August 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We know it will be filled with some growing pains, but we know it is also the beginning of a new, fantastic phase in our school system.

Reconfiguration Update
Our zoning and grade reconfiguration is complete, and the year seems to be off to a good start. We are finishing up a few playground installations and construction projects, but we will be wrapping those up soon. As you can see in the photos above, areas throughout the system received a face-lift. Next, we will be beginning renovations at Eighth Street Middle School and Northeast Middle School.
School Administrative Teams
We have great leadership at our schools and want to make sure everyone knows who make up these teams. Here's a list of those folks, including some new names you may not know just yet.
Tift County Pre-K Center
Wanda Veazey, Director

Annie Belle Clark Elementary School
Moranda Eagleton, Assistant Principal
Patti Dean, Assistant Principal
Dr. Stephanie Morrow, Principal

Charles Spencer Elementary School
Calandra Jackson, Assistant Principal
Paul Nelson, Principal

G.O. Bailey Elementary School
Willie Lee Dean, Assistant Principal
Dr. Jamie Dawson, Principal

J.T. Reddick Elementary School
Jennifer Howell, Assistant Principal
James Torell, Principal

Len Lastinger Elementary School
Patsy Shivers, Assistant Principal
Richard Fisher, Principal

Matt Wilson Elementary School
Mary Nell Greer, Assistant Principal
Jason Clark, Principal

Northside Elementary School
Randy Sellars, Assistant Principal
Danielle White, Principal
Omega Elementary School
Amanda Lee, Assistant Principal
James Byers, Principal

Eighth Street Middle School
Matthew Colson, Assistant Principal
Amelia Gann, Assistant Principal
Debra Brown, Assistant Principal
Sonya May, Assistant Principal
Dr. Chad Stone, Principal

Northeast Middle School
Wendy Soles, Assistant Principal
Ariel Wilson, Assistant Principal
Michael Collier, Assistant Principal
Christopher Martin, Principal

Tift County High School
Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Principal
Shae Tucker, Assistant Principal
Bradley Winger, Assistant Principal
Bryson Daniels, Assistant Principal
Russell Davis, Assistant Principal
Julie Rucker, Assistant Principal
Kim Seigler, Principal

Sixth Street Academy
Dr. Tonja Tift, Director
Local School Governance Teams
As part of our Charter System status, we have Local School Governance Teams at each of our K-12 schools. The goal of these teams is to bring communities and schools closer together in a spirit of cooperation to solve difficult education problems, improve academic achievement, provide support for teachers and administrators, and bring parents and community members into the school-based decision-making process. The teams meet several times throughout the year to assist the school on decision-making processes and will be made up of the school principal, parents/guardians, teachers, staff members and community members.
Our schools are currently in the process of electing new members. Please contact your school if you are interested in participating or have questions.
Back in the Day
James Milton Deas served as the principal of Tift County Industrial Elementary and High School from 1929-1938. It was located where J.T. Reddick Elementary School is now. From 1917-1929, the school was known as Tift County Industrial School and only served African American students in grades one-seven. Principal Deas served as the first principal of a high school for African American students in Tift County.
Superintendent Search Update
The search for our next superintendent is underway. The interest period has closed and the Georgia School Board Association (who is helping with the process) received ((27)) applications. Applicants are from Georgia and several other states. The Board of Education will receive superintendent search training on September 13 and the interview process is set to begin by the end of September. Patrick Atwater, Jr. is scheduled to retire in June 2019.
Athletics News
Tift County High School is offering an amazing deal this year. Students can buy a Football Season pass for $20. Everyone can purchase the All Sports Pass for only $75 for the whole year.

Want to stay informed when it comes to Tift County Schools Sports? Follow them at
Instagram: @tiftathletics
Twitter: @tiftathletics
Facebook: @tiftcoathletics
Tift County High School is offering an amazing deal this year. Students can buy a Football Season pass for $20. Everyone can purchase the All Sports Pass for only $75 for the whole year.

Want to stay informed when it comes to Tift County Schools Sports? Follow them at
Instagram: @tiftathletics
Twitter: @tiftathletics
Facebook: @tiftcoathletics
They said WHAT?
"Out of the mouths of babes" is an iconic saying for a good reason. Children generally have no filter, so what they think usually comes out, and it's usually the truth. And much of what they say is hilarious. Educators get a front-row seat for this on a daily basis.

Student: You look different.
Teacher: I do? I bet it is because I am wearing this air boot on my foot.
Student: No, that is not it.
Teacher: Well, is it because I am letting my hair grow out?
Student: No, that is not it either... It's your body, it's gotten bigger!

If you have a funny story, please share it with us at

Board Meeting Highlights
  • Marianna Keesee and Holly Hall presented three pieces of art to the Board that were created by Annette Swann: Tifton High School, Annie Belle Clark and Tifton Junior High.

  • Renovations at TCHS are continuing to move forward. The auxiliary gym is the only part of Project I that is still underway. Project II is progressing smoothly.

  • The Board voted to approve substitute teacher outsourcing. The company recommended for handling this task is ESS formerly known as Source4Teachers. Substitutes would be able to receive health insure and other benefits through this company that were not previously offered. This switch would be positive for both current and future substitute teachers and the system.
It Takes a Village
Operating a school system of nearly 8,000 students takes a lot of work, and we couldn't do it without the amazing contributions of our community.

The fantastic folks at Tenneson Nissan support our system in numerous ways throughout the year, but one of the most exciting things they do is provide our Teacher of the Year with a new car. They recently handed a set of keys to Marisol Griffis-Tift County's Teacher of the Year for 2018-2019. She will get to use the car for the entire year! We send out a huge THANK YOU to the Tennesons for this annual tradition and everything they do for Tift County Schools.

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