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Self Defense | Week 1 | Optimism

January 3rd. 2022



Welcome Back!!!!! We hope you all had an opportunity to rest, recover and spend quality time with your love ones. As we begin the New Year and start our new Rotation Cycle, we will be focusing on “Optimism.” Optimism is to have hope, confidence and a positive attitude. With life’s ups and downs, it is very important to have a sense of optimism to help us continue to grow as a martial artist and person. Stay tune for next week as we continue to discuss the importance of optimism in our quest to achieve Black Belt Excellence.   

UAMA Announcements

Professional Karate Photos

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Sign Up for your professional Martial Arts Photo.

January 29th @ UAMA

We encourage everyone to sign up to a time slot using the link below. There is no purchase necessary, and everyone that takes a picture will be added to our studio poster.

When you register, click the location, UAMA2022 and the available times will show. If we need more times, more will be added.

Register Here

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Flight 52 Black Belt Show

Come and join United Academy as Flight 52 completes their Black Test at the Black Belt Show January 29th. There will be performances by Flight 52, our Demonstration Team, and others.

January 23rd @ 5:30 PM

Downtown Morgan Hill, Playhouse Theatre

Color Belt Promotions

If you completed your 3 tips before the break, we will be promoting in class this Wednesday & Thursday.

Calendar & Events

Dates To Remember!

  • 1/8 Black Belt Club @ 10 AM - 11 AM
  • 1/12 & 1/13: Buddy Days. Bring a Buddy and Get a Free Yogurt Pass!
  • 1/23: Black Belt Show @ 5:30 PM Downtown Morgan Hill Theatre
  • 1/29: Karate Pictures

Click on Calendar below for more events and to download and print your copy.

Acknowledgements & Kudo's

Happy Birthday to...

  • Mathew Mathew 1/1
  • Andrew Mylius 1/5
  • Thami Thongthai 1/5

FLIGHT 52 - We Power Through!

We are in the last weeks for the next round of Black Belts to finish their current training. As you all know, becoming a 1st Degree Black Belt takes a lot of time, dedication, and perseverance. To go further than the 1st degree takes just as much dedication. Please join us to wish Flight 52 the best of luck on their final journey to completing their goals. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Cgn Kathryn Huffman, Working towards her 3rd Degree

Jakob Gampon, working towards his 2nd Degree

Jeff Perryman, working toward his 1st Degree

Kate Preserthdam, working toward her 2nd Degree

Nate Tiernan, working towards his 2nd Degree

Neil Keller, working towards his 2nd Degree

Nicolas deLeon, working toward his 2nd Degree

Penny Johnson, working toward her 2nd Degree