  • If, when you are serving the church on hospitality, or other similar activity, please do not prop any church door open unless there is someone to remain at the door to monitor it.

  • When using the kitchen door that goes out onto the fire escape, please always make sure that door is securely closed. It's kind of tricky and needs extra attention!

Thanks so much for helping us keep our church buildings safe for everyone!
Birthdays and Anniversaries


George Kondash, November 4
Bruce Reiner, November 4
Carol Vickrey, November 4
Allison Doltac, November 12
Clare Filko, November 15
Kenneth Vail, November 16
Paul Salerni, November 22


Cheyrill and Horace Cartwright, November 2
Sheri and John Majczan, November 16
Jill and Peter Weaver, November 28
Sarah Abraham and Renee Serencsits, November 28

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