October 15, 2020
Tiger PAWS
News & Reminders
Tiger PAWS (Parents and Advocates Willing to Serve)
Tiger PAWS builds the OCCS community through prayer, service and financial support.
The Tiger PAWS board will be meeting on Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. at OCCS. Please let Anita Nykamp know if you have an item you would like the board to discuss. 
October Tiger PAWS Prayer Items:
  • Pray for our first grade classes and their teachers, as well as our custodian and the after school janitorial help.
  • Mrs. Breen 
  • Mrs. Huisman
  • Mr. Kroese and after school janitorial help
  • Continue to pray for our farmers as they work to bring in the harvest.  
  • Pray for our nation as local, state and national elections draw near.
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