Brent Howard, Mark Hayes, Ann Forrest, Jim Roberts in January, 2018
Seneca County Republican Party
Tiffin appointment meeting Monday
Tiffin members of the Republican Central Committee will meet on Monday, September 30 at 7:30 pm at Tiffin City Hall to select two new members of City Council. The meeting is open to the public and press. Committee members from other parts of the county are welcome to attend, but will not have a vote. Since this is not a full committee meeting, no other items are on the agenda.

The First Ward seat is vacant due to the death of Jim Roberts. Bridget Boyle has applied for the appointment.

Council President Mark Hayes passed away a few days before Jim. Rich Focht has been elevated to the Council President seat, thereby creating a vacancy in his Fourth Ward seat. Daniel Perry and Scot Turner have applied for the appointment. A majority vote is needed to fill the position.

Both seats are for the unexpired term ending December 31, since they are on the November ballot. It is likely the committee will meet again in mid January to fill the seat of whoever becomes Council President for the remaining two years of that term. The appointments are being made in accordance with Section 3.08 and Article X of the Tiffin City Charter and our committee bylaws. Please note the procedure is slightly different from the recent commissioner appointment, since the city has a Charter.

Here is the agenda:

Seneca County Republican Central and Executive Committees
Tiffin members only
Monday, September 30, 2019 at 7:30 pm
Tiffin City Hall
51 East Market St., Tiffin
David W. Koehl, Chairman


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call for Tiffin members only

Appointment for Tiffin First Ward Member of Council replacing Jim Roberts

Vocal roll call votes until one candidate has a majority

Appointment for Tiffin Fourth Ward Member of Council replacing Rich Focht

Vocal roll call votes until one candidate has a majority


Upcoming event: Monthly luncheon – Wed. October 9, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm – Fort Ball Pizza, Tiffin, with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy

A correction: Jim Roberts did not serve in the Korean War, as I stated in my previous email. He was still in high school. He served in Japan a few years later.

Voter registration closes in a week, on October 7. If you have recently moved, you may need to update your registration on the Secretary of State website . You can check it and see your sample ballot on the Seneca County Board of Elections website.

We note with sadness the passing of Chris English, who died at Mercy Hospital on Saturday. He was a candidate for county treasurer earlier this year, and served for many years on the Tiffin School Board. Please remember him in your prayers.


David W. Koehl
Chairman, Seneca County Republican Party
Member, Seneca County Board of Elections
Ohio Registered Election Official