September 24, 2020
Tiger PAWS
News & Reminders
Tiger PAWS (Parents and Advocates Willing to Serve)
Tiger PAWS builds the OCCS community through prayer, service and financial support.
Society Meeting Results
At the Society Meeting on Monday, September 21, attendees voted on the new name, mission, vision and updated bylaws, constitution and policies. All four items were approved.
  • New name had 80% approval.
  • New mission and vision each had 92% approval.
  • Updated bylaws, constitution and policies had 97% approval.
We are excited to move forward as Tiger PAWS (Parents and Advocates Willing to Serve)! Thank you for those who attended the society meeting. Our Tiger PAWS board will continue to review feedback and work to ensure our mission and vision are fulfilled.
The Tiger PAWS section of the OCCS website has documents for 2020-2021 now listed (click each item to open the document or use the link above to go to the website):
Tiger PAWS Prayer Items:
  • Pray for our preschool and kindergarten classes, their teachers and classroom aides. 
  • Mrs. Starkenburg, Mrs. Blankespoor & Mrs. Goslinga
  • Mrs. Krommendyk & Mrs. Brummel
  • Mrs. Slegers & Mrs. Dykstra
  • Pray for the OCCS school board as they meet monthly. Pray for God’s continued guidance and discernment as they make decisions for OCCS.
  • Pray for our students. May they feel encouraged, challenged and blessed at OCCS, and may they grow in their faith. We are thankful they are able to be in person learning.
Pig-in the Blanket Work Nights
We received an overwhelmingly positive response to the pig-in-the-blanket fundraiser. Thank you for placing orders and for reaching out to friends and family for orders. This fundraiser has reached so many people in Iowa and in other states and we have surpassed the number of pig-in-the-blankets that we sell at Tulip Festival.
Here is what you need to know about the work nights:
  • Monday, September 28 is for families with a last name from A – N. We will be prepping meat and dough for the pig-in-the-blankets. Start time is 6:30pm. Please bring an 8x8 pan, a pastry blender (if you have one), and one large bowl to mix dough in. 
  • Tuesday, September 28 is for families with a last name from O – Z. We will be assembling pig-in-the-blankets. Start time is 5:30pm. No supplies are needed for this night. 
  • Each family needs to send at least one parent to work on your assigned night, but both parents are welcome to come. There is some heavy lifting so men are appreciated! This year we will also allow students in 7th grade and older to help. They cannot work in place of a parent, but they can come and work alongside a parent. If you know of anyone else who is willing to help (friend or family), please invite them to come along. If you cannot work on the night you are assigned, please switch with someone for the other night.
  • Are you interesting in seeing the full process of making pig-in-the-blankets? We would love to have you join us for both work nights. 
  • Masks will be required. We ask that you bring your own mask from home. 
  • You need to wear a hat or a hairnet. Hairnets will be available at school.
  • In the past, we have spent approximately 2 hours working each night. Because we are making more pig-in-the-blankets than at Tulip Festival, please plan to be here for a longer amount of time.
We look forward to these two work nights and the community that is built while supporting Orange City Christian School. What a blessing to come together as a school family and provide this service to the community.  

Fall Pig Committee: Vicki Schrock, Kim Vande Zande, Stephanie Klemme, Kari Bousema, Jenn Mills, Sarah Altemeier, & Kristin Van Maanen
Monica Board Advisor: Rebecca Huizenga & Erin Driesen
Pig-in-the-blanket pickup
If you ordered pig-in-the-blankets, you can pick up your order on Wednesday, September 30 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. We will have a drive thru line starting in front of school and proceeding around the gym. We will accept cash or check for your order. Checks can be made out to ‘OCCS Monica'. If you cannot come on this night, we request that you find someone else to pick up your order for you. Thank you for your generous support of this fundraiser!
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